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  1. Gasp of Many Reeds

    Is David Eddings any good?

    The humour is mainly of the non-nihilistic cynicism that does appeal to younger teenagers (politics is corrupt, religion is stupid, most people are narrow-minded and self-serving), plus some cultural/ethnic essentialism played for laughs, which, again, is largely self-consciously satirical of ye olde fantasy but, particularly in the characterisation of antagonistic and/or non pseudo-European cultures, can come across as a bit dated and mildly offensive.
  2. Gasp of Many Reeds

    Is David Eddings any good?

    I'd say it's self-consciously generic and cheesy (Eddings was a lit major I believe, so knew literary conventions and tropes inside out and deliberately played along with them). In its own way it was mildly subversive for the time, but it gets hoisted by its own petard quite a lot of the time. Has some good characters, e.g. Silk in the Belgariad, but if you do choose to read Eddings, its very much a case of 'read one series, you've read them all'. So either Belgariad plus maybe Mallorean, or Elenium plus maybe Tamuli (the latter two series are slightly less young adult and set in a different world but the character types, themes and writing are very much the same).
  3. Gasp of Many Reeds

    Malazan: High House Shadow edition

    Enjoyed Forge of Darkness a lot, it has dense prose, is maudlin and not to everyone's taste but was very much of its own kind in fantasy fiction. Haven't admittedly bought Fall yet, waiting until I have more money, more time and a smaller to-read pile (admittedly, Bakker's Great Ordeal will not be having to endure the same wait, but that's a singular exception).
  4. Gasp of Many Reeds

    Nobel Literature Prize Speculation 2018 Cancelled

    Nuts as in 'nuts as no chance given the committee's known prejudices against science fiction/fantasy' or 'nuts as wouldn't deserve it'? Because I think she'd be a very worthy winner (I mean I like Murakami, but Le Guin has been a much more important writer in the scheme of things).
  5. Gasp of Many Reeds

    Malazan: High House Shadow edition

    I found Reaper's Gale a bit flat in places and whilst some elements of the ending were very epic indeed, other events, which I anticipated would end more climactically, were a bit of a damp squib. I enjoyed it, but it's definitely not my favourite in the series. Toll the Hounds, on the other hand, is one of my favourites in the series along with Memories of Ice, but it's also probably the most difficult for many people because it is the one which is least focused on action (though it has a very intense climax) and most on introspection. It's also arguably the most depressing book in the series, though it has a strong redemptive uplift at its end and is certainly I think the most emotive chapter in the series.