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  1. Horza

    UK Politics: Deal, or No Deal. To May and Beyond.

    From my distant perch I don't see where this certainty about now or never comes from. May is running out of time to find something that will satisfy the DUP, but as of this week she still has threads to cling to. In a few weeks they'll be snipped off by Barnier et al, and she'll have to go to a vote and lose, which to me seems like a pretty good time to ask the DUP how they feel.
  2. Horza

    UK Politics: Deal, or No Deal. To May and Beyond.

    Cos they hadn't prised away the DUP, no? Without whom a confidence vote was going to fail. The margin might be pyrrhic, but even if it isn't, it's unlikely to be large enough to stave off a big loss whenever she puts her plan to parliament, and when that happens she'll again be in a hopeless cul-de-sac. A victory today is almost certainly going reflect the absence of confidence in alternatives to her incumbency, not its renewed credibility.
  3. Horza

    UK Politics: Deal, or No Deal. To May and Beyond.

    This is the moment your entire political class turns into reality TV contestants. There's no going back. Once they get a taste, it's all politicians and the hacks who cover them are going to want for the rest of time. And with a whole PMQs scheduled and this Brexit thing as a subplot the spectacle is going to be *kissing fingers motion*. From the Antipodes, buon appetit!
  4. Dutton's sorta finished, imo. Even without an s44ing he's on a tight margin in Dickson and his prospects of becoming Opposition Leader after the Coalition gets bodied in May are terrible given that he's the champion of the boofhead wing and its credibility as voice of the Silent Majority is suddenly in question. If he somehow managed win over the survivors there's also the fact that he's got no record of appealing to anyone who isn't rusted on.
  5. Horza

    US Politics: Paradise Lost

    I did that deliberately because it's what the Trump people want, it's what the Clintonian triangulators know they want - hence that concession to 'issues of cultural identity' - and nothing short of delivering that (and probably not even that) will satisfy them. They want the white picket fence world they remember from childhood or imagine their grandparents lived and they think that will come back when there's no shady outsiders wandering into frame. That's their selling point, and centre-left triangulators will keep on losing this auction because there will always be another bidder offering more. That was obvious in the 90s, long before Libya when Le Pen pere, Jorg Haider and Pim Fortuyn were playing this game. It was obvious in 2010 when places like Alabama with hardly any immigrants at all started passing 'papers please' deportation laws. You and I agree that the way the world is going we can't leave immigration politics to the far right, but that's what this proposal does. Every attempt to meet people's Very Real Concerns by cutting intake, restricting benefits, policing status has entrenched the politics of the wall and encouraged the right to bid higher still. We fight this by telling the real story on what really happened to everyone's quality of life, not trying to tell the far right's out of one half of our mouth.
  6. Horza

    US Politics: Paradise Lost

    What is it about the above two examples that makes you think this anti-immigrant upsurge is related to immigration levels, or that centre-left parties moving to heavily restrict nonwhite immigration is going to be effective at undermining this movement?
  7. Horza

    US Politics: Paradise Lost

    They weren't lifetime appointees, however.
  8. Horza

    US Politics: Paradise Lost

    Is this a joke post or are you really endorsing a war that has millions of on the brink of starvation because it brings defence industry jobs?
  9. Horza

    Congratulations brook and karaddin!

    Late to the party, but congratulations to you both and best wishes! (For the record it was a nice sunny arvo and then an enigmatic dusk, with sea and sky each other's mirror as wyverns and manticores frolicked betwixt the silhouetted towers.)
  10. There's nothing in the rules or convention preventing December or January elections, just basic common sense. The crossbench won't vote down this government cos "stability" so May it is. The only thing that would change this equation is if the Libs and Nats just can't keep it together and more people quit the party or resign. It might happen, cos it seems like the right and the moderates will keep flinging turds at each other for the rest of the term, but you'd think self preservation would stop them short of absolute mayhem.
  11. Yikes, best of luck with both! I'm around next Saturday, so if that's still an option next week we should try and make something happen.
  12. Unrelated, to superannuation or Wentworth but I'm back in town for a few days if anyone feels like a meetup
  13. Just got off the blower with my source inside the ALP campaign for Wentworth and he can confirm that the embassy move was produced by Liberal panic about the erosion of support within that community.
  14. She's still terminated. She'll get quite a good settlement cos the board will want to avoid legal action, after which she'll go on to the dozens of other corporate gigs lined up for her. Don't let the fact that Milne was a doofus being played like a 1960 classic sunburst Les Paul by Malcolm obscure that she was an unpopular manager who didn't have the confidence of most of the staff, lacked an appreciation of the politics and culture of the organisation and divided her time between other postings (which is crazy to me but that's how corporate Australia rolls, CEOs and directorships, gotta catch 'em all).
  15. Horza

    U.S. Politics: A Song Of Mimes And Musicians

    This is an excellent point as there are no known examples of societies where white a minority has put in place and enforced a decades-long system of rule over a non-white majority.