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  1. ...but there is a big difference between the two of them: one is an honourable, compassionate lord with prodigal progeny called against his wishes by his sovereign to leave his native home for a sweltering cesspit of intrigue, bringing him the emnity of a rich, cruel rival house and ultimately betrayal from a corner completely unforseen and the other is Eddard "I'm going to divulge my plans to ruin you and your family on the understanding that you will flee the country and not seek to stop me in any way" Stark.

  2. My posts get negged all the time, without any prompting from me, mind you, but I'm not exactly shitting bricks over the matter.

    But I kid! I know that the negatives are in fact a mark of universal esteem and adoration for me, the Glorious Leader.

    Thank you, my minions peeps!

    Psst RanLord I'm out of negs, plz re-up so can add to your dark glory.

    yr loyal servant Horza


  3. -17 here saying if you've got a neg rating get over it.

    Someone out there didn't like something you said! On the internetse!! Oh noes!

    Of course the converse applies, I can't think of much sadder than valuing yourself by cute little green numbers in the corner of a webpage.

    EDIT: Not that I think many such people exist, but it's probably better not to open up the possibility.

    This is a nice friendly community forum, on the whole I don't see why it needs ranking and ratings - like others have said, if you do/don't like something someone wrote, tell them. It's going to have more force that way and it's the human, honest thing to do.

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