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  1. Keepers 1 - Evans 2 - Cousins 6 - Purdy 7 - Goedert 9 - Mostert 17 - Edwards
  2. 8/29 does work in this league if we start before 10 EST
  3. 8/29 doesn’t work either, all others are good for me
  4. Can’t do 8/21 or 8/22, will update this post soon bc I need to get a copy of my work schedule
  5. Down to play in C again and if there’s space would be able to do B as well
  6. I think I have the worst team I’ve ever had since I started this… keep mulling on a fire sale but I want to keep the integrity of the league intact
  7. Nvm, logged in through the fantasy app
  8. The above link for the league says it’s already full when I click on it
  9. Mar 27 or 28 work for me as well
  10. i wanna witness week win again so yeah in
  11. I’m gonna wait til after the reg season ends to say cursed, we had a pretty strong game against Boston last night
  12. My moms bf said he most likely had a heart attack, which is crazy bc he’s so young. Coming from a dude who’s had two of them himself
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