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  1. Bran the broken with Tyrion would be good for both of them. Stannis with Olenna he is desperate for some love and her tough love would do him the world of good. Lysa with Jon Arryn stops the LF infatuation and probably prevents the old man marriage if he is a second father
  2. elder brother jonothor dar

    Why is the North talked about as if its impossible to invade ?

    The other point not mentioned is deep water ports. To land that many men you need a suitable location. So either it will be fortified like White Harbour or you boat them slowly on to some remote beach, this would take a lot of time to get man and supplies + horses??? 1 good mounted charge by one of the principle houses could end the invasion on the beach their and then. Now that is just getting there, keeping the army fed has been covered, and pre conquest how would you defend your home turf against the other kingdoms should they attack? Iron Born taking MC is an oversight by Martin, the whole point is the Neck is impregnable, but they navigate half way across it with no trouble, suggesting it would be relatively simple to cross south->north at some point between the sea and MC
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    Patterns in wounds and deaths - please help compile a list.

    Not amputated per say but I think you will like it "The left side of his face was a ruin. His ear had been burned away; there was nothing left but a hole. His eye was still good, but all around it was a twisted mass of scar, slick black flesh hard as leather, pocked with craters and fissured by deep cracks that gleamed red and wet when he moved. Down by his jaw, you could see a hint of bone where the flesh had been seared away" Theon is an interesting one, death by infection is very common (aided or unaided) but Theon lives in filth and suffers no ill effect physically.
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    [Poll] How would you rate episode 707?

    Satisfying Gave it a 10 expectations where low after last 2 episodes, dialog heavy which I was not expecting but we are back to the good old days of political intrigue and back stabbing which we have missed this season in the relentless march to get on with things. Overall found this seaon very good, certain events/character meetings have been forced but desire to come to a conclusion has been admirably done something GRRM should think about. CGI and battles have blown me away. Great end to set up next season
  5. Plot convenience. Jon needed a reason not to bend the knee. Now he needs a reason to change his mind. Also notice Dany spots Jons scar on his heart. It's all leading to them getting hitched
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    The Best commander in ASOIAF

    He still had Bronn’s hirelings, near eight hundred of them now, but sellswords were notoriously fickle. Tyrion had done what he could to buy their continued loyalty, promising Bronn and a dozen of his best men lands and knighthoods when the battle was won. They’d drunk his wine, laughed at his jests, and called each other ser until they were all staggering … all but Bronn himself, who’d only smiled that insolent dark smile of his and afterwards said, “They’ll kill for that knighthood, but don’t ever think they’ll die for it.” "The gold cloaks were almost as uncertain a weapon. Six thousand men in the City Watch, thanks to Cersei, but only a quarter of them could be relied upon. “There’s few out-and-out traitors, though there’s some, even your spider hasn’t found them all,” Bywater had warned him. “But there’s hundreds greener than spring grass, men who joined for bread and ale and safety. No man likes to look craven in the sight of his fellows, so they’ll fight brave enough at the start, when it’s all warhorns and blowing banners. But if the battle looks to be going sour they’ll break, and they’ll break bad. The first man to throw down his spear and run will have a thousand more treading on his heels.” To be sure, there were seasoned men in the City Watch, the core of two thousand who’d gotten their gold cloaks from Robert, not Cersei. Yet even those … a watchman was not truly a soldier, Lord Tywin Lannister had been fond of saying. Of knights and squires and men-at-arms, Tyrion had no more than three hundred. Soon enough, he must test the truth of another of his father’s sayings: that one man on a wall was worth ten beneath it. So 2000 gold cloaks, 800 fickle sell swords, a few knights and levyes and worse still out and out traitors. As for the large fleet Stannis superior fleet effectively smashed the Lannister 1 with his first 2 rows. So agian wildfire was the only trick up KL sleeve
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    The Best commander in ASOIAF

    The size of the host is irrelevant they did not assault the castle, at a young age he showed strenght of character but nothing to suggest hit and run tactics OP is looking for. His greatest achievement but that makes him a great admiral probably the best but again not what the OP asked for. You need to read those chapters again KL was very poorly defended sellswords and city watch conscripts. Tyrion had one trick and that was wildfire, still not small group hit and run + he failed. Sounds impressive but mounted knights against unarmoured troops never ends well Mormont fancies his chances with 300 nights watch who where not to the stanndard of battle hardend troops Stannis had. Deepwood motte is hardly one of the hardest places to take and he had vastly superior numbers.
  8. elder brother jonothor dar

    The Best commander in ASOIAF

    Would not class pirates as small group/hot and run. Sure they raid then run but that is the nature of the iron born. Gregor has been in his fair share of battles how much of is down to command or simply him being a human wrecking ball where troops follow in his wake. I would say Mance and for shear experience one of the mountain clans Timett