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    Aemon Targaryen survives, future of the dynasty queries

    Yep that's pretty much the answer. Adding on to that, we do have to consider that a lot of this history is stuff George made up, might not have completely thought through, and was then stuck with after the fact and had to work around. As in, he'd already established Rhaenys was married to Corlys, and Viserys originally to Aemma, then to Alicent, probably without considering the question why Rhaenys and Viserys weren't married to each other instead. Oh well...
  2. RagnarokKing

    Aemon Targaryen survives, future of the dynasty queries

    The lack of care and consideration that is shown in regards to the marriages of the second generation after Jaehaerys and Alysanne astounds me. Viserys and Rhaenys was such an obvious match, considering Aemon had no other children, his apparent closeness with his brother, and the amount of work that Jaehaerys and Alysanne put into establishing the "Doctrine of Exceptionalism." Only to allow Rhaenys to marry a man who could be her father, who had only distant Targaryen blood. I really don't understand this. Did Jaehaerys stop caring about the line of succession after who his immediate heir was? It's like no one gave any thought to the marriage to the heir's only child, and the problems that it could bring down the road.
  3. RagnarokKing

    Jon Snow being real Aegon

    Fair enough. However, unless Lyanna died before she could name Jon (once again assuming R+L=J), she likely would have given him a name. Is it plausible she died before she could do so? Certainly, after all we don't know enough of what went down in the order of events. The only thing we can be reasonable be certain of is that Lyanna extracted a promise from Ned. We generally think that Jon was already born when Eddard got up to the tower to me Lyanna, but it could just as well been the case that she was still in the throes of childbirth, and it all ending before she could give a name to the newborn Jon. Though for myself, while I will accept that we don't know, and that it is certainly plausible that Jon was not given a name by his mother, I will go on to think that Jon probably has another name he doesn't know about.
  4. RagnarokKing

    Jon Snow being real Aegon

    The very SSM you looks only proves Jon was named Jon by Eddard. If R+L=J is true it is quite possible Jon has a name his mother gave him (which that verys SSM points out that mother can do), which Eddard then changed.
  5. RagnarokKing

    Unpopular Opinions?

    I don't like Robb. He seems to be a well liked character, but I just don't like him.