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  1. Well that was an intense finish. For me some surprises were a few players who didn’t move, who will prob be elsewhere next season. Clear winners of the deadline are the former Brooklyn residents (LA is a cesspool of a city and should be blown up and sunk into the ocean) who look poised to defend the crown. For myself, I’m interested to pay more attention to the NL East race now, Atlanta & Philly made some moves to position themselves for a late season push against the Mets, and for my Yanks it’s gonna be a breath of fresh air to see a couple big lefty bats deposit balls into the Stadium seats
  2. So 1st to 3rd Munchie, Audi TT, Bob Seger and The Leprechaun. What an infield Astros have a better one
  3. Dodgers getting Scherzer and Turner for Josiah Gray and C Keibert Ruiz and two PTBNL Where is Seager gonna slot into this lineup when he comes back, @Myshkin please explain
  4. Just saw this about Rizzo, stoked that he’s joining us on the dark side
  5. So the Cleveland Guardians. Doesn’t quite roll off of the tongue but I suspect during the course of next year we’ll get used to it. Forrest Gump announces team name change
  6. Padres-Nationals game postponed due to shooting outside stadium
  7. Well happy trails Leds Islanders trade Nick Leddy to Detroit for a second rd (52nd overall) pick in this years draft and forward Richard Panik.
  8. Tonight’s Sox-Yanks games postponed due to some COVID-19 outbreak, not sure which team, but Buster Olney is reporting that at least one of the players affected has been fully vaxxed. Should be noted too that both teams are at or above the 85% threshold for vaccination levels from MLB.
  9. Shhh nobody tell Trishkin but I think Kershaw might be broken
  10. Yeha that was a complete beat down. Tampa Bay was blowing thru the neutral zone basically unchecked
  11. That he is, it’s like watching two prizefighters exchange haymakers with these lasers into the paint for dunks
  12. Now this WanderVision I’ll watch for sure. Hopefully he stays up the remainder of this season, and not fizzle out like Kelenic did. Also those Yanks pulled off a game ending triple play, first time that’s happened since 2009.
  13. Bolts-Isles on the other side of the bracket for the second year in a row. Crazy how New York is playing hockey right now, next man up mentality, since their captain went down 3 months ago.
  14. Anybody need a pass rusher? One with 97 sacks since entering the league in 2012(2.5 more than Von Miller)? Surprised that none of the talking heads have thrown his name around, but after seeing the $$ his team spent on Hopkins & Watt, I can’t imagine him being a Cardinal this upcoming season. Anyone have the cap space to pull this off?
  15. Not the best vid but monster hit at the end of the Habs-Jets game, hope this guy is ok
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