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  1. Kevin Brightflame

    Hottest girl in the seven kingdoms

    I vote for Visenya Targaryen. All day.
  2. Kevin Brightflame

    The Battle for Sea Dragon Point

    Bran is the successor to the 3 Eyed Raven so I would imagine they would forgive any potential issues they had with the Starks thousands of years ago
  3. Kevin Brightflame

    Hottest girl in the seven kingdoms

    Heard that, but yet Val would be savage too..
  4. Kevin Brightflame

    Hottest girl in the seven kingdoms

    Arianne Martell or Val
  5. I also do believe that the Rat, Hawk, and Pig who were involved in Aelora's death can just as well be the same that led a rebellion in 251 AC. If they are Dunk's old friends from Flea Bottom, they are of similar ages, giver or take a couple years. If Barristan Selmy can still fight like he does at the age of 64 or 65, then so could those fellas.
  6. Kevin Brightflame

    Best Fighters/Swordsmen?

    1. Arthur Dayne (the fact that everyone known to man in ASOIAF think he is the best, must be true, killed by foul play) 2. Daemon Blackfyre (said to fight like the warrior himself, slain by arrows) 3. Cregan Stark / Aemon "the Dragonknight" (He's the Dragonknight, and he said he's never went up against a finer swordsman then ol' Cregan) 5. Oberyn Martell (he may used poisoned blades, but you cannot deny the talent. He beat the Mountain!! i dont care what anyone says!) 6. Barristan Selmy (he is a living legend, Ninepenny Kings, Duskendale, Kingswood Bros, Roberts Rebellion, Greyjoy Rebellion, Slaver's Bay) 7. Jaime Lannister (with both hands, i believe a young Barristan is better though) 8. Gwayne Corbray (his duel vs. Daemon is all he needs to make the list) 9. Robert Baratheon (in his younger days, before the eating and drinking and whoring... well not before the whoring) 10. Sandor "the Hound" Clegane (he's a dangerous man) **Honorable Mention: Criston Cole Roddy "the Ruin" Dustin (he killed 2 Hightowers after 1 arm was cut off, gotta count for something) Gregor "the Mountain that Rides" Clegane (i find the only reason he is worth anything is b/c he is westerosi Incredible Hulk, all size and strength) Aegon "the Conqueror" Maegor "the Cruel" Daemon Targaryen Baelor Breakspear Maekar I struggle to justify some of the Targaryens who had dragons, like Aegon I... don't really have any examples of him literally being a warrior. The whole conquest he just burned ppl on Balerion, then sat out the Dornish War essentially. Unless I am mistaken.
  7. I would love to know more about Maekar's reign. He ruled for near a decade and if i remember correctly, the only real thing mentioned about his reign is that it ended with the Peake Uprising... Would love to know more about that Uprising too due to the potential Blackfyre connections. Additionally, I would like to know what happen to Maegor (Aerion's son), only mention is that they passed him over and then not a peep. It would be cool to actually flesh out the Blackfyres as well, more detail on Haegon, what happened to Daemon II ultimately, the names of Daemon I's youngest 2 sons and what they did with themselves, etc.
  8. I like the idea of The Rat, The Hawk, and The Pig being Dunk's buddies from Flea Bottom. Here are a few interesting tidbits that allude to this possibility: - Flea Bottom has a lot of rats, or rather the people of FB are. Throughout the Princess and the Queen and the Rogue Prince the lords and such often mention the "rat holes" amd "rats" referring to the he people there. Also, one of the ingredients to a Bowl of Brown is often rat. Dunk mentions this when he says he was fetching rats, pigeons and what not for a cook there. - Dunk also mentions that Ser Arlan found him "chasing pigs" in FB ** unfortunately I don't see anything that has to do with Hawks, flying, wings/Flea Bottom/, or Dunk himself so tough to make a connection to all three, but.... - Ser Clayton Suggs. This is a man who is a hedge knight and from Flea Bottom. He apparently is also a man who has a thing with torture and young women (according to Justin Massey when he is talking to Asha about him). Now, the Rat Hawk and Pig caused Aelora to commit suicide due to their nefarious deeds the inflicted on to her, she was a young woman. Lastly, Suggs' similar is a Winged Pig. ** in conclusion, Clayton Suggs is a hedge knight (Dunk) from Flea Bottom (Dunk and Rats) with a sigil of a Winged (Hawk) Pig (Pig) who is a cruel man with an appetite for young women (Aelora). Could be ridiculous and that I'm stretching hard on this, but I find the Clayton Suggs parallel intriguing. Thoughts?
  9. Kevin Brightflame

    How to indicate "spoilers"?