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  1. He's proven that he kills children, even if they're his. If he does that to a new heir, the daughter's family will gain nothing. I'm sure that he wouldn't have a problem finding a wife if he became king. For the most part, a king is exempt from the law and tradition. I was really thinking along the lines of if he loses the war and is pardoned, and allowed to go back to Dragonstone / Storm's End. He'll be a normal lord then. No one is going to want to deal with him. He is a kinslayer, a huge taboo in Westeros. He will be dishonored forever. Or at least, he should be. It's similar to the Freys. They broke guest right, so now they're disgraced and have no honor.
  2. And the main problem with not having an heir is that when you die, there will be a big issue about who takes your place. Though I wouldn't compare Elizabeth to Stannis. There's a difference between never having a child and killing your only one. And wasn't she the last Tudor because of this? Stannis cares about his line, one of the reasons why he said he saved Shireen was because she was his daughter, a Baratheon. So I guess Queen Elizabeth didn't mind ending her family's line and dynasty, but Stannis has shown us that he's not like that. You're probably joking (or at least I hope you are) but any child Mel had, shadow or not, would be a bastard as she isn't a noble or even a native of Westeros. I don't see Stan having anymore children, so he will probably die without an heir because of his stupidity. Selyse can't have anymore children. And I can't see any noble marrying their daughters off to Stannis since he's proven that he has no qualms about killing his own children in the name of a foreign god.
  3. There are plenty of villains who think what they're doing is right or for the greater good.
  4. I could have done without the SS they've given us. They are laughing stocks who are too busy playing hot hands with each other and giving antidote to someone who tried to kill them (I love Bron, but come on). Some of Arianne's traits (fighting with Doran) have been given to Ellaria, which makes no sense. I'm annoyed that they cut out Arianne, but making Trys an only child wasn't smart. It makes Doran look like an idiot for sending his only heir to KL, where his enemies are. At least if Quentyn was still there he wouldn't look so stupid for risking his entire line by sending Trystane into enemy territory. And it looks like the Great Dornish Conspiracy has been cut too. Sigh.
  5. I never thought about that. Honestly I can't see him getting to the IT because of his devotion to the LoL. The Westerosi won't stand for it, and he needs support of other houses to take the IT and keep it.
  6. We're in complete agreement on the setup. I talked about it in the previous pages of this thread. Not only is it insane to think that Ramsey and 20 men can pull that off (unless they're ninjas or Super Saiyans or something), but it's completely unbelievable that Stannis would let that be the final nail in the coffin. I also think that the pacing was bad. We don't know if they've been in this situation for weeks or just a few days. The amount of time they've been hungry should play a factor of his decision as well. With that being said, I never thought of it as Stannis having to sacrifice the daughter he's tried so hard to save. That could have been interesting and powerful, if it was done correctly. It should have been made clear to us that Stan had tried every other option and there was literally no hope besides burning her. I think it should have been more at stake than just starving and being cold. Maybe some sort of illness could have spread throughout the camp. Then you would have had cold, hunger, and a disease that's killing all of your men. I would have accepted that.
  7. How do you guys feel about Dorne? I think it's just awful. It's no more than filler, and they turned the Sand Snakes into jokes.
  8. My main problem with show!Stannis sacrificing Shireen is that the writers spent so much time telling us how he's done everything within his power to save her in past. He risked the lives of pretty much everyone in Storm's End by not killing Shireen or sending her with the stonemen when she got greyscale. Shireen could have started a greyscale outbreak, but Stan's love and determination pushed him to look for a cure. He went through every option. Here, it just didn't seem like he did. I understand they took away the food and threw a snowstorm his way, but Stannis is stubborn enough to let that stop him. I don't consider myself to be a fangirl of his (although I do enjoy calling him 'The Mannis') but I can acknowledge and respect his resolve. That man does not bend easily. It just didn't feel like he tried every option before burning his own daughter alive.
  9. Is he in the show? I'm a little fuzzy on that as I read it long ago, but didn't Stan want to burn him or something?
  10. Judging from the preview, it does seem like the sacrifice worked. Whatever. I will never be okay with poor Shireen being burned alive by her own father. I do see that this opens up the way to the IT again. But the question I have now is, what is Stannis going to do if he wins the Iron Throne? I seem to recall Mel telling him he wouldn't be able to have anymore kids. What is a king without an heir?
  11. Forgive me, but I honestly don't understand how being hungry can make Stan's scouts / guards miss seeing Ramsey and his ninjas infiltrate the camp. Does hunger make you blind? If Ramsey was detected, they could have stopped them before so much damage was done.
  12. This. Tbh this entire season has been pretty lackluster in terms of writing, but this just takes the cake. The catalyst for Stannis sacrificing his own daughter isn't well written or logical at all. And the pacing is jarring. Stan went from being angry with Mel for suggesting the sacrifice in the last episode to agreeing to it in this one?
  13. Them being freezing, tired and half starving played no part in what? Not noticing the enemy sabotaging their camp? Being tired is part of the job, they're in a war. As for the hunger and freezing, Stan ordered the killed horses to be butchered for food. Maybe they could have used horse hide for warmth? The Ramsey problem isn't that it's rushed. It's that they made Ramsey and his lot way too competent. If they ambushed them with more men then managed to destroy a bit of supplies, fine. But as it is Ramsey should be made the War Commander of Planetos if he could do all of that with just 20 men without any of them getting caught.
  14. 20 men were able to sneak in undetected in a camp that should have been heavily guarded as it was in enemy territory, destroyed food that was enough for 6000 men, killed hundreds of horses, and escaped without any of them getting caught? Unless Ramsay and his men are ninjas, that is absolutely crazy and makes no sense. I'm a fan of the show, the reason why I even found out about the books was because of the show. But if something doesn't make sense, it doesn't. It has nothing to do with who wrote it. If GRRM puts this exact situation in the books, (which I don't think he will, he's good at explaining things) it would still be bad writing. It really seems like D&D didn't think through setting up the catalyst for Shireen's sacrifice.
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