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  1. Seli

    First Quarter 2019 Reading

    Just finished Tade Thompson's The Rosewater Insurrection, a bit more linear than its predecessor but still greatly enjoyable. It is both shining a light on the structures in developing cities and touching on the horrors of war. Can't wait to see where he takes Rosewater next.
  2. Odds are good, but still finger crossed.
  3. It is slightly weird, I could hear the helicopters flying. But mostly an atmosphere of caution, rather than panic. We don't know the motive of the suspect yet, there is some speculation it might be family related.
  4. Seli

    New Forum Census

    Netherlands. (Stickies are the best camouflage)
  5. Seli

    UK Politics: Time Marches On

    Wouldn't think that the EU will accept an extension of a mere handful of months.
  6. Seli

    Amazing Book Deals: The Third

    A collection of the Frank Herbert Dune novels published by Gateway is on sale for 1 ish at the moment. eg kindle
  7. Seli

    Amazing Book Deals: The Third

    Apparently one of the foundations of wuxia novels, and by the looks of it just now translated into English. A Hero Born by Jin Yong is on sale for 1.99. The first in either a series or a split novel (Legends of the Condor Heroes).
  8. Or, what I got from it: Stamets was existing both in normal space and mycelial space at the time. His close, both physical and emotional, connection to Culber when he died meant that Culber also existed in that super-imposed state to some extent. One which the mycelial locals could transfer to local matter due to the way they are, even when the version in normal space died. Much like any of the previous transporter malfunction episodes where a duplicate was created. The copy could not move across the barrier (wrong type of matter), but could use the cocoon transporter due to the self-sacrifice of May. Perfectly in line with decades of techno-babble if that is close to true.
  9. My city has around 350k, it is 400 miles from Berlin (6 ish hours by current rail connection, not even true high speed) and I happily take the train when I go there. Centre-to-centre is just so much more comfortable. Although it does help both ends of this journey have good local transport options, great ones in a US context probably.
  10. Seli

    US Politics: The Accountability Problem

    That is not surprising, it takes a lot of money to fix problems rather than prevent them in the first place. From an outsider perspective it seems that the fundamental lack of food, health, income security in the USA gives a large proportion of the population a difficult start which takes a lot of effort to overcome. A situation of course made worse by the weird system of paying early education by local taxes rather than regional/national ones, resulting in worse off communities being hit on multiple levels.
  11. Seli

    Up in Smoke: Drug Legalization and Dealing

    I wish the Netherlands would start moving again, because things are getting worse here. Use has been decriminalized for ages of course, and facilities to support existing heroin etc users manage do exist up to the point of supplying heroin to people they know can never quit. But there are still huge issues at the supply side, sale of weed at recognized points has been condoned for decades. However, growing and stocking for sale is still illegal. Which has lead to professionalization of criminals and criminal organizations getting more and more influential. At the same time requests from municipalities to start controlled growing of weed has been blocked by national politics time and time again. Synthetic drugs are a separate issue, we harbour some of the biggest illegal producers and they and up polluting everywhere when they dump their toxic waste.
  12. Seli

    Amazing Book Deals: The Third

    It might be interesting for some, even though I do not know enough about the books to jump in yet. Storybundle has a set of genre-ish books by Lantinx authors curated by Silvia Moreno-Garcia. https://storybundle.com/latinx, as always pay-what-you want; $5 minimum for the basic offer, $15 minimum for the whole set.
  13. Seli

    US Politics: Out in the Cold

    Even translated to factual positions "fiscal conservatives/social liberals" isn't where the hole is in US politics, that is where the libertarians exist. GOP is currently "fiscal conservative"* and socially reactionary; Democrats fiscal moderates and social moderates (sweeping up a lot of the more progressive voters because those don't have anywhere else to go to); libertarians cover "fiscal conservatism"* and a very selective section of social liberty; The potential seems to be in community-oriented fiscal moderates/social conservatives, which is where the GOP has been haemorrhaging for example immigrant votes in recent elections. Basically the US, most Anglo societies, could do with a CDU. *fiscal conservative only the in the US political debate sense
  14. Slight issue there, the UK will be locked into being an EU rule taker as long as they actually want to trade with EU nations.
  15. Seli

    Writing style guides

    In the last few years I actually used citations those were mostly dictated by the style for the journal I was aiming at (Endnote was useful). But generally they boiled down to numerical references in the text with the actual references in foot- or endnote sections. And it might be exposure but it is a completely sensible system to me. Short unique references ( often superscript notes) don't distract from the text and names and dates can still be used selectively for emphasis. It is shaped by a culture (chemistry) where authors publish many works a year, and we tend to reference data more often than ideas or arguments.