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  1. Nerevanin

    Meereen: any theories?

    a shameless bump
  2. I also has this impression that Brienne tried to portray him as a better man than he was. She basically omitted everything bad. For example she wrote something like "captured Riverrun without a single loss of life" and it seems like he was a brilliant strategist or diplomat or something. In fact he blackmailed Edmure and threated to kill his family. I get all this. But the "imprisonment" doesn't make sense from this perspective. The line was preceeded by how Jaime bravely fought against the undead. And suddenly he was supposed to be imprisoned? Why? If she wrote just "He rode south to try to save the capital", I would be perfectly happy, but this "imprisonment" really makes me scratch my head.
  3. Nerevanin

    Destiny of Jon Snow

    As I already mentioned in another thread, I think that he leaves with the wildlings. The thing that hints it the most imo is how he slowly disappears in the forest - it also symbolizes that he disappears from the "known" or "civilized" world and he is never to be seen again.
  4. Nerevanin

    Your favorite individual acting performance

    I'm not a good critic of acting performances but I felt impressed by some of the acting of Emilia, Lena, Gwendoline and Conleth.
  5. Nerevanin

    Your predictions vs what actually happened

    Haha, I just found a 4 years old file in my computer with a LOT of theories I had based on the books (I didn't know the show back then). I apparently wrote it down after I first read the books, so I didn't know any fan theories and so on. For you amusement I write it here. I put it in spoilers so it isn't a loooong post: What I got (at least partly) right: What I didn't get right Hard to say / not adressed:
  6. Nerevanin

    Your predictions vs what actually happened

    I meant it as something like "Jon goes to see Dany. GW guards the throne room. GW doesn't want to let Jon inside. They argue for a bit and then Jon surprise kills GW to get him out of his way."
  7. Nerevanin

    Your predictions vs what actually happened

    I thought for a long time that it would be Dany who would sacrifice herself for the realm. I imagined it roughly like this: Dany becomes mad queen but she is still not completely evil or mad. The battle against the undead is the final battle of the story and things look pretty bad for the good guys and this is when Dany redeems herself and shows her good side and she decides to sacrifice herself for the realm. Jon kills her and thus kills two birds with one stone: he gets the Lightbringer which changes the course of the battle and he and Dany are Azor Ahai and Nissa Nissa reborn. Well, that didn't happen... I still can't believe that Grey Worm survived the story out of all the characters. Jon should have killed him when he was going to kill Dany. But I suppose that they needed a "villain" who causes that Jon is sent to The Wall.
  8. it was allegedly an Archmaester but Sam said that he helped him. Who do you think contributed to the book more? An Archmaester who is sitting in Citadel, or Sam who witnessed a lot of the event and knew the other characters and spoke with them?
  9. Nerevanin

    Wheely? Discussing the "breaking of the wheel"

    The wheel is unbreakable. Although it seems that currently all the (big) lords are more or less only the good guys, there is no guarantee that it will continue like this in the next generation or the following one. The election of kings / queens isn't sustainable either. Sooner or later a king will have children and will try to secure the power for them and you have a ruling dynasty again. As for the stories told and written about the 8 seasons, I would go as far as saying that in 100 years or so most people wouldn't believe that there was a girl who woke up petrified dragon eggs or a boy who was murdered and brought back to life, let alone an army of dead. It all comes back to where it began, just the names and faces changed.
  10. Nerevanin

    Books vs Show: How much difference?

    right. Thanks to reminding me.
  11. Nerevanin

    I really like what Drogon did but...

    I literally wrote in my previous post that we all know that dragons are intelligent. But I think that claiming that a dragon understood that Jon loved Dany but he had to kill her because otherwise she would burn millions of people because of her desire to sit on the Iron Throne and thus the dragon burnt the throne so no one would ever waste his life wanting it, while the dragon didn't harm the killer of his master and mother, I say that claiming this all is a massive reach. We never saw the dragons doing anything at least remotely close to this before, they always almost blindly followed Dany's orders (although Drogon had this short episode of not obeying Dany in S5). And now Drogon is capable of this kind of mental gymnastics? I don't think so.
  12. Not sure if you noticed it but when Brienne was writing Jaime's story, she wrote that after the battle against the NK, Jaime "escaped imprisonment and rode south in an attempt to save the capital from destruction." But in fact Jaime was captured AFTER he rode south. So what's wrong with this? Is it another mistake in the series, or Brienne for a reason altered his story? And why would she alter it in this way?
  13. Two different interpretations: 1) burning 1M people => Dany's death => more millions of people saved because Dany can't "liberate" them anymore 2) burning 1M people => Dany's death => Jon is sent to the Wall => Bran gets elected as the king. The first interpretation makes Bran look more or less like a good guy who knew it was necessary to allow some victims in order to stop more carnage and to make the world a better place. The second one, however, portrays Bran as a calculating selfish manipulator who sacrificed all those people just for his personal gian.
  14. Nerevanin

    I really like what Drogon did but...

    yeah, he should have killed Jon. I don't really care if Jon lives or not but it would make much more sense if Drogon killed him. I know, we know that dragons are intelligent but I don't buy that they are that intelligent.