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  1. 3/10. One of the worst episodes. It was long af and yet basically nothing happened.
  2. I'm not talking about political alliance though.
  3. Eventually, I decided to go with 4/10. I very rarely rate anything below 6 but this episode was just something else. The majority of scenes in Winterfell didn't make any sense, unless you are knee deep in fan theories and then think about the scenes for several hours. The plotline beyond the Wall had so many plotholes and nonsenses that it makes you scratch your head in disbelief nonstop. And to finish off the audince's already very ruined mental health, Dany+Jon is becoming real.
  4. Nerevanin

    Can Jon Get Burnt?

    Yes, he can. Back in season 1 / book 1, he gets his hand burned when he set on fire the wight that tried to kill Jeor Mormont in Castle Black. In the books, this injury is mentioned a few times afterwards.
  5. Not really, imo. Jon bend the knee because Daenerys was sad about the dragon and he wanted to cheer her up. Yeah, I didn't get that line either. And I can't help, it seemed kind of out of character for Tormund to say this. He is a freefolk guy. They constantly talk about not bending the knee like southern lords. In the books (maybe even in the show) it is said that Mance managed to make the freefolk work together but none of the chieftains bend the knee to him. Tormund and the freefolk later help Jon but not because they bend the knee but because Jon let them throught the Wall. They are proud people. And now suddenly Tormund makes up a story about Mance's pride and talks about bending the knee? I know that Tormund's perspectives might have changed a bit but I still think that it is a bit wierd.
  6. Nerevanin

    Beyond the wall implications?...?..!

    Just a theory: If the WW were created by children of the forest and they can't cross the Wall, it makes kind of sense to me that Benjen (not created but resurrected by children) and wights (linked to WW's power and so indirectly to children) can't cross it either. On the other hand, Beric and Jon aren't linked to children at all, so the same rule doesn't apply. But do you think that the WW can't cross the Wall only from the north, or they cannot cross it from the south either? Like they are trapped south or north of the Wall unable to cross it, or the barrier is only blocking them from going south of the Wall and once they are there, they can freely move over the whole land?
  7. 9. So far the best episode of this season.
  8. Nerevanin

    Jon Snow - First of his Name....

    I'd prefer simply "the King in the North". The endless string of Dany's titles is so over the top and so "look how cool and awesome I am". Jon doesn't need to boast about every single thing he has ever done.
  9. Nerevanin

    [Spoilers] EP703 Discussion

    I don't know if it wasn't already discussed somewhere but can someone confirm please if dragonglass can really kill the wights? Jon has been saying the wights are vulnerable to dragonglass for two episodes in row. In the books Sam kills a White Walker with dragonglass but when he later tries to kill a wight with it, the dragonglass shatters and does nothing. I honestly don't remember if someone ever attempted to kill a wight with dragonglass in the show. I only managed to find that even in the show Sam killed a WW with dragonglass. So can someone confirm if the wights are or aren't killable by dragonglass, please?
  10. Nerevanin

    How would you rate episode 702?

    9 for everything until Miss+Worm. Arya's scenes were not perfect, but they were ok, 7. Same goes the surgery and the battle. 0 for Miss+Worm, the scene with LF, Yara+Ellaria, that discussion between SS. So overall 7. The first half of the episode was really strong, then several scenes made it sink like a stone.
  11. Nerevanin

    How would you rate episode 701?

    A solid 7, for a season premiere.
  12. Nerevanin

    [Spoilers] EP610

    I just want to share this with you: Today, we were discussing the episode at lunch and one of my colleagues told me that it was cool that we had found out that Jon was a son of Lyanna Stark and Robert Baratheon because they were married and had a son and now we know that the son is Jon. I almost choked on my pancake.
  13. By far the best episode of the season. 9/10. (One point down for dark Sansa not happening and 0.5 down for making Littlefinger act as an idiot once again but they regained that 0.5 back when they let Littlefinger survive the season)
  14. Nerevanin

    [Spoilers] EP609

    Um.. when you say it like that, ok. I supposed that when Tyrion was talking about an alternate approach, I was imagining something more different. However I'd say that from the scene the outcome was not entirely clear. We see Dany burn only 1 ship but I expected her to burn the rest as well, although Tyrion mumbles something about ships. When Daario and dothraki ride to Meereen, I expected them to kill the soldiers (as I expected the Maesters to have an army). So the problem might have been my imagination, I admit. But I think that they could have made the intentions more obvious.
  15. Nerevanin

    [Spoilers] EP609

    Can someone explain what was the "alternate approach" that Tyrion suggested? Because Dany talked about killing the maesters, burning their ships, killing their soldiers. Tyrion says "no, no, I have a better plan." So they make a meeting with the three men, despite it's 100% clear from the start that no party would surrender. Then Dany rides Drogon. Grey Worm kills two of the men ("kill the measters"), Dany burns the ships ("burning the ships") and Daario leads the Dothraki at sons of the Harpy ("killing their soldiers"). What exactly about this is the "alternate approach"???