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  1. A Dance with Dragons finished, ...wow

  2. Finished AFFC, ohh wonderful book! Now a break and then ADWD :)

  3. Reading AFFC for the 1st time!

  4. The.Dragon.Prince

    So who would you bend the knee to?

    I think he is cruel enough. Just think about his childhood,adulthood,The Sack or RW. Its a nice point with Martin creating him in this manner,it suits perfectly. I think its a pity we didnt know him better before ASoS because I truly understanded himafter I read about hus earlier days in The World of IaF For the topic: Joffrey(Lannisters) if I hadnt know of incest etc as a one of the smallfolk.
  5. Re-reading A Storm of Swords,a brilliant part of the series :)

  6. Ending ACoK re-read (House of Undying:) )

  7. The.Dragon.Prince

    Favorite POV Character

    Yes! It probably has to do something with me reading other 2 books, and also not paing a lot of attention to him. So now when I think he is an important character with an interesting features and life path which nobody else does Im so focused on him and his chapters that it surprise even myself
  8. The.Dragon.Prince

    Favorite POV Character

    The Bran thing is interesting, I was so bored with his chapters reading for the 1st time, but during my re-read he was one of the best for me, all his chapters are so action pact(including the dreamy ones):)
  9. Ending AGoT re-read :))

  10. Re-reading half thru AGoT. Brilliant book!

  11. The.Dragon.Prince

    Favorite POV Character

    I believe we are discussing AGoT favourite POV here, otherwise my favourites would be a lot different also (till SoS) But at least you got me hyped for Feast and Dance which I havent read yet. Im just want enjoy re-read and then go on. OTOH it looks Im rushing again!
  12. The.Dragon.Prince

    Favorite POV Character

    Im greatly surprised by the change of my mind during a re-read. Im rereading AGoT for the first time now and while during my premiere I almost hated (or was 2nd worst) Bran chapters now I seem to love it. If you consider how interesting his chapters are - its amazing. The process with NW deserter, finding direwolfs, jaime and cersei, three eye crow and air look on westeros, tyrions arrival from NW, first ride while crrypled and wildlings ambush.His chapters are a bomb!I dont really understand why I dont like them during my first read (maybe cuz I know what would happen in ACoK) Also enjoying a lot of Neds chapters and Jon as always, and Tyrion for sure.Maybe Arya and Sansa chapters seems a bit meh now reading it in comparison with ACoK and ASoS!But most significant is Daenerys storyline during the first book, that one is super interersting with all that tense with Viserys and Drogo's savages.
  13. Waiting for slowww amazon delivery to start the AGoT reread in english, cant wait!

  14. SoS finished, now wainting on Season 5 premiere!!!