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  1. Túrin the Turambar

    [TWOW Spoilers] Alayne I, v. 3

    here's an SSM on this issue. http://www.westeros.org/Citadel/SSM/Entry/6425/
  2. Túrin the Turambar

    [TWoW Spoilers] Aeron I (Balticon)

    Thanks Lord Varys for what you wrote in those last two comments
  3. Túrin the Turambar

    Official Testing Thread

    Test itworks
  4. Túrin the Turambar

    [Book Spoilers] EP508 Discussion

    I think he is. The Valyrian Freehold didn't yet exist at the time of the last invasion of the Others (some say around 8,000 years ago), but emerged a few thousand years later. And I assume that Valyrian steel wasn't forged before that. So I think that nobody could know until now what effect Valyrian steel has against the Others.
  5. Túrin the Turambar

    [Book Spoilers] EP501 Discussion

    If you take into account the geography of the Vale and assume that they take the main road out of it, then it is not at all so unlikely that people meet on this road.