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  1. Jon Fossoway

    Defiance of Duskendale: Who else could have done it?

    I think that storming the castle was the optimal decision. In this, Tywin was right. What Barristan did was exceptional, which could not be expected in a similar case. So I will lean towards Tywin and his army, and not for the heroic intervention of another character.
  2. Jon Fossoway

    What if Ned Died During the Rebellion

    Uh, well. First book would be completely different, since a lot of events revolve around Eddard. He even got some POVs for Rahloo sake.
  3. Jon Fossoway

    Shouldnt great houses have numerous wards?

    For the sake of simplicity and plot advance they don't. Factual don't. In Martinsworld, I doubt several big families have wards of its principal bannermen. It just adds noise to the narrative.
  4. Jon Fossoway

    The Five Forts

    I was feeding the idea that the Five Forts are very much like the Wall. A place where a militarized order patrols the borderlands. They are currently linked to Yi Ti. Yi Ti is not a glorious empire anymore, but a fractioned feudal state, very much like Westeros. In short: Yi Ti and the Five Forts are a mirror of the Seven Kingdoms and the Wall.
  5. Jon Fossoway

    How is Edric Storm being looked after?

    They may be using Davos Paypal account to pay for stuff.
  6. Jon Fossoway

    Out of Context Quotes

    Oh, this is a promising thread.
  7. The perks of not having a POV.
  8. Jon Fossoway

    Strengh of night watch

    Since I guess George's aim was to weaken the Watch (even more) during the story, I am thinking Jeor would have sent a lot of that strenght up north to be massacred again by wights.
  9. Jon Fossoway

    Royce vs Arryn

    The last First Men King in the Vale was a Royce, and he was defeated by an andal Arryn. Would be fun if a modern Royce (i.e., Myranda) snatches the rule of the Vale from the feeble Bobby Arryn.
  10. Jon Fossoway

    Did Grey Wind warn Robb about Theon?

    Perhaps Theon 'betrayed' Robb while in the Islands, far away from the Stark influence. So wolves had no way of tellin'.
  11. Jon Fossoway

    No fleet at all after Brandon the Burner??

    I picture it as going back from a inter stellar civilization to one confined to its solar system. Or, as the Starks giving up the outer continent travels or conquering pretentions. Theon Stark travelled to Andalos with pressumably a fleet before Brandon the Burner. To think they became actually shipless is kinda naive. Giving up conquering outer regions prolly made them even more culturally secluded.
  12. Jon Fossoway

    Why did Walder send Stevron to war?

    Grown men have been leading their families during the saga, as posters here say. Stevron is a very discreet one, though. Seeing lord Walder was too old to get out of the Twins for anything, maybe he needed Stevron to ride along Robb to monitor stuff. I have the notion that Walder didn't trust any of his sons and descendants for important leading matters save for Stevron. The Freys have good commanders and warriors, but not leaders.
  13. Jon Fossoway

    What if walder frey died before wot5k

    I'm not sure on the honesty of Stevron if he was the Lord of the Twins by the time Robb came down south. He is sorrounded by a lot of possible heirs, and that pressure could have made him be as an ass his father was to the Starks. In the end, I believe Walder acted for the best interest of his numerous family. Any lord Frey would, considering the fragile equilibrium that family is in.
  14. Jon Fossoway

    Meanwhile back at the Wall

    Honestly, all people around the Wall at the time is meat for wighting. The climate is worsening, so I doubt they can effectively move south in force or in numbers in search for new places to stay, they can't possibly move north and the Wall itself is becoming a ground for free for all killing. If the Others do some reasoning, they would think, 'let's move these little monkeys south, where there are other little monkeys guarding a wall; logic says they flock together and then start killing each other; then it's a safe time for us to come in'. Only small pockets of humans will be able to escape south after the massacre. Hopefully Shireen among them.
  15. Jon Fossoway

    Daenerys, Quaithe, and Asshai

    Noice. So humans were aliens to Planetos, that thrived, formed a great empire, made it explode and eventually killed off natives (Deep Ones, children of the forest, giants, Others)? Or valyrians engineered humans?