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    [Spoilers] Episode 806 Discussion

    The final scene should have been Drogo laying Dany to rest at the location of Drogo's pyre or something. I don't care for show Dany but to just have her stabbed and flown off? Really?
  2. Radish Knight

    [Spoilers] Episode 806 Discussion

    Why is Bronn Master of Coin?
  3. Radish Knight

    Do you see any way dany lives through all this?

    Sweetrobin has been training for this moment. Drogon shall fall to a single shot of his bow.
  4. Radish Knight

    Prediction for finale

    Who tf is gonna crown Daenerys? Grey Worm?
  5. Radish Knight

    Rant & Rave without Repercussion: Burn It All Edition

    To think Cersei would have won if she just had her men fire the scorpions at a grounded Drogon during the parley. She would have actually saved thousands of people.
  6. Radish Knight

    What will Jon do?

    Tbh I feel like there's gonna be an Arya vs Grey Worm fight scene which will be left as a cliffhanger. Then next time we see Grey Worm behind Dany: Surprise! It's actually Arya.
  7. Radish Knight

    [Poll] How would you rate episode 805?

    I was sad to see Lena Headey and Nikolaj leave the show, 2 of the best actors imo.
  8. Radish Knight

    Can Qyburn apparate?

  9. Radish Knight

    Discussing Jaime and Brienne

    It was pretty unnecessary imo, but I think both of their actors are great, and they have good chemistry with each other, so they made it work. Brienne crying over Jaime leaving was pretty heartbreaking.
  10. Jesus... GRRM save us
  11. Radish Knight

    Bittersweet Ending

    It will be bittersweet in this travesty finally being over but knowing we may never find out GRRM's intended ending.
  12. Radish Knight

    Wild fire

    I mean an explosion of wildfire could surely hurt Daenerys?
  13. Sadly I think it is the best episode of the season so far. Some good moments between characters that didn't feel too forced. Maybe a 6.5
  14. Radish Knight

    What is stopping Arya from killing Cersei and Euron?

    At this point she could throw her dagger to the south and it would probably manage to land in Cersei's head.
  15. Radish Knight

    What will be the final WTF moment?

    Not sure if these were serious but Bronn's actor and Lena Headey won't be in a scene together. Maybe Bran will lead someone to their death 'For the greater good', resulting in someone killing him in a fit of rage when he tells them? I honestly don't know at this point.
  16. Radish Knight

    Best lines of E03

    '...' - Jorah's final words.
  17. Radish Knight

    Dany is army-less, isn't she?

    Don't forget Dany herself can now wield a sword.
  18. Radish Knight

    [Spoilers] Episode 803 Discussion

    I honestly would have preferred Dany to kill the Night King, as silly as she looked wielding a sword, over Arya. Like the only way it could've been worse is if she caught her dagger, looked straight into the Night King's eyes and said "Stick 'em with the pointy end.".
  19. Radish Knight

    Songs that Make Us Think of A Song of Ice and Fire

    For some reason a few lyrics from Blinded by the Light make me think of a battle between Dany and Stannis lol. 'Indians in the summer With a teenage diplomat' Dothraki with Dany as their leader. 'preacher from the East' Melisandre 'But she was...Blinded by the light' Something to do with Lightbringer's light affecting Dany. 'The calliope crashed to the ground' Makes me picture Dany's death falling off Drogon's back.
  20. Radish Knight

    Why people hate Dany, but love Arya?

    I think people tend to view Dany as an adult sometimes and so judge her more harshly for her actions, whereas everyone still sees Arya as a child. In my case I tend to do this because I started with the show lol. Also the family association of both characters have an impact. Arya is being led away from the honourable Stark upbringing while Dany is succumbing to her inevitable Targaryen madness. I can certainly see why readers would think this way. Personally neither characters are my favourites, though I find Arya less dull to read than Dany. Viewing them as people (especially children) in extreme circumstances, I am hoping Arya doesn't completely lose herself, while Dany acts of violence turn out to be no more than the decisions of a confused, young leader, and like any other leader in the story she will probably keep making these mistakes when she is older. Though as character of course I think it would be interesting to see how the story would unfold if Dany were to go mad, and if Arya continues down her path. Though Dany leaving Meereen would be enough for me lol. But yeah, I think most readers when questioned further would be hard pressed to say that they truly hate characters like Arya or Dany. It's just that like most of the other characters, their actions and choices can be debated over. Given their circumstances even children in aSoiaF are not exempt from being grey characters.
  21. Radish Knight

    How would you rate episode 601?

    5/10. They can't afford to waste time anymore. The scene with Dany walking with the Dothraki was too long, we already know what the Dothraki are like, and they were seemed unimportant. I liked the scenes in the North (even if it had super Brienne). Mereen was okay. Dany was eh. Same for Jorah and Daario. KL was pretty good (minus the Sand Snakes). Dorne was terrible. The ending was not ending material, though it was interesting. Hopefully it is somehow relevant and not just for the shock factor.
  22. Radish Knight

    [Book Spoilers] EP510 Discussion

    Even though I hate what they've done to Stannis, him being at the front of his soldiers and surviving for that long is badass.