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  1. No I didn’t: you and Kal were in an argument about whether the terrible Trump voters or the terrible political system were to blame and I said relax, they both are and they work together. I used the metaphor of an eternal court of world history assigning blame but as that doesn’t exist and I’m not empaneled on it you can rest easy about being condemned.
  2. Interesting way of quoting me by not actually quoting me. Though I did say “allow” because I did have in mind people who don’t like the system but bristle and use words like “impossible” and “unrealistic” about changing it when someone suggests it might be an enduring blemish on America’s standing in the court of world history as well as a clear and present danger. Isn’t the fact that the system is a cudgel in the hands of the Republicans reason enough to abandon the objections about process and possibly?
  3. I don’t recall saying it could just be done away with. That’s your spin on it so you can continue treating the US electoral system like an immutable constant.
  4. This is the other defensive position. I didn’t say what I said above to enlist everyone in my monomaniacal master plan to reform the US electoral system and you aren’t seriously asking for one. This is swatting off the presumptuous foreigner with “what’s your plan egghead?” and it’s feeble. My point was that as long as everyone’s position on the awful American electoral system is that it’s unchangeable and so nothing can be done, nothing will be done. All that this point asks is that people stop thinking about it like that, there’s no blueprint without that first step.
  5. I understand it quite well because for as long as I’ve argued on this board people have thrown the formal barriers to making your electoral system work up as an objection to trying to do something about it. I found that bafflingly naive back in the early 2010s when Citizens United and Shelby Country had yet to really sink their teeth in but now as you guys rush headlong to a constitutional crisis this response sounds more like learned helplessness.
  6. Oh, geez damn, if only I knew how much work it would take to dismantle the scaffolding of centuries of institutionalised white supremacy.
  7. Guys, guys, relax: Americans are terrible and stand condemned in the court of world history both because lots of you voted for Trump and because you allow and condone the godawful electoral system that allowed him into office with less votes than his opponent. In fact both things are two aspects of the same phenomenon, so maybe instead of trying to exonerate the awful system or the awful voters start unpicking the things that bind them together.
  8. A military grade nerve agent and the full court denials points either at the apex or its tightest and closest associates. I do think the timing is weird but I guess either the administration is more paranoid about Navalny-Belarus-Khabarovsk than I imagine or Navalny’s investigations crossed a line with a Kadyrov or Prigozhin-level untouchable. —- While we’re on Belarus, Luka just swapped out his fiercely autonomy-minded KGB chief for a guy with a good working relationship with the FSB. Just one of the ways in which Lukas weakness is an opportunity for Moscow.
  9. Honestly I’m more worried about his cigs habit, and not just because he lights up next to liquid fuelled ICBMs.
  10. In this case it’s literally the guy who claimed he was in a coma in April doubling down and insisting that he’s still in a coma despite all evidence to the contrary. By all appearances KJU does not have a healthy diet or lifestyle and did miss some important public events in April, but we don’t know why and you’ll never find out by reading recycled Chosun Ilbo stories.
  11. We know what “law and order” means to people like this. It means the same thing it meant when Nixon started campaigning on it. It means what the people who comment on every police shooting video explaining the steps the victim should have taken not to get filled with lead think it means.
  12. And voila, another hundreds strong rally of mostly young folks using the language of child protection and anti-human trafficking in the service of a murderous antisemitic cult.
  13. Sadly the appeal of this Q format goes beyond the Helens and Mauds of the world, the LA event drew a young and diverse crowd.
  14. If you see one of these rallies keep in mind it’s a QAnon front:
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