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    Jon Snow's Real Name

    still it adds to Ned's story that Jon can be said to be named for Arryn as well as Connington. I'm assuming Lyanna or Rhaegar told him his "true" name first
  2. Brianstorm

    Jon Snow's Real Name

    Yeah I'm saying he was named for many reasons, if you're right about Ned having naming rights then Jon also works since it helps the story of him not being a Targ
  3. Brianstorm

    Jon Snow's Real Name

    I think it's just Jon Targaryen, he's named after Connington but it worked for Ned's "lie" as far as Jon Arryn. Also adds to his identity crisis since he's Jon Snow but he's in many ways Jon Stark as well as his birth name.
  4. Brianstorm

    [Spoilers] E801 Discussion

    So is Harry actually fAegon?
  5. Brianstorm

    Book & Show

    Well he recently was quoted saying: "I know some of the things," Martin said. "But there's a lot of minor-character [arcs] they'll be coming up with on their own. And, of course, they passed me several years ago. There may be important discrepancies." So "important discrepancies" could mean a thousand different things!
  6. Brianstorm

    Book & Show

    Well they said he would be a bad king (pure speculation considering he'd put the realm first vs The Others) as well as criticizing his "massive desire to rule" which could describe two dozen characters in the show.
  7. Brianstorm

    Book & Show

    Except even characters they have kept have been weakened, Euron most notably is far less interesting and is more Victarion than Book Euron. I can't imagine Euron's magical prowess, which defines his whole character, won't come into play for the endgame. Frankly the problem isn't their talent as much as they try and play favorites where they can (as they admitted about Renly and Stannis, who we all know they did dirty no matter if he sacrifices his daughter in the books or not, as well as killing off characters because they don't like the actor). They like many people didn't love the last two books as much as the first three and let their power and ego's get in the way of the overall story.
  8. Brianstorm

    Season 8: News, Spoilers And Leaks

    Not if that political marriage partner is the Night King.
  9. You both forgot Cain and Able! Adam and Eve are technically twins when you think about it as well.
  10. Brianstorm

    Biggest Mistake Made by Robb

    Taking the throne, he set himself up big time on the basis of some minor lords. If he denied the throne he would probably be the main character.
  11. Brianstorm

    [TWoW Spoilers] Aeron I (Balticon)

    You're assuming he's The Final Boss, he could help save the realm at the end of the day for all we know.
  12. Brianstorm

    [TWoW Spoilers] Aeron I (Balticon)

    Well impersonation doesn't seem to fit in with their magic as far as we know, but this could be why he's drinking the Shade so heavily. It's unlikely but it's more logical than Euron being able to sail back and forth from the II and SB so quickly at the least.
  13. Brianstorm

    [TWoW Spoilers] Aeron I (Balticon)

    Well if Pree really is posing as Euron, he could still be in cahoots with him and perhaps Euron really is posing as Daario. If anything this chapter makes it more likely, actually.