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  1. My moms bf said he most likely had a heart attack, which is crazy bc he’s so young. Coming from a dude who’s had two of them himself
  2. This made no sense to me lake man. Please expand upon. And quiet down ice queen or I’ll turn the AC on at your job
  3. You guys had a hard time stopping a third string QB though
  4. The Hurricane Katrina telethon comment was the first indication, IMO. My theory is dude went off the rails after his mother passed in ‘07, something inside him broke. Very sad to see, he was an extremely talented producer.
  5. Breece going down with the knee injury was the beginning of the end of their awesome start. Defense is only going to win you so many games, and their inability to move the ball agaisnt NE was agonizing. Looking at the list above I would’ve taken Surtain and suffered through another season of Darnold
  6. Just to be clear, when Gleyber rocked the baby it wasn’t just for Naylor and the Cleveland bench, but for the Twins as well. WE ARE YOUR PLAYOFFS DADDY!!
  7. 60, and a walk off grand slam by Stanton. This last stretch before playoffs has me feeling better than a month ago. Bader looks as advertised, dude had a hell of a Yankee debut
  8. Lamar sat most of his rookie year behind Flacco, that’s when he had his most talented receivers - Smoke Brown and Crabtree, then 2019 he’s got Andrews, Ingram, Snead and Boykin
  9. Can we talk about Sunspears picks this week? Impressive, but please explain the 16 on the Iggles I need that story
  10. Keepers 1 - Evans 2 - Edmonds 3 - Swift 5 - LA Rams 6 - Mills 13 - Bateman 16 - Kmet
  11. If you could bump it to 10:15 Eastern, if no one objects, that would be perfect for me. Get done w my shift at 10, job site has shit internet connection
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