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  1. PyroclasticFlow

    NFL 2018 IV: A Hue, A Cry and now Goodbye

    Damn that Mostert injury looked nasty
  2. PyroclasticFlow

    Westeros NFL Pick Em

    @rocksniffer let me get those darts you used for next week's picks
  3. PyroclasticFlow

    Westeros Football Keeper League

    Sorry groz, didn't check the board or my roster until yesterday around noon. Still managed to maybe get a win this week with only 'You Like That' chucking the pigskin
  4. PyroclasticFlow

    Westeros NFL Pick Em

    London game tomorrow, or this morning for myself. Get those picks in. Real barn burner set up.
  5. PyroclasticFlow

    Westeros Football Keeper League

    Anyone have an abundance of starting QBs? Looking to cover bye weeks coming up. Starfall Stoners roster is open for sale
  6. PyroclasticFlow

    Fantasy Football 2018

    Throwing this out to the board -- starting Juszczyk over Dion Lewis in one of my leagues. Yea or nay? Lewis is up against Bmore, whose D looks pretty legit. The Check gets a go against Green Bay. Other backs are Carson and Powell.
  7. PyroclasticFlow

    Westeros Fantasy Baseball 2018

    Y'all better watch out now. I got 4th place on lock next year (2018-9th 2017-4th 2016-9th amiright??) @Week well played season sir, tip of the cap to you. Very impressive, but not unexpected after last year's showing. Remind me to continually harass you for some players next year. I'm gonna throw this out there--next year we go back to the June 30th end date. By August I was totally immersed in football, not gonna lie.
  8. PyroclasticFlow

    Westeros NFL Pick Em

    Oh it's in. All the gold on the Pats tonight, but lemme double check. Yeah, I'm good to go. Missed the past two Thursday games so it's good to get a pick in here. Just gotta remember Monday night this week. @SpaceForce Tywin et al. You don't have to apologize man. I'm sorry for your loss.
  9. PyroclasticFlow

    Westeros NFL Pick Em

    You rang?
  10. PyroclasticFlow

    MLB 2018: Bonfire of the Metropolitans

    Gotta love a Rodney implosion.
  11. PyroclasticFlow

    NFL 2018 Week 2 thread: The continuing saga of Josh Gordon

    Steve Young mentioned on a radio show this past Monday in regards to these new rules that he believes an 80 point game is in the near future
  12. PyroclasticFlow

    Dark Phoenix -- the FoX-Men finale

    Heard on a review video for trailer that Chastain's character could be a Mrs Sinister. Also, how the hell are they gonna explain what she did at the end of Apocalypse if in this film she is exposed to the Phoenix force? Being the last Fox X-Men film, I hope they at least tell a coherent story. The trailer sure as shit doesn't look like it though.
  13. PyroclasticFlow

    Small things that have left you SPEECHLESS

    @SpaceForce Tywin et al. the Vikings/Bills game this past weekend. Speechless
  14. PyroclasticFlow

    Westeros NFL Pick Em

    Damn Saints, could've made an easy 50 bucks, now I gotta lose some $. Bet my coworker that another game would end in a tie this weekend. Still two more to go, though I see these as final after 4 quarters.
  15. PyroclasticFlow

    Westeros Football Keeper League

    @JJ Lannister Accept the dick punch!!