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  1. My echo dot is well worth the £30 or so we spent on it in a sale. A digital radio would have cost as much or more. For some people though, it could be genuinely life changing. My uncle passed away in November. He lived as a quadraplegic for 50ish years. We were waiting on a kickstarter product we missed to come to market which would have linked an echo with a device that could change the tv channel for him. For me and you, that's convenient. For him, it would have meant not having to call a carer in to change the channel when he was in bed. It would have given him complete control of his TV. The same way that dragon had for his PC. People like me, who spend disposable cash for convenience, open the way for these devices to genuinely change the lives of people with physical disabilities.
  2. Masonity

    UK Politics - summer edition

    I find it rather easy to have sympathy for a young man who hasn't been convicted of any crime (or even publicly accused right now), who died in custody.
  3. Masonity

    UK Politics - summer edition

    Because the implication was that the drugs had killed him. Restricting the mobility and airflow of someone who you believe has something in their mouth that could result in suffocation is pretty negligent. Criminally so, perhaps? Until the enquiry is complete I don't find it particularly reassuring that our resident boy in blue is pretty much gloating about the kid's death.
  4. Masonity

    UK Politics - summer edition

    Has your opinion on this changed now it's clear that it wasn't illegal narcotics? Calling someone who dies in custody a "fucking idiot" isn't exactly a great way to foster trust and understanding with the community.
  5. Masonity

    Should I be cheating?

    Ah yeah I use it plenty for munches / events, but other than that mostly for socialising with people I've either met or spoke to elsewhere, like OKCupid. Maybe I should try messaging a few people with similar interests. I mean, as long as it's respectful then what's the worst that can happen?
  6. Masonity

    Should I be cheating?

    How do you use fet for dating? I always feel messaging people there trying to chat them up would be a bit uncouth. It's more a social media site than a dating site?
  7. Masonity

    Should I be cheating?

    I can actually help with the how you drop the bomb... You do it slowly. When my wife realised I was into stuff she wasn't, she off handedly suggested if I was super desperate I could always try those kinks with other people. A little later I let her know I'd be cool with her being with other women, then a little later with other guys if she wanted to too. Then when I came out as bi she asked if I wanted to just outright open the relationship. Every step of the way it was one of us offering the other freedoms, not asking for them ourselves. Neither of us did anything until that final opening either.