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  1. Jon Fossoway

    Who is Quaithe?

    I think Quaithe is like the random doom prophecy ol' guy from the random horror movie. Y'know, like this one;
  2. Jon Fossoway

    Strangest Possible Ending

    That AsoIaF was actually connected to the 1000 worlds and, uh, the Others are actually Hrangans or something, trapped in some icy wasteland by Earth Imperials in a planet that subsequently reversed to medieval tech.
  3. Jon Fossoway

    Minor characters you wanna see lose and why?

    Margaery and Loras Tyrell. Because I want to destroy something beautiful.
  4. Jon Fossoway

    Poll. Is Bran ever leaving the cave?

    I don't think so. Not as long as winter is on. Bran is currently very far away from settlements, even the free folk is mostly travelling south. He's got a fading company with him and Bloodraven has not given any strong clue about returning. I think Bran will entangle himself with the Blooravenpedia and stay there until the end.
  5. Jon Fossoway

    Arya will kill Bradamar Frey

    Are you posing a plausible scenario for the plot to move forward? If so, care to explain more please.
  6. Jon Fossoway

    Dissecting Names

    I wonder why there are oddly placed Mors around Westeros. You get Mors Martell and his son, Mors II, then Mors Umber and nothing else.
  7. Jon Fossoway

    What Surname Are Salt Children Given?

    Hahahaha good one
  8. Jon Fossoway

    Small Questions v. 10105

    What is summer fever? Some characters are reported to have died of it. Is it like heavy party?
  9. Jon Fossoway

    Small Questions v. 10105

    It is said that Rhaegar Targaryen learned how to fight and became a skilled swordsman and jouster. But is there any evidence of him being a tested battle commander? He commanded the loyalist in the Battle of the Trident and the rebels managed to cut a line directly to him. So I'm guessing whoever was leading that army wasn't skilled enough to preserve the commanding officer from harm. Seeing he left two actual tested battle commanders: Gerold Hightower (War of the Ninepenny Kings) and Arthur Dayne (we at least get a succesful military campaign in where he participated: against the Kingswood Brotherhood) guarding a tower... Was Rhaegar a little soft in the head when military thinking was in the table?
  10. Jon Fossoway

    Small Questions v. 10105

    Oh, haha. Now I read correctly your post. Yes, I start from that to make the question here. 1. The Crown declared Dondarrion dead and commands Blackhaven (castellan or Beric's heir) to fall suit. Text doesn't mention any of this, I'm nearly sure. 2. The Crown declares Dondarrion is alive and that he is the leader of the Brotherhood, hence making him (and pressumably his House) traitors and enemies. 3. Crown thinks Dondarrion is alive but missing. In any way, Blackhaven status is not disclosed (I think!). Not even after gazillion of knees bending after the Blackwater, a moment where the Crown updated loyalties around the continent.
  11. Jon Fossoway

    Small Questions v. 10105

    Not sure and I don't have the books with me. Was he deemed dead after Gregor Clegane's ambush? Is the 'lighting lord' only PRESSUMED to be Beric?
  12. Jon Fossoway

    Small Questions v. 10105

    What's the current status of House Dondarrion? If its head was outlawed, shouldn't Blackhaven be declared an enemy of the Crown?
  13. Jon Fossoway

    The House of the Undying Ones

    I do think Tyrion will interact with Dany long enough to betray her. I've come to believe his dark path involves a chain of betrayals. He already promised a lot of gold to the Second Sons, who will be smoked by Tyrion's treason, IMO. The gold treason Dany dreams about is Tyrion's. I'm in for that.
  14. Jon Fossoway

    Puns and Wordplay

    I was listening to a POV in audiobook format and I noticed a name I had hard time relating to my previous reads. Sarella. Sarella's is pronounced almost the same as 'ciruela', a spanish word for a plum, which obviously led me to the Plumms which are fond of characters playing double agents. Also, Sarella's mother worked or was a captain of a ship called 'Feathered Kiss'. Feathered, again, in spanish is 'Beso Emplumado'. Now again, Ben Plumm ancestry feels like a chimera. Or even a sphinx. A little of these, a little of that. Probably just wild coincidence. But the wordplay, if it was intentional, is actually awesome.
  15. Jon Fossoway

    The Drunk Thread: Just Look at the Flowers

    Haha. There should be a 'sobering up dudes and gals' thread as well. I've been 3 weeks and 5 days (as of today) sober and it's my second longest time like this in about 10 years. I won't deny that I need some beers.