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  1. can't stand listening to the News anymore.

  2. is cautiously optimistic

  3. can't think happy thoughts

  4. Hon, you either care about the rating system and your reputation, or you don't. Make up your mind. :P *runs for the hills*
  5. This is why you need to have even more updates in the Thongor, Brak and Co. thread, so you can get LoB's and mine positive ones. :thumbsup:
  6. I said it from the start that I'm not a big fan of the rating system but I can see that it might have some uses. Not the way it is, though. I think the anonymity is the first thing that needs to change. Knowing that their votes are going to be recorded and visible is going to make some people rethink the ease with which they -1 certain people or posts without obvious reason. We should also be able to see the number of all the positive and negative ratings one post gets (like -3, +5) so we have a better picture of what people actually think about it. I also second Silverstar. There should be a way to explain why one gives a rating, positive or negative.
  7. When you hit reply there's a drop menu on the top left that says "other styles". In there you'll find the Spoiler one. Just type what you want and hit Ok.
  8. [quote name='David and Dan' post='1607351' date='Dec 3 2008, 15.19']And here's the last line: "The things I do for love."[/quote] I knew it! :D Thank you so much for these updates. :cheers:
  9. Welcome to the board. I think it's really great that you're going to take our suggestions into consideration. I just wanted to say Good Luck with the production! :)
  10. mashiara

    Guy Gavriel Kay

    My favorite would be Sailing to Sarantium/Lord of Emperors. Other than that, Tigana. I didn't care much for Song of Arbonne.
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