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  1. deja vu

    Awful translations from aSoIaF

    GRRM amuses himself and his readership with assorted word games -- @Seams is the Maester of that topic. Are there any translations that try to capture some sense of the layering of language in the original?
  2. deja vu

    Littlefinger Sired Sweetrobin

    On whether sickly, undersized little boys are condemned to becoming small sickly men... As a boy, my younger (by 2 years) brother was asthmatic, allergic to everything, afflicted with chronic bronchitis, and sick all the time. One of my early memories is visiting him in the hospital. During his Kindergarten year, he missed all but 30 days of school. Adults around us talked about our uncle, who caught malaria as a teenager (British Army, south Asia), living the rest of his life as a sunken-chested chronically ill man. The doctors agreed - my brother would become a small and sickly man. Today, there is no dangerous place I wouldn't go with my brother at my side. he's 6'4" (over 2 meters) and the physically imposing sort of man that people do not mess with. There's hope for Sweet Robin.
  3. deja vu

    Sansa's Role In The War For The Dawn?

    As Alayne, Sansa was running the Eyrie household. That means ordering supplies, working with household staff from the kitchens to cleaning crews and maybe even outside workers. It also means making and working within budgets, dealing with tradesman, communications, entertainment, etcetera, etcetera. Running a large household that also serves as the center of government is not a small job, and is excellent training for the logistics function of an army. My nephew does just this in the Quartermaster Corps of the US Army - make sure supplies are ordered and arrive where needed when they are needed wherever the Army is on the globe.
  4. deja vu

    Rhaegar's final words

  5. deja vu

    Rhaegar's final words

    "Rosebud." "Apres moi, le deluge."
  6. deja vu

    Sansas ending

    @YOVMO Nice insight into "Sansa the observer."
  7. Byron = Tyrek? I was wondering the same thing. As Joffrey's betrothed, there are many, many people who attended court in KL who would have seen Sansa often. She wouldn't know the vast majority of them.
  8. (X)NTP here (X = tested as both an E and an I, within 10 of neutral). Isn't it generally understood that typing those younger than about 14 is meaningless, as their personalities haven't settled yet?
  9. Learning new things is good. Sit in a window seat on a flight from NYC to Washington on a clear day and you can imagine that the Delaware River is going to be captured by Chesapeake Bay someday. "The Mississippi River used to swing back and forth across the eastern half of the Louisiana coast," Willson said, pointing to the historic river maps that line the walls of his office at LSU. "That is, until we settled along the river and wanted to start making it reliable and safe. What we built over time, for the good of the U.S., was a highly engineered massive river system lined with levees and other control structures." from http://www.lsu.edu/departments/gold/2013/03/river_studies.shtml
  10. Not 10 seconds, but a single storm is more than enough to cut off a meander, creating an oxbow lake and a new, straighter river channel "overnight". Before the Corps of Engineers intervened, it happened all the time along the Mississippi
  11. Meandering rivers can change course very quickly. Here's a GIF of a river changing before your eyes: http://i.imgur.com/Uak4YU3.gif
  12. deja vu

    [TWOW Spoilers] Alayne I, v. 3

    I think the entire KL-centered Iron Throne story represents "how we got here" background to the central story of "Ice and Fire," which is a story of the North and the Long Night and the Old Gods and Winter. If this is the case, action is moving north for the last two books. So if Sansa were to return to KL it would put her out of the main trajectory of the story. Maybe that will happen to preserve her to take part in post-War of Winter rebuilding. Or maybe she goes North because she and her remaining siblings have a role to play when Winter has come.