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  1. PyroclasticFlow

    MLB 2018: Sho(hei) Me What You Got

    This upsets me. Now we know (maybe) why he played 150+ games a year for so long. One of the smoothest lefty swings out there
  2. PyroclasticFlow

    BIRDS (and how to look at them)

    Question for @Xray the Enforcer : Does the common grackle usually return to a nesting spot? Last year these little fuckers nested in my neighbors' evergreen hedge and when cleaning out their nests of baby bird poo, decided to deposit it on my back patio. Seeing it in action was pretty cool but cleaning off the deck was even cooler! Are there any preventive actions one can take to make sure this doesn't happen again or am I sol?
  3. PyroclasticFlow

    Avengers: Infinity War - SPOILERS THREAD

    Finally saw it last night... Damn what a movie. I agree with other previous posters, I knew most of the characters killed off at the end would be back after T'Challa dusted away. Really enjoyed the interaction between the groupings they had, especially Thor and GotG. Vision/SW felt a bit rushed, they basically gave a sentence background into it, that he was learning and evolving rather quickly (so I guess he started acting out human emotions) Thanos was everything I thought he would be. Didn't expect the reaction from him on Vormir with Gamora, that added a certain weight of sorts to why he had to do what he did. In regards to others asking how he knew where to go on Earth to get the stones, in the comics he's a genius somewhat iirc, like Tony Stark level or more. Remember he lived in the same galaxy as our heroes, and no one knew of the existence of the civilization on Titan. Also, dude has been around a long time considering Titan looked like a wasteland compared to what it looked like previous. One more thing, the Gauntlet. It looked pretty fucked when he left Wakanda. Could that be (not gonna spoiler tag this, so here goes) because Shuri successfully copied the Mind Stone and what we saw in the lab scenes was her attaching the fake to Vision? Something similar happened in the comic storyline, don't remember who it was but someone switched a stone. She could've cloaked the real one with the tech available to her, then simply plant it back in Visions head and boot him up again.
  4. PyroclasticFlow

    Marvel Cinematic Universe General Discussion No H8 M8 Just Gr8

    PSA to anyone who has watched anything Infinity War or Marvel related on YouTube in the past week or so: Be Careful. Very F'ing Careful I reported a video earlier today, some Russian account, first thing on my home screen was a video with a clear spoiler in the title and thumbnail pic.
  5. Ruthless lol Not looking that much into completion % over the kids college career, in my opinion it's just another number for the nerds to crunch. Tarkenton is in the Hall at a 57% completion QB
  6. PyroclasticFlow

    Freedom: What's it worth?

    The Catholic Church shaped what is now called "Western Civilization" with some rehashed ideas from the Greeks, so my opinion on above in bold is that religion can't be viewed as a subgroup, but a mirror of what Democracy in the USA resembles. Now, there are different religious affiliations, but I'm gonna stick with what I sort of know for now in regards to Christianity. Canon law, if you look at it and how it's set up, is very very similar to what the US government resembles from a large scope view, as in POTUS is the supreme pontiff (albeit with checks and balances in the executive, legislative, judicial department). Since I don't know where the hell I'm going with the rest of this, I just felt a need to point out some of this nonsensical info. Basically what I'm saying is fervent religious jackwagons wreck it for humans across the spectrum because they can't see past/passed? their collective noses. Bloodshed against organized religion. There, I said it. Which brings me to the second bolded part: After a class of populace has enriched their neuron firing 3 pounders with the good-good, how will they choose when to reform or revolt? They have the freedom of choice right? Would said peoples have the collective fortitude to do whatever, w h a t e v e r it takes to achieve freedom, personal and communal? When was the last time you saw a revolution without any blood? Hence bloodshed. Socrates, the Enlightenment, some colonists landing in Plymouth (the original Massholes), Emancipation, Civil Rights, LGBTQ rights. Freedom as an idea is always caught and chased and caught and chased. It's so big and touches all aspects of the human experience. It is something if you have it, it can show, and something if you don't have it, it shows. It can be used as a rallying call, or can be used in fearmongering. Hopefully a hundred years from now, society (or what's left) will look back and see how freedom was used to shape this (2018) onward. PSA: I am really fucking stoned & this took me way too long to post.
  7. PyroclasticFlow

    MLB 2018: Sho(hei) Me What You Got

    It seems the rivalry is alive and well. That had to feel pleasant, 98mph in the back, but Austin did slide spikes up, and Kelly was more than willing to repay the pain Holt felt. The series in early May at the Stadium should be awesome.
  8. PyroclasticFlow

    Westeros Fantasy Baseball 2018

    If we do a full season let's go with a 40 man roster the last month and really give ourselves agita setting up lineups
  9. PyroclasticFlow

    Westeros Fantasy Baseball 2018

    I look forward to the smack talk the most, especially with the pitcher of Long Island ice tea waiting for me. Could be a good idea or a terrible one, as I'm working from home tomorrow
  10. PyroclasticFlow

    Would you rather?

    I'd go for the walkway on the Wall. There's something about being on the edge of civilization and exposed to the elements that stirs my soul. Plus you get the awesome scenic views being up so high as opposed to the same bathrooms in the same castle. Would you rather be a red priest/priestess traveling Essos spreading the word of R'hllor, or a Silent Sister in Westeros?
  11. Lurked for awhile and then finally signed up. Really enjoyed the LmL history threads and sologdin rants, poked around the Games forum a bit, and now I keep coming back because the Pony Queen has tarnished my soul.
  12. PyroclasticFlow

    Westeros Fantasy Baseball 2018

    I'm in for any of the above stated draft dates. So glad to be back in civilization, had no WiFi up in the boonies of Maine. @Week let me know if you need anymore for dynasty, would be willing to give it a shot, even if it's just AL or NL rosters
  13. PyroclasticFlow

    R,I.P. Thread

    Stephen Hawking has passed away RIP to one of the brightest minds of the 20th century
  14. PyroclasticFlow

    Marvel Cinematic Universe General Discussion No H8 M8 Just Gr8

    If I'm thinking about who you're referring to, wasn't he killed in guardians vol 1? Just saw Ragnarok last night, managed to stay away from spoilers on the interwebz since it came out. Thought it was great, had some more haha scenes than I can recall a Marvel movie having. Quick question though, I'm not gonna spoiler tag this because, well, it's been out for some months now: The mid credit scene, that ship that appeared, looked very similar to Ronans in guardians 1. Was that implied to mean the Asgardians came across the path of Thanos??
  15. PyroclasticFlow

    Westeros Fantasy Baseball 2018

    I would actually prefer this, not too late for me. Don't know how many other east coasters are in the league though