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  1. Seli

    Amazing Book Deals V.2

    Current Tor.com giveaway (to people in the US/Canada) is The Black Tides of Heaven by JY Yang, a great novella. https://www.tor.com/2018/11/13/free-ebook-of-the-black-tides-of-heaven-by-jy-yang/
  2. Seli

    Dutch man sues to change his legal age

    As far as I can tell it didn't make a blip in local news until it was picked up internationally somehow. To great bemusement of local news sources.
  3. Seli

    Dutch man sues to change his legal age

    No clue actually, so I did some searching. He was in the news in 2009 with homophobic remarks, calling gay people abnormal and unnatural. My search didn't get any results for any transphobia. He has been convicted for assaulting his (ex-)wife, only got 25 hours of community service. And that was after taking it up to the highest courts here. He seems to have published a book claiming that people's looks tell a lot about how they are, basically rehashing racism as well as Lombroso's anthropological criminology. Piece of work.
  4. Seli

    Dutch man sues to change his legal age

    He has been a public figure for decades, the lie will still be provable.
  5. Seli

    My Podcast: Celtic Myths & Legends

    Nice overview again, I think there are some parallels to Dutch folklore/mythology (they are associated with local dolmen (hunebed)), but my memory is vague on details. I liked the intro music, and the segmented recording is noticeable but not distracting. I am testdriving the Podcast Addict app, and could find your podcast in their search as well.
  6. Seli

    My Podcast: Celtic Myths & Legends

    Oh that is soon after the previous one.
  7. Seli

    US Politics: Four Days and Counting

    Never will happen, because those who contribute most to society tend to be poor, while those who contribute least have a lot of money to protect themselves. Or are you using some weird system of contribution where the takers, those who hang onto everything that they can get from society and pile up their wealth are considered more worthy?
  8. Seli

    Tolkien 3.0

    As far as I understand it excluding Melkor would have been impossible. The song is the world, the world merely a different way to experience the song.
  9. Nope. No such ruling, they simply said that Austrian laws had been applied correctly. And it should be no surprise to anyone we don't do free speech absolutism here in Europe, we just do consequences-included speech and free press.
  10. Seli

    What is the largest country in history?

    We have mountains, or at least hills we call mountains. And since a bunch of us live below sea level we are used to our view being obstructed by the dikes and dunes that protect us from water.
  11. Seli

    What is the largest country in history?

    Discounting colonial empires, did anyone ever flatten out the Inca empire properly?
  12. There seems plenty of precedence, five people was enough to redefine the 2nd amendment to cover self-defence. It seems unlikely the votes are there for that redefinition of the 14th amendment, but that could change with any death or retirement.
  13. No. I think I either misread or misquoted there. It was more a thought about the GOP/conservatives keeping control of the USA regardless of elections.
  14. Depends, does the house have any say in court appointments? Because as long as the GOP keeps control of the senate they seem happy to keep stuffing the courts with young conservative candidates in life-time appointments.