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  1. Dany was completely right when she saw Jon as a threath regardless of his words. She knew very well that people might bring him to the throne. It's kinda what happened with her in Slaver's Bay. She was no queen at the moment (although she called herself like that), she was more of a rogue with a dream, dragons and some devoted followers but it was the people who cheered for her and made her their queen. With Jon it could be the same thing but this time it wouldn't be former slaves but lords with armies.
  2. Agree. I was expecting exactly this to happen from the moment Tyrion, Sansa and Varys knew about Jon. When the word is out, it's out of Jon's hands. From what we've seen it seemed that the nobles of Westeros are mostly against Cersei but they aren't very keen on Dany either. They reluctantly decided to support Dany because she was the lesser of two evils in their eyes at the moment. If it is known that Jon has a claim and a better one than Dany, I expect basically everyone to leave Dany and support Jon. Jon becoming the king in this scenario is basically the same thing how he became the Lord Commander of NW - he didn't want it, he didn't campaign for it but other people (mainly Sam in that case) made the decision instead of him and so he ends up as the LC.
  3. If I'm not mistaken Robert Baratheon was grandson or grand-grandson of a Targaeryen lady, so he had a kind of birthright but he definitely wasn't in the main Targaeryen dynasty and he surely didn't see himself as a Targaeryen and people surely didn't follow him because he was 1/8 Targaeryen or something liek that. And yeah, Robert marrying Cersei was definitely a kind of peace pact or a political alliance. Tywin used to be Aerys' Hand and although there were some conflicts between them towards the end of Aerys' life and iirc Tywin didn't participate in Robert's Rebellion on any side until the very end when everything was already decided, I think a lot of people still saw the Lannisters as Targaeryen supporters, so Robert+Cersei sealed the peace in the land.
  4. It does not matter what I want or don't want. It's just the way it is. Dany finds out she has a relative who has a better claim than she does => she urges him not to tell anyone => she wants the throne for herself. She was saying for seasons how Robert Baratheon and later Cersei stole her throne. Cool but that's basically what she did to Jon. She was saying for seasons how she is the rightful ruler of Westeros because of her birthright. Cool but there is someone who is "rightfuler" ruler than her. And suddenly all the stuff she's been saying for years stops being valid. She suddenly doesn't care about birthrights, bloodlines and rightful heirs. She just wants the throne for herself. Jon hasn't earned the throne? Really? He was fighting against the dead in face to face combats before Dany even arrived in Westeros.
  5. If Dany genuinly cared for the Targaeryen dynasty and not just for herself, she should have stepped aside. If she wasn't so selfish and with this "I'm the savior, bow down" complex. She knew (or thought - in the show there was nothing to suggest otherwise, unlike in the books) that she can't have children. Her kingdom would rise and fall with her. Jon, on the other hand, probably can father children. He is the future of house Targaeryen. To support his claim is what she would do if she wanted house Targaeryen to continue. If she wanted house Targaeryen to continue, Jon is a blessing for her. It wouldn't be even that hard. She could publicly say that Jon is a Targ, she could forge a fake evidence, and she could support him. Jon is the son of Rhaegar who was the oldest son of Aerys, so in other words Jon is rightful heir and if both Aerys and Rhaegar lived, Jon would become the king after them. As for the point of Dany's whole story in Meereen and so on, she could say / think that the point was to bring an army for her newly-found nephew and thus secure the future of her house. Jon already had a big reputation in Westeros, he had powerful allies like the remaining Starks, Sweetrobin (via Sansa and Yohn Royce) and Edmure, with Dany he would have Dorne and Yara too. Both Westerosi lords and Targeryen supporters would have someone to cheer for. Jon was born and raised in Westeros and he knows its politics, unlike Dany. As for Cersei, I believe that Jon would arrest her and imprison her or send her away to Essos or something, he himself said that they need mercy. It all would make an almost perfect sense if Dany wasn't convinced that she was born to rule the 7K.
  6. The fact that Dany didn't support Jon and instead she urged him not to tell anyone proves that Dany didn't care at all if a Targaeryen sits on the throne. It's no "the big bad Robert Baratheon stole the throne from my family and my family will take it back". No. The only thing she cared about is if she sits on the throne. EDIT: Back in S1 she believed Viserys was the rightful king. He was older than she was, he had the better claim. Case closed, she respected it. Then Viserys died and Dany started to believe she is the one who is supposed to rule the 7K. This belief got only stronger and stronger as she got dragons, people treated her more or less with respect (because she had dragons) and she succeeded in conquering three cities. She got more and more power and she was convinced that it is her destiny, that she is a kind of messiah, a savior. Her mentality from S1 to S8 changed drastically. In S8 she was so full of herself that she wouldn't step aside even if her father came back from death. Jon's claim was even better than Viserys' one. And yet she still wanted the throne of herself. She didn't think even for a second about leaving the throne to Jon. She immediately thought about how to secure it for herself.
  7. If it had any effect on how I view the books, it is a positive one. I can even more appreciate how good the books are while the show... well... As for the spoilers, yeah, sure, there were some but it seems to me that a lot of the plottwists were kinda predictable (Cleganebowl, Dany goes mad and dies, Sansa is the head of house Stark, Tyrion is the Hand...), with the exception of Bran becoming the king and Cersei burning the sept (not sure if this is going to happen in the books), so I don't really care and I don't think it ruined the books for me or anything.
