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  1. Interesting but of course flawed list. They really should have a maximum of 1 book per author for stuff like this. And perhaps remove the SF works as well?
  2. The rights issue seems comparable to other hosted systems. For example last time I checked the forum of a game publisher I frequent also claims all rights to content posted there. It seems basically there to protect the publisher and developers (and in this specific case Palmer) against people claiming ownership because they contributed.
  3. I haven't read the works yet. But would assume the Koush to be a reference to Kush (Nubian kingdom during Egypts later dynasties). A conflict relevant to people from a specific area/culture seems ok without having to pay attention to the rest of humanity. How many works do we have only focussing on Anglo/US future expies in conflict with a space-germany, space-russia. space-japan, space-china... as if the rest of human cultures do not exist (anymore)?
  4. That was the name I noticed as well. If I am not mixing up books I really liked The Lost Books of the Odyssey, but managed to miss he wrote more.
  5. My interpretation is that (especially in recent years) 'Best related work' focusses on rewarding efforts that improve the current community, rather than celebrating and exploring the past. Jeanette Ng, AO3, 2x Ursula LeGuin (of course as the 'token woman' a signal for current people as much as a hero of the past), 2x No Award, Kameron Hurley, Writing excuses, Encyclopedia of Science Fiction, Chicks Dig Time Lords and that takes us back a decade already. But even before that the focus on world-con fandom seems a bit stronger. And (self-)retrospectives, autobiographies and general reference works dominating the more detailed niche works.
  6. Tchaikovsky would have been a great addition for either of those works (at the time of eligibility), but probably suffers for being published in the UK. Which seems to be an extra hurdle. Of course the Hugo's are shaped by how people interpret what to vote for. It isn't pure writing quality, but also novelty, tradition, engagement with the time, popularity of the writer.
  7. As far as I know the same problem that plagued the comic/graphic novel award in the beginning (and at a lesser scale all of the awards). It is more focussed on works by people known in the community rather than on the best works available. So young adult/middle grade works by writers known for adult SF as well are nominated over very succesful and just as groundbreaking works by people only writing that type. (see also the podcast category)
  8. That seems to be part of the problem. His type of personal history and specific tradition is a tiny cornerstone in what makes the community of communities present at worldcon and speculative fiction in general. It is not really relevant enough for most people to spend much time on in a ceremony aimed at the present and future. The history of people who came in through comics, games, romance, modern sf without ever reading the classics, craft, etc etc is just as valid. And focussing on this specific part of history, the section most associated with privilige and exclusion, isn't the best of form. Could it have been saved by putting it in a larger context? I assume so, but George does not seem the person to be able to do that.
  9. Not too bad a list of winners, not many of my first choices made it, but I can live with that. Keep in mind this is part of a trend. Last year the hugo losers party he organizes apparently didn't have room for many of the actual losers. This year he apparently dwelt more on the past than on the present and future. It seems that many feel Martin has lost touch with the actual people that make up SF and worldcon culture these days.
  10. Ohh, and a very nice comic bundle with a lot of the more well known works of Jodorowsky. https://www.humblebundle.com/books/incal-and-more-humanoids-books
  11. One of the bundle selling sites, fanatical, has a bundle with Black library stuff. No idea about the quality of the selection offered, but I've seem some of the horus heresy stuff in the highest tier before in Humble Bundles. https://www.fanatical.com/en/bundle/warhammer-fiction-bundle-from-black-library
  12. An ominubus of the Amberlough novels by Lara Elena Donnely is now on pre-order sale for $2.99 or even less in Europe. via
  13. He apparently had harassed people at conventions (ie work-space for people in the field) while under the influence of alcohol, apologized back then. And never changed his behaviour (enough) to prevent it happening again.
  14. D Franklin has been collecting threads ands statements in a thread. They seem as baffled as most people are by the whole situation. https://twitter.com/D_Libris/status/1276499854139654145?s=20
  15. There is also likely a whole bunch of fantasy we are less likely to see here, getting more into Urban fantasy. I've read most of Michelle Sagara's Chronicles of Elantra novels in the last years. I've not seen them discussed much, so they don't seem to be the last hot thing. But they make great relaxed reading. Werthead: I'd classify Gideon the Ninth as Science fiction, but I can see how it would work as fantasy.
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