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  1. I'm so amused at being called a "rabid fan" of Jordan's...the irony is enough to make me come close to pissing and shitting out iron, that's how ironic it is... Considering that I'm well-known at wotmania for not being all that enthused about the guy's writing...that just made my day, hearing about that! And thanks for those wishing me well - in fact, I do have two sophomore English classes that I'll be teaching, but I believe I'll refrain from mentioning the Yeard there at all. Some things just shouldn't be talked about in polite company...although I suppose saying school is "polite company" might be stretching things a bit :P
  2. You know, we just aren't being mean enough to Tairy. We need to turn to an author to show us the way (I'm copy/pasting this from a wotmania post that was in turn copy/pasted from Dragonmount): And which author? Why Tairy himself. Scroll down to the 6/2/2006 message for that. Just thought I'd share the "love." (Oh, and that I now have a new teaching position. All is right with the world.)
  3. I'm just waiting for the Rise and Fall of the Yeard Reich comments before I get suited up for the next joyous interview round :sick:
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