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  1. I think home really started to set up Bran having interactions with is visions that either should not be done or be possible. I would not be surprised if bran does it get a little cocky and get shacked down be the NK.
  2. I think we could see him try to change the past in a scene about jojen
  3. Like in any market people will look for what they like. The better sound quality and practiced ones will standout which this one will be. the watch the thrones podcast was an off shoot of the ESPN grantland podcasts.
  4. millions means that there is a market. They are all about getting their slice of the pie. they also took a show with an existing audience on the watch the thrones podcast and they already got these guys running another website and podcast network for them, so why not give them a bigger audience?
  5. Giants awaking from the earth i think in the books mean earthquakes. so why not am actual earthquake?
  6. Honestly they just took ESPN's show and put it on their network so they get something out of it. There are like a million podcasts ad aftershows already getting stuff from this why should they not?
  7. I wonder if bran gets a look WAY back to why the seasons are like they are cause i think that might be key to the others/WW end game.
  8. I think giants in the earth was old time speak for we don't know what causes earthquakes. He awakens giants in the earth he cause earthquakes. that is was the COTF did at dorne and at the neck. Earthquakes and tsunamis. Also one piece is great the manga has been going on as long as GRRM has been publishing ASOIAF I think the WW do that. As there is something called an Ice quake.
  9. he can "awake the giants in the earth" you know cause earthquakes and tsuanmis...you know whitebeard from one piece stuff If you do that you cannot have a small ego.
  10. I think the insane about of power he has is going to inflate that ego a bit...
  11. Well were we not told by the COTF that direwolves will go extinct? I think bran loses hodor,gets rejected by meera, and loses summer at some point.
  12. Yep that feel like bran is going to find out the reason for the change of seasons and all that.
  13. I feel like jon sam and bran will discover why the season change like they do and how to fix them. less action adventure but still super cool.
  14. when is first heard of dawn in my first reading i swear i thought Jon was going to get dawn to save the world!!!! Love to hear jamie talk about how Arthur dayne before they show him. Be his hype man before the fight.
  15. That would be amazing or maybe meera mentions the story....