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  1. Cohen opened up the vault. Lindor signed for 10 yrs $341 million
  2. 19th works and so does the time
  3. Friday or Saturday works best for me, can’t really do weeknights
  4. Willing to suffer thru the grind again this season
  5. Just curious, why would u post this? Two very completely different sets of victims.
  6. I sooo wanna know what Mathieu said to Brady to get that unsportsmanlike penalty
  7. I think the score is gonna be goofy, with missed 2 point tries and made 2 point tries, idk I just feel like it will. 36-28 Tampa
  8. Bauer is gonna make almost as much $$ this season as THE ENTIRE Pirates payroll ... Fcuk a salary cap, there needs to be a salary floor, some of these franchises are run by some greedy mfers
  9. He’s getting guaranteed $$ for the next two years I believe, don’t know if it hits Detroit for however much Whats also kinda cool is Stafford gets to hang with his buddy Clayton now in LA, maybe they can both get injured the next year and call it quits
  10. Stafford and Goff trading places https://twitter.com/AdamSchefter/status/1355712045006655490?s=20
  11. So many small moves happening the past week or so (wonder if the gate $$ really affected teams and the way they’re spending dough this offseason) Which of these moves will pay dividends first? Springer to Toronto::Hand to Washington::Ramos to Detroit::Galvis to Baltimore::Simmons to Minnesota::Semien to Toronto::Loup to NY Mets::Matz to Toronto
  12. Don’t forget the “best pure pocket passer in the draft” (2018), the handsome fella from UCLA who’s on his what, fourth team?? Man actually had the nerve to be pissed at the Cards for drafting Murray
  13. I’ll give you that, given that our ownership is akin to the dozen chimps in a room typing Shakespeare metaphor Its only the biggest market in the NFL, we also have a shit ton of cap space, and moving Darnold isn’t that far fetched nor would it surprise me. The Lions are a viable landing spot for Sam now that Stafford isn’t coming back
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