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  1. I'm sure the recruits loved it, which is what the AD should have said to the ruffled boosters.
  2. Nothing on the strippers exotic dancers pole performers at Midnight at the Phog??? Nothing?
  3. The only reason I still have paid television is for live sports. As soon as I can just pay to stream them only, I'm done. It should happen... sometime. Maybe not soon. But sometime.
  4. I'm right there with you. I'll go with 8-4 for my prediction... 7 wins I'm satisfied. 8 I'm happy. 9+ I'm ecstatic! Lots of ways we could end up with 7 or 8, depending on how the chips fall. I'll disagree with you that Florida is an automatic L... I'd label it a "likely L" but being at home we have a shot to pull it out. The Flying Muschamps have the UK game circled on their calendar, which is flattering. I wouldn't be too surprised if they pull it off this year, but it is always fun to beat them and if we win again this year, we are in true streak territory. And it's always fun to beat on little brother while they're down.
  5. FIVE more Osten Ard novels... geez. Um... I'm not sad to hear this, just a bit surprised.
  6. That seems the most obvious choice... also considering Morgan got a glimpse of him/it in his little climbing escapade in tWC. I guess of all the options, I like that one the least. I want Pyrates to be dead. Ded dead. Dead as Ned dead.
  7. Good question, and I'm with you on the wasted pages if nothing comes of it, and agree on the bolded above. Sometimes I wonder if he lost his memory (like Camaris in the originals) and is out there scrubbing floors babbling nonsense. Or got sucked into the dream world or wherever the souls of those like Ineluki et al went to... Back to Da'ai Chikiza... so coverged there we have: The Pure, Tanahaya (presumed dead), Morgan, Nezeru, Norns, the 2 Trolls, Tinuke'daya and all their various forms, Adelin and his group. Lots of witnesses to whatever is about to happen. Wasn't there mention that one of the master witnesses used to be there? Also in the vicinity we have the Ogre of Misty Valley who has to show up again later... Chekhov's Gun and all. I really thought the book was going to end with that event... and instead seems it will be the beginning of the next book.
  8. I am convinced she's not dead (yet anyway). Remember Joshua in the original trilogy when everyone thought he was dead for so long? I just can't see her going out like that. She gave the ring to the girl so she would be believed when she delivered Miri's message, then she ended up dead and everyone thinks it's Miri when Miri's really still hiking through the bush somewhere. Classic Tad. Anyway, yes I have always held that the Garden was on a different planet, or perhaps in a different dimension or plane of existence, what have you... and Ruyan teleported them to Osten Ard with his magicks. Doesn't explain how the dragons came along for the ride, however. That has always been the burr in my thinking, because the dragons also were created before unbeing took the Garden. I have no explanation for how they also ended up in Osten Ard.
  9. I finished EoG a few days back, so I finally came here to the spoiler thread, only to find there were no spoilers! Despite the misleading thread title, I came to discuss the story... I really enjoyed the book... although the ending it felt kind of like an odd stopping point. The events in Da'ai Chikiza are unresolved and unless I missed it, we still don't know what is going on there (nevertheless why). Lots of characters converging there only to end the book just before whatever big event is going to happen with the Tinuke'daya (I'm assuming related to the events in Naglimund). Miri's cliffhanger (of course she's still alive)... I'm still most disappointed in Pasavellas... I really liked him before it turned out to just be the traitorous servant unraveling the kingdom trope... maybe I'll be surprised in the end, but I felt something.... more.... could have been done with that plot line. Who is the red thing underneath the Hayholt? Pyrate's ghost? Cadrach? I keep trying to remember from tGAT, the blind guy who heard the voices down there that Rachel would feed... could it be him as I don't remember what happened to him? Maybe I'm in the wrong forum for this
  10. Thank goodness @Ramsay B. pulled it out and saved me $50! And Manhole for not picking in time and saving me from finishing in last place! Next year will be my year!
  11. Not yet. There's lots of game left for me to make a comeback. To pique his interest in it I did tell him there is a $50 prize for winning the group... so I do need somebody to knock him out by the end lol
  12. My 9 year old is leading the contest. So far he's perfect on the first half of the Elite 8... (that Texas Tech over Duke pick might get him in the end, but crazier things have happened).
  13. My DST Rocks! thread from a year or two ago has suspiciously disappeared.
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