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  1. Balerion the kitten

    Re-read Project Resource Page

    well dany is certainly popular :D
  2. Balerion the kitten

    What is Jon Snow's real name?

    :rolleyes: didn't even read your post after "-1 for feeding the troll" (I'm afraid it was you who was trolling my dear). Discussing or trying to talk about opinions with people like yourself (who get aggressive and defensive when they're logic is called up on) is just really a waste of time, and boring.
  3. Balerion the kitten

    What is Jon Snow's real name?

  4. Balerion the kitten

    What is Jon Snow's real name?

    Well rheagar was expecting a girl, because like dany said "he was looking (or wanting) a Visenya" so, Visenya sand :lol:. And actually there have been kings of winter/the north that were called Jon. So it probably is a stark name of sorts. Why if I may ask. He was most likely under the impression Jon was going to be a girl. He was dead before Jon was even born. There was no signs that Rhaegar saw of Jon being the prince (that we're only seeing now), there were however signs for Aegon. Sorry but it sounds like fanfiction by Jon fans to say his dad thought he was the prince. 1) We don't know they were in love (although the probably were towards the end). And 2) we don't know if they were married. And frankly there is no reason for them to be married. Jon has already been legitimized by Robb, he's Jon targaryen without the already unlikely scenario of Rhaegar and Lyanna getting married (since it's very out of character for both of these characters to marry each other).
  5. Balerion the kitten

    Your Favorite Reread

    Theon definitely. No question. Not my favourite character but definitely one of the best written chapters in ASOIAF (especially when it hits the reek stage). And dany. No it's not just because she's my favourite character, she's my favourite story line because she's one of the very rare few (and the best example) of characters who's story crosses between the magical side of the story, and the political side.
  6. Balerion the kitten

    Evidence that the Lemon Tree Was Not Originally in Braavos

    I personally believe she was either brought up in tyrosh or braavos. A side note for tyrosh is its near/close to the stormlands. A large part of the stormlands income comes from lumber, soooooo may be nothing or it may be a connection to her memories of wooden decorations in the house with the red door.
  7. Balerion the kitten

    How would you rate episode 503?

    Oh just to be clear i've now given up on it. I've watched all the others but im not going to watch the rest.
  8. Balerion the kitten

    How would you rate episode 503?

    Cause i'm allowed to say my opinion on episode i disliked so much (not just this one but the others as well) that it's caused me to ditch the entire series all together. Why shouldn't i comment.
  9. Balerion the kitten

    How would you rate episode 503?

    5. I've actually now given up on watching this season. Up until now they've followed the basic storyline of ASOIAF with some whitewashed characters and debatable tweaks. But now storyline is completely off. It doesn't even follow common sense. Not sure if you know this HBO but Sansa Stark is a wanted criminal, you can't just make her fill jeyne Poole's story. How can one woman have the power to arm religous fanatics but can't arrest a girl who is under some incriminating evidence of murdering a KING. I just, I don't know. Do whatever you want. I don't care anymore. Edit- Also i've said this before but jaquen being kindly man makes me cringe. Plus certain actresses acting skills aren't at a very high standard. I'm not going to name anyone (and no emila clarke isn't one of them) but it makes me lose a little more respect for the show.
  10. Balerion the kitten

    How would you rate episode 502?

    :lol: I know right. Pedro Pascal could do a Spanish accent. The sand snakes and ellaria, I don't what to say.Speaking of accents and Ellaria, am I the only one who noticed the change in her voice. Same actress, different Spanish accent from season 4. Maybe it's just me.
  11. Balerion the kitten

    How would you rate episode 502?

    My bad, sometimes there's a bit of the comment I read but then I miss the rest. My comment was only towards the Emila Clarke being a bad actress, I hadn't read the rest.
  12. Balerion the kitten

    How would you rate episode 502?

    That's a bit harsh. Sure the portrayal is different but I feel she's doing a pretty good job. Season 1 was great, the acting felt natural and realistic for the plot. After that it did start to go wobbly but that was entirely bad character development and writing on the writers part. She plays daenerys realistically, which is quite hard as they've rushed her character growth.
  13. Balerion the kitten

    How would you rate episode 502?

    6/10. Was tempted to give it a 7 but the writing I felt lacked sense. Would give a list but everyone else has beat me to it. The acting was extremely good, although I have to say, it felt really awkward watching an 18 year old play an 11 year old (arya). Anyway it's official, the dragons look like dinosaurs with wings. Still love them though. Edit- Jaquen h'gar being the kindly man made me cringe. Felt soooooo uncomfortable watching this, completely unnatural and forced.
  14. Balerion the kitten

    How would you rate episode 501?

    He's too bland and boring. Mance in the books has much more character and history. He's a good actor but i feel the writing failed him.
  15. Balerion the kitten

    How would you rate episode 501?

    It's not confirmed, I probably shouldn't have said that. It's just hinted at.