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  1. Alexander Targaryen

    Wealth and revenues of Westeros

    Some of you might remember my thread in which we tried to determine the military strengths of the many noble houses of Westeros. This will be something similar, but this time we'll be looking at the economy and not the military (though the two are, of course, very closely related in determining the full power of a house). What would be the annual revenue from the holdings of a landed knight? A minor lord? A great lord? What would be their personal wealth? What would be the wealth of a prominent great house such as the Manderlys, or a less money-minded great house such as the Umbers? For roleplaying purposes this is important to know, but there is little to no information in the books to cover this. We do have the following information regarding prices: 6,000,000 gold dragons is an astonishing debt for the crown. 3,000,000 gold dragons were loaned to the crown from House Lannister (which appeared to go by fine without that kind of money). 900,674 gold dragons were loaned to the crown from the Faith of the Seven (which appeared to go by fine without that kind of money). 40,000 gold dragons is a very generous prize to the winner of the joust in a major tourney. 30,000 gold dragons is the monthly wage for 25 Lysene sellsail galleys (1,200 gold dragons a ship per month). 20,000 gold dragons is a very generous prize to the second-place in a major tourney jousting, or the winner of the melee. 10,000 gold dragons is a very generous prize to the winner of a major archery competition. It is also the bounty Lord Corlys Velaryon placed on his heir's murderer. 1,000 gold dragons is a respectable bounty for noble prisoners of great importance. 300 gold dragons is a formidable ransom for captured nobles. 100 gold dragons is a reasonable ransom for captured nobles. It can buy you 12 barrels of the finest Dornish wine, or a high-end Lysene prostitute (for employment?). 30 gold dragons is a normal prize for second place in a tournament. 5 gold dragons is the customary bribe for guards to let smugglers by. 1 gold dragon can buy you the maidenhead of a young prostitute. 800 silver stags (3.81 gold dragons) can buy you a full suit of good steel armor. 100 silver stags is a formidable bounty for important deserters. 10 silver stags is the normal bounty for an armed and dangerous deserter. 7 silver stags can buy you a murder from a professional assassin. 10 copper pennies can buy you a tent. 3 copper pennies can buy you a loaf of bread.
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    I've posted some more stuff in "Military Strengths" thread, you can edit them into the first post if you are still interested in it.