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  1. Reach being somehow depopulated and Davos suggesting a bunch of fucking eunuchs to go repopulate it!??? Don't get me started on Bronn What in the Sunspear fuck...
  2. I'm not just talking about Jon here (though he definitely was the dumber commander) but also Ramsay "lets shoot all my heavy cavalry" Bolton too.
  3. Considering this episode had very little storytelling (though what little storytelling they did had was still garbage) and basically an action thriller episode, I will judge most of it based on that. And by god, the action sequences were stunning. Hats off to Miguel Sapochnik! This is the highest rating I gave a a GOT episode since Watchers on the Wall. An 8 out of 10. Took off two points only due to the incredibly stupid tactics used in what was otherwise a well filmed battle.
  4. I'd give it a 6 which is my highest since Hardhome... which given how terrible the episodes were in between is not saying that much. Judging purely on the show, I actually think the story-line behind the White Walkers origins and Hodor himself were actually decent, though unlike Hodor's background, the White Walkers origins feels hamfisted. Well I just realized they got that storyline from the Martin himself but I can't change my score so I in the end my rating would be a 5.
  5. Some of us have had this issue for months
  6. Do recall the wintery ruins that the Red Keep becomes in Dany's vision of the house of the undying on the show.
  7. It's now official for me. Even the Walking dead which is a pretty terrible fan fiction in of itself is better than this pile of horseshit! Is there really no option for 0?
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