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  1. @Mindset I've reverted the date template to use the Lua module. I cannot see any Lua errors. Could you confirm that this is the case?
  2. I'm quite certain the culprit is Template:Date. It was recently updated by User:Xeno of Carcosa and it contains quite a few calls to #ifexist. A few months ago I implemented this template using a Lua module, but it was reverted because of errors. I never saw these errors so I don't know what it was. In any case, we should probably revert to the last stable revision.
  3. Here's a list of parser functions: https://www.mediawiki.org/w/index.php?title=Help:Extension:ParserFunctions If you search for "expensive" you'll find which one are considered expensive and subject to a limit per page. Which page is showing this?
  4. Just like we would capitalize each of these words if they were at the beginning of a sentence, they should also be capitalized when they are the first word of an entry in the infobox.
  5. Done. Do let me know if you find other inaccuracies.
  6. Thanks, I asked to know how I should fix the image.
  7. Silver balls or silver bells? The current version says bells.
  8. I agree. This may be a good time for me to say that I have a responsive deisgn for infoboxes. If you copy the content of this page into your custom CSS page, you can have a look at Template:Infobox house/testcases and Template:Infobox house/doc and give me some feedback. I encourage you to look at it both on desktop and mobile. If the community likes this, we can ask @Ran to implement the changes, or there's a way for regular users to do it if Extension:TemplateStyles is installed on the wiki.
  9. There seems to be an inconsistency in the banner of the Stormcrows. In A Storm of Swords Daenerys IV, their banner is described as "four crows between crossed thunderbolts" while in The Winds of Winter Barristan, it is "a dozen ragged black streamers on a tall staff, topped by a carved wooden crow". Is there a reason for this?
  10. I did a small test and it worked with your sandbox example, but before I leave the code there I'll make sure it doesn't break anything else.
  11. I fixed this requirement for twoiaf. No space needed any longer
  12. I made a version that can be copied directly at User:Abjiklam/update.css. After the css is updated, Module:Infobox and Module:Hatnote will need to be slightly adjusted as well. In the css file, there is styling updates for the following: Infoboxes on desktop and mobile Thumbnail images on mobile Template documentations Unbulleted lists (a.k.a. "plainlists") to be used inside infoboxes Eventually, it would be nice if we could make navboxes collapsible like they used to be, and maybe even make them work on mobile. That would require editing the javascript which I think is not possible at the moment. The site's navbar would also need some minor adjustments as it doesn't look good for some screen resolutions.
  13. I think I have a working css on my own common.css. You can copy the section about "infoboxes" and "images on mobile" to your own css, and check Template:Infobox/test and the Sandbox.
  14. My pleasure Yeah the images in infoboxes are still not responsive, and neither are the images within the body of articles. As far as I can tell, templates can't fix this and the only way would be to edit the wiki's CSS. Definitely doable though.
  15. I changed the way featured content gets chosen on the Main Page and I'd like to give my rationale in case anyone wonders or objects: The previous way this was done was by calculating the number of days left in the year. This was done in a complicated way using lots of template calls, and it results in each date featuring the same article year after year. Moreover, if we ever get more than 366 featured quotes, articles or did you know's, some of them will always be ignored. The way I've changed it works by calculating the number of days since January 1, 1970 a.k.a. the starting date for UNIX time. This simplifies the calculation with a single template call and it makes sure we never run out of spots!
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