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  1. Nerevanin

    The Iron Throne Episode script is out

    is the script still available somewhere? It was took down from the Emmys website before I noticed it was out... :(
  2. Yes. Dany effectively stole Jon's throne although he was the rightful heir. And it does not matter if he wants it or not. He didn't want to be Lord Commander of NW or KitN either and look what happened. He never publicly abdicated or something, he just kept on saying "I don't want it".
  3. Nerevanin

    Tyrion and Sansa...

    Well there have to be some lords unless Sansa is ruling over a country of peasants as the only noble person. Although a lot of the old Houses were more or less decimated, I suppose that 1) there are still some appropriate noble guys left, even though they might be from the lesser houses; 2) Sansa does the same thing as Dany and Tyrion - she rewards the best (let's put aside how to define "best" - fighting skills, loyalty, strategy?) survivors from the war(s) with lands and titles and then she chooses one of them.
  4. The kids would still be technically bastards, so I think that's out of table for Jon. And yes, Dany didn't care. She wanted the throne for herself. She got it for a short while. The utopic kingdom she wanted to create would rise and fall with her.
  5. Nerevanin

    Was Sansa aiming for Jon?

    I highly doubt it. Sansa literally said "harming Jon is not in your interest" to Yara. Tyrion later said that Sansa and Arya wanted Jon to be freed. It seemed clear that Sansa was ready to send the northerners at anyone who would suggest executing Jon.
  6. Nerevanin

    Tyrion and Sansa...

    I kinda thought that Sansa and Tyrion might re-marry or something like that following several of their dialogues in S8 but considering how it ended (Sansa QitN and Tyrion the Hand of 6K), imo it is not a good idea for them to marry. Why? Just like Sansa said in Ep3 - divided loyalties of Tyrion. If they (re)married, Tyrion would be at the same time Hand of Bran's kingdom and the co-head of a "rival" kingdom. That can't go together. Sansa should marry a northern lord and thus securing the fact that The North is an independent country. We have an era of peace now so there is no need for a political alliance via marriage of two powerful persons from two different kingdoms.
  7. I really don't think that Jon would go on and sleep with Sansa. He refused to sleep with a girl who he knew for like 6 months or so after he found out that they are relative. He's always seen Sansa, whom he knew all his life, as his sister. Also not sure if Jon would cheat on Dany just like this with a second wife. Even if Jon stopped loving Dany and he fell in love with another girl, he is imo too honourable to do it. Interesting idea. She and Gendry are in fact relatives so it would make a bit of sense. I think that although Dany planned to conquer the whole world, she wouldn't give up the Iron Throne just like that so her nephew can sit on it, given how hard she fought for the throne and how paranoid she was that Jon might steal her throne. To me it seemed more like that Westeros would be her base from which she'd go on campaigns around the world. In the show not so much but in the books one of the things that are adamant about Jon's personality is that he will never father a bastard so that the bastard won't have to experience the same things he did. I agree about the last sentence of your post though.
  8. Nerevanin

    Castrating Jon (Literally)

    I think that the punishment Jon got was more or less perfect. He isn't executed but he doesn't go unpunished either. The problem is that Jon getting to the Wall / beyond the Wall is more or less a reward for him, not punishment. I wonder if those who suggested sending Jon to the Wall knew this but presented it as a harsh punishement to GW so that he would agree.
  9. Nerevanin

    Is it the End, or a new Cycle begins?

    new cycle, although imo not necessarily with Targaeryens, more like with the whole organizational structure of Westeros. Although the wheel seems to be broken, it's not really, it's just temporarily stopped but in some 50-100 years it starts spinning again.
  10. Nerevanin

    If there was season 9...

    I know. I imagine it a bit of like the pirate kings in Pirates of Caribbean 3 - there is no ruler of them all, they represent various area of the world and if they want to solve problems and so on, they have to have the majority. Sure, this kind of structure of the Westeros would sooner or later lead to wars and so on but that's the story for S10. :D
  11. Nerevanin

    If there was season 9...

    If there was a season 9, then season 8 should have ended with the battle again the NK and then season 9 should have been about defeating Cersei, Dany becoming mad queen and what's up next. But given the state of story right now, my idea about S9 is this (I think about it as I write it so no well-thought-through stories) : - after the North becomes independent, The Vale, The Iron Islands and Dorne try to become independent too. - Sansa struggles to keep her position and power while she needs to marry someone and have children. - Jon and Tormund go far far far into the lands beyond the Wall where people never set foot in. They discover some kind of Pandora box which turns them into White Walkers and Jon is the next NK. We find out that the NK is not really evil and that in fact 3EC is evil and the NK wants to stop him. - Bran is the king and it turns out it's not all bed of roses as we thought. He uses his knowledge of everything that has ever happened to manipulate and control people to keep his kingdom together. Nobles start to plot against him but all their coup d'états fail because Bran sees it. Tyrion is killed during the process. Bran wargs into Drogon and brings the dragon back to Westeros and rules by fear. - Arya fails to find a land west of Westeros and she returns back. When she finds out what happened with Bran, she tries to kill him but Bran wargs into her and kills her. - Jon and Tormund march south again and form a big army of WW. Tormund kills Drogon by an ice spear. The WW later perform a kind of ritual and bring winter to King's Landing and trap Bran in a big block of ice and thus kill him. Then the winter is gone (a dream of spring, wink wink), Jon and Tormund form an alliance with people and return to beyond the Wall. - in the end all the kindgoms get independent and they form a EU-like alliance but there isn't a king that rules them all.
  12. Nerevanin

    Daenerys should have supported Jon’s claim

    Dany was completely right when she saw Jon as a threath regardless of his words. She knew very well that people might bring him to the throne. It's kinda what happened with her in Slaver's Bay. She was no queen at the moment (although she called herself like that), she was more of a rogue with a dream, dragons and some devoted followers but it was the people who cheered for her and made her their queen. With Jon it could be the same thing but this time it wouldn't be former slaves but lords with armies.
  13. Nerevanin

    Daenerys should have supported Jon’s claim

    Agree. I was expecting exactly this to happen from the moment Tyrion, Sansa and Varys knew about Jon. When the word is out, it's out of Jon's hands. From what we've seen it seemed that the nobles of Westeros are mostly against Cersei but they aren't very keen on Dany either. They reluctantly decided to support Dany because she was the lesser of two evils in their eyes at the moment. If it is known that Jon has a claim and a better one than Dany, I expect basically everyone to leave Dany and support Jon. Jon becoming the king in this scenario is basically the same thing how he became the Lord Commander of NW - he didn't want it, he didn't campaign for it but other people (mainly Sam in that case) made the decision instead of him and so he ends up as the LC.