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  1. Awesome! Thanks, Becca.
  2. Hi Becca, I am selling my complete matching set of MM and SP books, with future rights, and all extras. It is set #261. Please add me to the list. Thanks so much. Justin
  3. MidnightRider44

    Selling Matching Number Set with MM and SP

    I do. Please send me an offer, if you are interested. I know it is an expensive set so I am willing to work with someone, if they are serious about buying it. Thanks.
  4. Hi Everyone, I am interested in selling my complete set of matching MM, SP, ASOIAF set. It includes all extras, chapbooks, and Knight of the Seven Kingdoms. It is number #261. Please email me if you are interested. Thanks! Books are in mint condition.
  5. I am really considering selling my complete matching numbered set #261/448 of MM and Sub Press, including all chapbooks, with matching KSK. ALL BOOKS ARE 261 Please shoot me an email, with any offers. Thanks so much.