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  1. I wanted a longer story arc for Locke. Oh well. :(
  2. Yes. Locke's end though.... felt very anti-climatic. I was hoping they'd turn the interesting Locke into an interesting story, then... Buh-bye. I was disappointed. Lots of potential for fun with character development there, gone to waste.
  3. Which is what I said in response to others who thought they'd seen Jaqen. I found that puzzling as I too assumed the guy with the big sore on his nose was how HBO was doing the noseless Rorge and the other would have to be Biter.
  4. I figured the hooded dude was Jaqen. *shrug* 9/10 - Loved the job Madden did acting Robb's grief. Cried my eyes out. I like the guy playing Yoren.
  5. Thanks Jaan & Ran. Now if Pate is the Alchemist/Jaqen in a new guise... I see your point about a foreign interest in the Citadel. Very interesting. Do ya think more will be revealed in this particular plot line in ADwD? I wonder how interested our FM is in the fact that (what's his name? Maester) left the Citadel to find Dany. I wonder how much the Maester and/or Pate/not got out of Sam's recollections of Aemon's ramblings.
  6. And on another thread this was posted by someone who's name I've forgotten - sorry... Damn - really have to review the utterly boring Longwaters and what he says now. Wish I had more time for this... :wacko: yes, I'm whining. *chagrin*
  7. How are we so certain Jaqen and the Alchemist are one? Do their descriptions match? If so, where is Jaqen's description? One of Arya's chapters in ACoK? Sorry, my memory is poor. Comes with old age ya see... ha. And if their descriptions match, why would Jaqen adopt a used face, one he's used before? Has he a stockpile of faces to choose from? j/k - sorta
  8. Lundy


    Welcome Porc & Farbod! :) And thanks to Stubby for the :cheers:
  9. Lundy


    Hello all. :) I'm Lundy and used to hang around the old Ice and Fire boards way, way back when. Anyway it's been so very long I'm sure no one remembers me, so Hi, I'm Lundy. :smoking: Now that HBO is doing the series I've re-read the 4 novels and once again can't get my head out of Westeros. Don't even feel like reading any other books. Spoiling for spoilers (yes I've been to the ADwD spoilers thread) :thumbsup: Apologies in advance for all the "dumb" questions I'll be asking about subjects I'm certain have been discussed ad-nauseum, but I missed those discussions, so again sorry to be a bore. :blushing: So cheers to all and I look forward to friendly discussions. :cheers:
  10. Thanks Jaqen. Is this theory or are there strong hints to it in the reading that I might have missed, I wonder. Methinks I need to go back and read the description of the looks of the alchemist, eh?
  11. Different subject – from page 10 of this thread regarding AFFC; How do you know this? What did I miss in my reading? I took him as the same Pate who is now a pawn of the alchemist. Made me wonder if it is foreboding for Sam and just what is the alchemist's agenda.
  12. Regarding Jon going gray... I’ve gone back through this thread so as not to ask y’all to repeat what’s already been said. So here’s a summary of what I found interesting. I'd forgotten those parts - grayish however he had damn good reasons. Oh yea, *head smack* that defines gray. ;) And now that it *is* a beheading... will some indeed see it that way? :box: Hmmm... anyone? I wonder about this ^^^ as well. Nice ones ^^^ I hadn't considered those parallels before. Kewl.
  13. Thanks for sharing your theory Schlafmohn. :cheers: I hadn't heard that GRRM quote before about Jon's heart struggling with itself. Gets me all excited about ADwD again! Maybe it's just me, but I was really excited when Jon had to take up with the wildlings. I formulated all kinds of theories for his future. Not once did I come up with he'd become the next Lord Commander of the Night's Watch! I was taken completely by surprise. I hope to be taken by surprise again for Jon's next chapter. Fer instance, who could think he'd ever leave the wall??? That'd be pretty grey. :fencing: 'course that's likely just wishful thinking on my part. What if he was forced (or felt he was forced) into it? It's been so long now since I read Storm of Swords that I've forgotten what theories I came up with back then for Jon. I'll have to re-read. :blushing: :read:
  14. I'm really curious about this as well. :idea: I'm interested in hearing anyone's theories on how Snow will go gray. I don't think executing Slynt is enough to qualify. Does anyone have any theories or have you heard any hints??? :insert begging for response emoticon here:
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