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  1. Perhaps my translation of ASOIAF gives me another interpretation. In spanish, the exact translation of boys covers mostly teens and pos-teens, nearing their 20. We talk separately about 'boys' and 'male children'. I know english speakers join those two words into a single one, but we don't, and our translation makes that distinction. I wonder why did George introduced that specific detail on him, though. He also linked him to Baelish, so I guess Corbray will play some role in Winds. I guess you are inferring I don't like the dude? Because I do like him. But I still find his fixation on young girls to be a bit weird.
  2. By 'boy' I took that Corbray likes young boys. I doubt he's a pedophile; instead, he likes young men. You have to consider he's on his early thirties, an age that is considered somewhat old by westerosi standards. So a 'boy' for him could be a 15-17 yrs old lad. Still gross, sure. Then there's Jorah Mormont, a 40 something years old man fixed on a teen Daenerys. Compared to Lyn, Jorah is on another level of gross. Besides, he married 'for love' a Lynesse who was half his age (aprox. 17' Lynesse and 35ish Jorah)
  3. He could name an heir, y'know.
  4. Same I thought. It's hard to believe there were only Lyanna and the kingsguard men in that tower when Eddard & co. arrived. There was probably a detachment of servants to take care of preg Lyanna and do various more things like cooking, taking care of the noblefolk armors, clothes, and so on.
  5. I get the suspicion that, in an early draft, Alys and Jon were supposed to develop some luv vibes at the Wall, a-la Val and Jon. I say this because this tale of Rickard Karstark wanting to 'charm' Robb was told by Alys to Jon Snow, in Dance. My hunch is that George cut out this subplot but kept some tidbits in the final draft, just enough to point that Alys and Jon acually knew each other from before (and they actually danced together at Winterfell).
  6. Just took it as part of the people fleeing the scene when the shit hits the fan. Happens a lot in real life.
  7. I don't quite recall any Hightower with purple eyes? May I be enlightened please? I do remember that Alerie and Lynesse are pale blondes, but not any reference to their eyes.
  8. The current Daynes, for me, have been intentionally shrouded by George. They will definitely appear in the next books. Anyways, considering the current lord of Starfall is a kid, we can assume he has no elder siblings, since the dornish folk pass the inheritance rights to the eldest kid, no the male one. So if Edric is the lord, this means the previous head of Starfall is pretty much gone. I can't remember if he mentions his family, say, living sisters, brothers cousins and the such. On my first readthough (many, many years ago) I got the impression he was the last living Dayne of the main branch, so him running around with outlaws was a risky move, to say the least. Gerold Dayne's agenda is weird. It may be he wants both Dawn and Starfall. The discarded five year gap may also messed up the Dayne's initial planned progression through the books. After five years, Edric could appear already married and as an acting Lord of Starfall. Instead, we have him in limbo.
  9. Wait wha...? Olenna Tyrell through Calla Blackfyre? Did I miss something?
  10. I don't love her or hate her. Just here for the storytellin'.
  11. C'mon, we all know the red comet is the volcryn.
  12. Merrett Frey - Drinking contest. Falls asleep on the first round.
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