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  1. robb wasn't close to a joint attack at the moment and the Golden tooth was in the way of edmure still if tywin go west.
  2. Chancho

    Does a peasant have to be scum to move up in Westeoes?

    To me Always maked sense that he was trying to get on a lordling grace to shift his life upwards, i tought he was selling himself more than the simple goods... But if Martin means literal price, than it is what it is, But he could mean something greater by "better price" i guess.
  3. Chancho

    Does a peasant have to be scum to move up in Westeoes?

    He wanted to get Stannis favour, where did you see he selled food? He was smelling recompensation and appreciation of a lordling for his service, but this don't imply he out righted sold the stuuff, more like expecting long term gains.
  4. Thanks for the Reading, truly good stuff, i agree witth most everything (onlly red 3parts so far)... Jaime was shaped by his late teen yearsto become self-centered and cynical, people took advantage of his naivity.... turning him in something that was despised and with the books we understand how he coped withit
  5. Chancho

    Crownlands Makes No Sense

    His main problem to me is when he wants something and Daenerys wants something else entirely, until there he is safe, i don't think he will do bad, so the new dance with dragons get a bittersweet more ambíguos felling. Daenerys doesn't look like anyone looking for a partners after mereen fiasco and even less a co-ruler.
  6. Chancho

    The cursed libido of House Frey

    Walder Frey sin is to make Kings abide by their words... But wouldn't surprise me if he outlasts everyone.
  7. I don't care about Jon, Arya, Bran, Catelyn, Eddard... The story has a lot of depth-complex characters and is full of people i would hate, so feels very relatable!
  8. Chancho

    Davos' breaking point.

    The good part is Skagos is close by the Wall, so Davos might reunite with his son soon, the bad part is the night watch is fucked and there is dead things in the water and i can feel in my bones there will be a bridge of ice somewhere close to eastwatch by the sea.
  9. Chancho

    Crownlands Makes No Sense

    I think he meant Aegon the First, anyway i suspect Aegon "the never bashed at the wall by the mountain" will have a lot of reach armies defecting to him, should be interesting Mace decision's in such chaotic times, everything has to go wrong for him for the purpose of Aegon and Euron lasting a little longer in the series.
  10. Chancho

    A few questions regarding Roose Bolton

    I think he planned to have Tywin alive for a few more years, that plus Frey aliance and Ryswells, Karstarks and Dustin aid, would give him a solid ground to start the Bolton "reign" being able to opose or freeze his dissidents... With time he could build more and more of a grip... The Crown-Freys have hostages, he could get rid of the Karstark heir to get a new Karstark loyal bannerman. His plans was messed by Stannis going north, Tywin dying and Manderly not beign so clement as they tought. I think there was no room for Ramsay in all that, because he is a liability... So i think after he gets "Arya" pregnant he was suposed to be dealt with...
  11. Chancho

    Did Edmure save Robb's Life?

    Yeah, i was thinking something quite like that after the last talk, at least for me would make sense and road block is a must at this scenario... But space could be indeed be a factor... But Overall the place must be as guarded as can be and some more. Its a Super important for TYwin, the rubble of moat cailin had a garrison of what 400?
  12. Chancho

    Did Edmure save Robb's Life?

    You could be right at not 4000, but Martyn only say many, its know that is the border castle, in times of war that literally should be the most guarded place since it border the war zone, doubt there is less then 1000 men there, not everone need to camp inside...anyway enough walls, bowmens and castle defenses to Robb only horses army avoid, placing there is great, Robb would find buring casualties there.
  13. I wouldn't want to be the next target of this King with madness spilling everywhere... Changing the ruler makes good sense, it's risky tough.
  14. Chancho

    The SEAGUL at the kingsmoot

    Interesting, thanks for sharing your insight, cool theory.