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  1. I hate how most of the endgame theories assume Jon will be perfectly normal or could function as a normal man. I have always thought if Jon returns from the dead it is only temporarily. If he returned he will be treated as the ones who returned from death with all the doubts associated with it. He can't function as a normal human being and he will be more oriented towards his goals like all the resurrected people that there is no personal life beyond it. I also believe he can't father children. I believe death will have a permanent effect on him which will cripple him from being a normal human being and turns him into a man who will do what needs to be done. And I also believe he will not become the endgame king. His undeadness will not allow him to function as a king and Martin will have a way to stop that. I think he could become the king of death. Yeah the new Night's king.
  2. I hate how (F)Aegon is assumed to die in almost every theory. Him being alive is a scenario nobody thinks. GRRM as a character killer is way overrated. I think the fandom will throw a fit if he doesn't kill as many characters as they believe he will kill.
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    [Poll] How would you rate episode 608?

    1/10 This is because I can't give 0. This must be the worst episode in the whole series for me.