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  1. From old thread: https://sports.yahoo.com/report-panthers-willing-trade-christian-031706279.html
  2. What is this and why is it even being floated? https://www.yahoo.com/sports/report-panthers-willing-trade-christian-031706279.html
  3. Kershaw finally got his last year, definitely rooting for Freddie to get his first now
  4. If you think that’s a tough decision, I’m starting Gio Bernard, McKinnon, and Not Capt America from Cincy at RB in Westeros C this week
  5. I was talking about the Varitek yahoos who attend ballgames Rafi Devers is a stud though, best player on my 8th place fantasy team this season
  6. Agreed, don’t wanna see any Massholes playing for the trophy
  7. Speaking of the Habs, what’s up with Carey Price? Saw a small blurb on bottom screen of sports TV in NY that he was going into the EAP program offered by the players association?
  8. @kairparavel that’s insane, the check swing call from mid season. Still, I’m 99.99% sure Mad Max would’ve struck Flores out to end last night’s game. @Argonath Diver could see STL make an offer to Schumaker, given his coaching acumen and the connection to the 2011 championship team.
  9. Just in: Arizona trades for TE Zach Ertz, Iggles receive a CB I’ve never heard of and a 2022 5th round pick.
  10. Some news from last night, Jeff Passan reporting that the Cards have decided to part ways with Mike Shildt, with team prez John Mozeliak saying the firing was over a “philosophical difference” in the direction of the team. Seems bittersweet given the season they just had with their final push to make it to the WC game. Wondering what @Argonath Diver’s thoughts are on this, given the coming of age that O’Neill and Carlson had this year.
  11. Great series, but it shouldn’t have ended like that. That was a check swing in a million other multiverses.
  12. This this so much this. Also people who ANTICIPATE the light changing to yellow when it’s green and you’re driving behind them, this sends me into orbit spewing obscenities at my windshield.
  13. Already sloppy umpiring. Two check swings called for K’s to end innings. Cole needs to tighten up
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