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  1. 9/10, the best episode this season. The overall "plottwists" in the episode weren't that surprising (maybe Bran becoming the king but it kinda makes sense as I think about it), they were rather predictable but I think it is a decent end of the series (especially after the disastrous beginning of the season and basically the whole S7). The worst thing about this episode was how Jon was even more stupid than usually, it took like 30 minutes of screen time to convince him to kill Dany
  2. 8. There were some unnecessary / wierd stuff but overall it was pretty good. I'm glad it's Game of Thrones with schemes and plottwists again and not "best friends who will live happy together under Dany's rule"
  3. I give it 8/10. I take out the two points for 1) characters still repeating lines from previous episode; 2) for the majority of episode I didn't know what was going on, like who is there, why and so on; 3) uncertain deaths of several characters; 4) logical lapses
  4. 3/10. These three points are for I hated with passion more or less all the dialogues and as there was basically nothing else, that's it.
  5. Overall I agree with you but I would imagine that the death of an important character, especially as the character had hands in Ned's dead, would deserve a line or two. It reminds me of how Sansa killed Ramsay - she killed him and no one cared. Telling Jon about LF's execution wouldn't really be without any pay off either imo, as for example Jon would realize that Sansa is much harder and colder than he thinks and he would realize what happened with Arya (instead he asks her if she ever used Needle).
  6. 7/10 Nothing special or spectacular, almost no move forward in the plot but also no obvious plot holes (excluding Jon doesn't care about what happened to LF).
  7. 3/10. One of the worst episodes. It was long af and yet basically nothing happened.
  8. Eventually, I decided to go with 4/10. I very rarely rate anything below 6 but this episode was just something else. The majority of scenes in Winterfell didn't make any sense, unless you are knee deep in fan theories and then think about the scenes for several hours. The plotline beyond the Wall had so many plotholes and nonsenses that it makes you scratch your head in disbelief nonstop. And to finish off the audince's already very ruined mental health, Dany+Jon is becoming real.
  9. I don't know if it wasn't already discussed somewhere but can someone confirm please if dragonglass can really kill the wights? Jon has been saying the wights are vulnerable to dragonglass for two episodes in row. In the books Sam kills a White Walker with dragonglass but when he later tries to kill a wight with it, the dragonglass shatters and does nothing. I honestly don't remember if someone ever attempted to kill a wight with dragonglass in the show. I only managed to find that even in the show Sam killed a WW with dragonglass. So can someone confirm if the wights are or aren't killable by dragonglass, please?
  10. 9 for everything until Miss+Worm. Arya's scenes were not perfect, but they were ok, 7. Same goes the surgery and the battle. 0 for Miss+Worm, the scene with LF, Yara+Ellaria, that discussion between SS. So overall 7. The first half of the episode was really strong, then several scenes made it sink like a stone.
  11. I just want to share this with you: Today, we were discussing the episode at lunch and one of my colleagues told me that it was cool that we had found out that Jon was a son of Lyanna Stark and Robert Baratheon because they were married and had a son and now we know that the son is Jon. I almost choked on my pancake.
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