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  1. Chancho

    Is Walder Frey the smartest man in Westeros?

    That could well be, but everything has to end one day... Walder wanted to being taked seriously, he wanted to prove he and his house matter and did just that... Now the future is something else, but no one can deny now that house Frey matter. When you are that old sometimes the best you can hope for is to be noticed and taked seriously.
  2. Chancho

    Is Walder Frey the smartest man in Westeros?

    I stand by the previous comments, walder frey is smarter and sucessfull than most, doesn't bind himself in stupid fashion to oaths that can jeopardize his house and Family... Doesn't blindly throw himself in wars just because reasons... Maybe gone a little too far on teaching kings and traitors lessons, but overall he do the right thing according his interests and his reasons behind it.
  3. Chancho

    What made Ser Gerold Stay?

    Well KG Whent went to harrenhal and sundely we got the greatest tourney of all, with rhaegar wanting to gather with all the greatests lords of the realm to chat some important business (and perhaps "changes being made"), most of this kingsguard were probably on board with rhaegar suckerpunching the king.. Gerold being the commander was at least giving a blind eye by then. it's not like Martin took of his ass... It's very george martin making kingsguard being a bunch of hypocrites...
  4. Chancho

    What made Ser Gerold Stay?

    Rhaegar was ready to enter the war, take control of his dinasty and overthrow his father... All the chumps of the kingsguard were all aboard and creaming in their pants with the idea of Rhaegar becoming King. (That is how a see it anyway with what we got so far.)
  5. Chancho

    What made Ser Gerold Stay?

    i'm sure they did protect aerys with prayers and wishes all the way from Dorne...
  6. Chancho

    What made Ser Gerold Stay?

    The kingsguard of Aerys is just a bunch of hypocritical cunts who favorite hobby is to point fingers at other people, to deflect from their cowardice and lack of morality in obeying all kinds of monstruosity asked by Aerys.
  7. Chancho

    Is Walder Frey the smartest man in Westeros?

    Not the smartest, but the most capable at teaching Kings to be faithfull to their words... Boy kings of the land should take note.
  8. Chancho

    Wow, I never noticed that. Vol. 18

    It may all be as you say,, but bear in mind that back then Melisandre was trying to gain Stannis's favor still.. she might have foretell Cressen death that day at that location, like she did with jon snow couple of times at the wall, to gain his Faith on her powers... (foretelling attempts on her life is like one of the first things they learn and shit..) Stannis was weirder than usual... repelling cressen, he almost looks to me like he wants cressen everywhere but there. Stannis didn't take her serious enough back then, she had selyse favor and all.. I think he didn't want to believe her powers but also suspected she was no ordinary person.
  9. I don't care about Jon, Arya, Bran, Catelyn, Eddard... The story has a lot of depth-complex characters and is full of people i would hate, so feels very relatable!
  10. Chancho

    What if Tywin had faced Robb and lost?

    He was doomed, Tyrells would not join in... He would lose his Family, his reputation and maybe his life... But the odds were not in Robb's favor in my opinion.
  11. Chancho

    The future of Jaime and Brienne?

    I just hope Brienne and Jaime last to the very end of this book at least, i have lots of hope for them... Thoros seems very disapointed with the way things are going down there in the hollow hill, he might help... This is the only "romance" that matter in this book for me... So i will pray to the Others that they survive but suffer in this first chapters. Brienne maybe be Jaime's Nissa-Nissa or the other way around... I mean besides them who have a nissa-nissa by now, Jon maybe if he kills Arya, but that would be weird as hell...
  12. Ser Sandwuicht mad mouse is in the vale, now we need to find out if he is going to try to abduct her or will tell her something she doesn't know.
  13. Sansa will know more about Ned's prison, start of the war and littlefinger did surely plant some seeds on Joffrey too, about Ned's execution... I think Sansa will kim him at some point, but he is not the savage giant. Robert Arryn is dying way first...
  14. Well i think martin chooses his words very carefully... He wouldn't define Littlefinger as a Savage, but i could be wrong... That whole sentece applies too well to Sweet Robin.
  15. Savage Giant is Robert Arryn... There is no use for "Savage" if it is Littlefinger.