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  1. LanMandragoran

    When will the reboot happen?

    As surely as Tolkien's books will get reboot after reboot, GoT will too. I'm guessing it will happen in 20 years, by Disney.
  2. Dany was not mad. No more mad than the pilots nuking Hiroshima and Nagasaki. She showed the world what opposition would mean. She would have ushered in an era of peace and prosperity. All of Cersei's followers would have given up. If you believe America as been a source of good in the world (certainly better than Russia and China at least), you should believe Dany would have been too. Dany was not mad, and Jon is a homicidal maniac for having killed his queen and lover, something he can't seem to get away from when his love interest disagrees with his political opinions.
  3. Dragons are magical creatures, as could be seen from their infinite amount of fire breathing power. It is likely that if anyone knows the magic of the Lord of Light, it will be dragons, and Drogon, more powerful than them all is taking Dany to Valeria to revive her. There won't be any stories about this, but I am deciding to think that she will have children and contineu the Targaryan bloodline, more purely than the northern bastard can (if he settles down with a wildling).
  4. LanMandragoran

    The real character assassination is that of Tyrion

    Yes, agreed, Varys too. He seems to be a little bit all over the place. His moral decisions are entirely subjective and often seem to only think one or two steps ahead. Sometimes he's fighting hard for the "realm" and its people (e.g. by plotting against Dany), but other times he's fighting for the status quo (e.g. by advising Ned to acknowledge Joffrey as the true king to avoid war). Dont remember if he plotted against the Mad King, but from what I remember he pretty much payed along (Jamie was one of few who actually did something). And supporting Jon who (however much I like his book character) seems entirely inept at thinking strategically does not seem like a wise choice either. The character Varys knows the best, the one who would probably be the best ruler, is Tyrion. But he doesn't seem to promote him for the IT/or de facto rule at any point. If anything he should have plotted to have Jeoffrey and Cersei killed so Tyrion could rule until good Tommen became of age.
  5. Dany's quick character turnaround is the talk of Moles Town, but are we forgetting Tyrion? The once quick witted smart ass halfman who spent season two playing the small council like a fiddle and saved Kings Landing with more military acumen than any other on the show (they don't really seem to have educated Generals, but that's another debate) now suddenly seems incapable of even planning his next meal. He makes an incongruous amount of mistakes and does not seem to serve any useful role except for being Dany's physical moral compass. Jorah's statement that Tyrion's mind is admirable and that he learns from his mistakes could not be further from the truth - Jorah would have been a much better hand. Tyrion's character has been butchered. My once favorite character decimated.
  6. LanMandragoran

    GRRM struggling how to show Daenerys' mental instability

    Not all Targaryens are mad. The gods flip a coin, right? Her brother Viserys mad, but she herself compassionate and with a moral compass (mostly meaning that she has not shown that she believes the end justifies the means, so far). Rhaegar also a good chap by all accounts.
  7. LanMandragoran

    GRRM struggling how to show Daenerys' mental instability

  8. LanMandragoran

    GRRM struggling how to show Daenerys' mental instability

    I hope she doesn't as it doesn't fit her character, but if GRRM has told DD the ending and they have kept fairly true to it, it seems likely that he will. And if so, it has to start in Essos. She can't be a benign liberator there, in a moral effort to distance herself from her mad father, and then turn herself into what she always hated (her brother mostly, but her father in memory).
  9. LanMandragoran

    What happened to Ellaria??

    Did she die with everyone else when Kings Landing got torched?
  10. During both the TV show and books, my impression of Daenerys is that of a good character faced with hard dilemmas. Yes, sometimes she is brutal, like with the slavers and enemies in war. Other times she is fierce and threatening, like with Qarth and Cersei, but at no times does she hate innocent civilians so much she puts them on fire. The books are currently struggling with the Meereenese knot and GRRM can't seem to get past that; and I am wondering if it is because he is going to have to start turning Daenerys more unstable from that moment. He can't wait until the final chapters of the book series for her to start making maniacal decisions. It has to come with the Winds of Winter, and if he had published the books already, her change into the Mad Queen would not have been so surprising.