  8. Bran is a great choice and a terrible choice at the same time. Yes, he apparently knows all the past, he knows what past rulers did and what were the consequences of their actions. He knows the mistakes they did so he might not repeat them. At the same time, there is a major problem with Bran being the king - he is not an experienced leader or ruler. While he was de facto the ruler Winterfell for a short time in S2, in fact it was rather Maester Luwin and ser Rodrick who made the decisions. Then he went beyond the Wall, he was basically isolated from other people excluding some 3 persons. He didn't even try to become the leader of Winterfell when he came back. He was just a wierd voyeur. Now he is the king and he once again has experienced men (mainly Davos and Tyrion) to help him but it is kinda unsure if he will or will not be a good king. It seems to me that the main reason why he became the king is that he is crippled and he can't father children. This basically sets in the stone that the next king will be elected as well (unless a Sansa's child tries to seize the power). I've always had the feeling the ruler at the end of the story will be elected in a kinda democratic way and that basically happened (although the voters was only the lords) and Bran secures the repetition of the process. Overall, Jon would be the best (and the most predictable) possible leader.
  9. Let's face it, she's dead as a doormat. But it is a terrifying thought that they might really do a sequel with zombie Dany. First, Jon is an honorable guy so he said what he did. It seemed he was ready to face the consequences (he stood against Drogon doinng nothing). If he said she just flew off, no one would believe him, she just gave a fierce speech about conquering (aka burning) the world.
  10. LIKED: - Tyrion openly calls out Dany - Jon kills Dany - Drogon tries to revive Dany - Edmure lives! Yara lives! Sweetrobin lives! We even saw the new prince of Dorne! - Brienne writes in the book - probably my favorite moment the whole season - Jon meets Ghost again, actually acknowledges his existence - the final scene when Jon and the wildlings go into the woods DISLIKED - Jon is dumber than a box of rocks. In fact a rock is much more intelligent than Jon and the rock is humiliated that it is being compared to something like Jon. It took like 30 freaking minutes of Arya and Tyrion persuading Jon that Dany ain't that awesome. And although Jon clearly dislikes what Dany did, he still defends her. - Grey Worm can teleport - first we saw him executing people on the street, Jon talks to him and goes straight to Dany and suddenly puff! GW is on the top of the stairs. - Arya walks around and no one freaking cares. Oh and she can teleport too but we already knew this. - Dany's army grows bigger each episode. - Jaime and Cersei are buried under like 5 stones although several tuns crumbled on them. - Who tf are half of the "high lords" during the council? - Sam proposes democracy. I knew someone would do it. Thank R'hllor that the rest laughed it off. - Brienne apparently isn't pregnant with Jaime. That was my biggest disappointment this episode. - GW survives the series, that's the second biggest disappointment this episode. - everyone who survived until this episode but Dany got a happy ending - Bran comes from an emotionless nonsense-talking robot to a witty king. Anyone else had the impression that Bran knew all the way long that he'd become the king? - "is there a Night's Watch?" A good question, Jon. - Tormund is not beyond the Wall but waits for Jon.
  11. 9/10, the best episode this season. The overall "plottwists" in the episode weren't that surprising (maybe Bran becoming the king but it kinda makes sense as I think about it), they were rather predictable but I think it is a decent end of the series (especially after the disastrous beginning of the season and basically the whole S7). The worst thing about this episode was how Jon was even more stupid than usually, it took like 30 minutes of screen time to convince him to kill Dany
  12. 8. There were some unnecessary / wierd stuff but overall it was pretty good. I'm glad it's Game of Thrones with schemes and plottwists again and not "best friends who will live happy together under Dany's rule"
  13. I give it 8/10. I take out the two points for 1) characters still repeating lines from previous episode; 2) for the majority of episode I didn't know what was going on, like who is there, why and so on; 3) uncertain deaths of several characters; 4) logical lapses
  14. My (incomplete) theory at this point is that 1) Harry will die. LF will have (little)fingers in his death. 2) LF will or will try to arrange the marriage of Sansa and fAegon. With the combined armies of the Vale and fAegon, they will attack the Riverlands and LF gets the real power as the lord of Harrenhall. 3) Sweetrobin will die at some point. His death will be directly caused by LF who orders the maester to give even more sweetsleep to SR. It is mentioned in the books somewhere that sweetsleep doesn't leave the body, so I suppose that the sweetsleep in SR's body will cumulate to this point it kills him. LF eventually finds out that SR was in fact his son and that he caused the death of his own child. No idea how LF will handle the situation when both Harry and SR are dead. 4) Sansa will cause LF's fall (not sure if it will be death, or not) using the tricks and schemes what she learnt from him. Now I'm getting into really wild speculations : 5) Sansa will get pregnant by fAegon or by Harry. One or another, the father of the child will die and LF will try to marry Sansa himself to 1) get Sansa, 2) send a big FU to the Starks and the Tullys, 3) control the heir of Vale / fAegon's army. 6) LF will get on the Iron Throne or very very close to it at some point. 7) As Sansa grows older and experienced in politics, she takes the (Vale?) army to the North to defeat the Boltons and reclaim Winterfell.
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