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  1. The final scene should have been Drogo laying Dany to rest at the location of Drogo's pyre or something. I don't care for show Dany but to just have her stabbed and flown off? Really?
  2. I was sad to see Lena Headey and Nikolaj leave the show, 2 of the best actors imo.
  3. Sadly I think it is the best episode of the season so far. Some good moments between characters that didn't feel too forced. Maybe a 6.5
  4. I honestly would have preferred Dany to kill the Night King, as silly as she looked wielding a sword, over Arya. Like the only way it could've been worse is if she caught her dagger, looked straight into the Night King's eyes and said "Stick 'em with the pointy end.".
  5. 5/10. They can't afford to waste time anymore. The scene with Dany walking with the Dothraki was too long, we already know what the Dothraki are like, and they were seemed unimportant. I liked the scenes in the North (even if it had super Brienne). Mereen was okay. Dany was eh. Same for Jorah and Daario. KL was pretty good (minus the Sand Snakes). Dorne was terrible. The ending was not ending material, though it was interesting. Hopefully it is somehow relevant and not just for the shock factor.
  6. Even though I hate what they've done to Stannis, him being at the front of his soldiers and surviving for that long is badass.
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