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  1. A Dance with Dragons finished, ...wow

  2. Finished AFFC, ohh wonderful book! Now a break and then ADWD :)

  3. Reading AFFC for the 1st time!

  4. I think he is cruel enough. Just think about his childhood,adulthood,The Sack or RW. Its a nice point with Martin creating him in this manner,it suits perfectly. I think its a pity we didnt know him better before ASoS because I truly understanded himafter I read about hus earlier days in The World of IaF For the topic: Joffrey(Lannisters) if I hadnt know of incest etc as a one of the smallfolk.
  5. Re-reading A Storm of Swords,a brilliant part of the series :)

  6. Ending ACoK re-read (House of Undying:) )

  7. Ending AGoT re-read :))

  8. Re-reading half thru AGoT. Brilliant book!

  9. Waiting for slowww amazon delivery to start the AGoT reread in english, cant wait!

  10. SoS finished, now wainting on Season 5 premiere!!!

  11. Reading last chapters of Storm of Swords :(

  12. Half way through Storm of Swords :))

  13. Reading 3rd book,1st Sansa chapter

  14. Reading 3rd book,1st Davos chapter

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