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  1. PyroclasticFlow

    Westeros Football League C

    Can't do the Sunday, Tuesday & Thursday work for me
  2. PyroclasticFlow

    Fantasy Football 2018

    Anyone interested in joining a Westeros Defense league? Snake draft, something different from the ol' throw the ball through the net up in the toy department inning? Seriously, I've created a league. We had either 8 or 10 in the league two years ago, so looking for any takers. If you want to check out the scoring, Page 6 on the Games Forum (it's now archived), look for Defense league. Please reply here if interested. (Will create its own topic closer to start of season/when people reply)
  3. PyroclasticFlow

    Westeros Football Keeper League

    Back in this year.
  4. PyroclasticFlow

    Fantasy Football 2018

    Put me in for c. Also, wasn't there a Keepers league last year? I don't recall who was running that one. I'm going to create a Westeros Defense league this year, same as @Howdyphillip had two yrs ago I believe. Gonna go back in the posts to see if I can find the scoring for the league, and drum up some interest on here. Would like to have a 10-team as well.
  5. If only somebody would've given her a cheeseburger
  6. PyroclasticFlow

    MLB 2018: Sho(hei) Me What You Got

    Noah Syndergaard has contracted hand, foot and mouth disease while helping out at a youth camp over the All-Star break. Only the Mets... Reminds me of a costume I wore to a Halloween party years ago, complete with an arm sling, cane and blue jersey which said "My Entire Team Sucks"
  7. Three I'm currently listening to over and over these days: Florence Welch Tessa Murray of Still Corners Alice Merton Fave of all-time: Janis Joplin Fave non-English singer: Edith Piaf
  8. PyroclasticFlow

    Vacations Destinations

    I've heard there's not a lot going on in Indianapolis around the end of the year, should be safe to wander...
  9. PyroclasticFlow

    International News Thread

    This guy seems like Trump but worse. I feel for the citizens of the Philippines.
  10. PyroclasticFlow

    Westeros Fantasy Baseball 2018

    Take a gander at the last place team (no not Harrenhal, he doesn't count anymore, fucker must've went awol) those Freeriders See what you like and please be nice @Whiskeyjaak Blood-Drinker Since we're almost halfway through, should we give this guy one more chance or can we blow up his team? Or not blow up, just give me manager duties and see if I can move 'em out of the cellar. Pretty sure we'd have to pass that by the league though. What say you? Report post #161 Posted June @Mexal @Jaime L @Week @grozeng @PyroclasticFlow @fuentez1138 @Arch-MaesterPhilip @Bronn Stone
  11. PyroclasticFlow

    Westeros Fantasy Baseball 2018

    What the hell has happened here? I go into the mountains for a weekend and come back and everyone seems to be an Eastern European superhero?
  12. PyroclasticFlow

    Westeros Fantasy Baseball 2018

    I see, you meant no activity here, just trade announcements and such
  13. PyroclasticFlow

    Westeros Fantasy Baseball 2018

    I'm going to vote to let the trade stand as is, although @Mexal does bring a valid point to light. We do need active owners in this league, and to counter @Week, what do you mean no activity? Aside from the other party involved in the trade, we all have made 25-30 roster moves so far. You can't just sit atop your gilded mountain and think to control every whim of the peasants below That being said, whoever has Edwin Diaz, if you want some insurance in the form of Alex Colome, give me a ring. Would let him go for a meh bat, or pair him with a fielder in hopes of a SP in return.
  14. PyroclasticFlow

    MLB 2018: Sho(hei) Me What You Got

    Dude fix your roster!!!
  15. PyroclasticFlow

    Westeros Fantasy Baseball 2018

    Wanted Turner during the draft. Bregman has been heating up of late, and Turner looks like he's getting caught up to game speed so far. You were pretty stacked at 3B so I'm content with the deal.