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  1. Done, I removed the __HIDDENCAT__ tag.
  2. This would be a perfect task for a bot, but I haven't been able to get one working so far.
  3. I think I misunderstood. You want character pages with an "Appearance" section but no image, right? I understood pages without image, but with the "Books" parameter in the infobox containing "appears".
  4. You want a list of characters with an appearance but without an image? That can be done with the infobox template directly.
  5. A category for characters without images already exists here.
  6. I've added the chapter numbers for Fire & Blood and The World of Ice and Fire in the {{Ref}} template. We can now write references as {{ref|twoiaf|4|2}} instead of {{ref|twoiaf|The Targaryen Kings: Aenys I}} The chapter and sections numbers for these books are documented here.
  7. Westerosi Valyrians are just a small sample of the original Valyrian people. Being noble families, maybe they have names that they're particularly attached to and like to reuse, while other regions of the Valyrian empire used other names. Since we know so little about Valyrian culture before the Doom, we don't know what kind of names they used. I think the Doom also caused rapid changes and fragmentation in the Valyrian culture and language. For some current Volantene names you can kind of restore what may have been the original High Valyrian name. So for example maybe Benerro used to be Benaeron before the Doom. So I'm thinking it's partly because of regional variations, and partly because of linguistic evolution.
  8. @Ran Could you add the content of User:Abjiklam/update.css to the site's styles. It updates the following: Hatnotes and disambiguation notices will be properly styled Template documentations will be styled as in Wikimedia projects Plainlists will be properly formatted (Template:Plainlist has no effect if the proper styles are not included) Thank you!
  9. Could this be related to an issue I reported here?
  10. I fixed it. The problem was calling Template:Cite web with the parameter "access-date". Apparently the template only takes the parameter "accessdate" without hyphen.
  11. Unfortunately the CSS that is loaded on the site is still the old cached version (see here). Playing with the URL, for example by setting debug=true, shows that the new CSS exists, but it just doesn't load on the site.
  12. I've copied over all the relevant templates and subtemplates here: Template:Tree list Template:Tree list/end Template:Tree list/branching @Ran In order for the templates to work, we must copy the content of Template:Tree list/styles.css into the wiki's CSS. Since every rule starts with ".treeview", this should have no effect on anything else in the wiki.
  13. Creating this particular template would involve editing the wiki's stylesheet, which only @Ran can do. Alternatively, the TemplateStyles extension could be installed to allow editors to create template with custom styling without editing the site's CSS.
  14. The blazon doesn't mention an attitude, so I think real world heraldry would default to dexter. But this isn't real world heraldry so who knows
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