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  1. Bumping the info if anyone hasn't signed up yet (and wants to).
  2. Hmm so you are correct. I have always thought of that as more of an upset, but I suppose not s'much.
  3. I wouldn't be surprised at all if that happens. Similar to when Dwayne Wade and Marquette went on a tear back in the day as an 8 (or was it a 10?) seed. Overall, I'm pretty happy with UK's draw, for the first time maybe forever. Auburn is peaking at the right time, and we've already beaten UNC, and we'd only have to play one of those 2 (and match up well against both imo, having already defeated both as well). I like our chances of making the F4.
  4. I have renewed the Westeros bracket challenge on Yahoo for anyone interested in signing up again. Here's the link: https://tournament.fantasysports.yahoo.com/t1/group/43200/invitation?key=6ee90086e183f562&soc_trk=lnk Password is "GRRM"
  5. Ded As Ned

    Daylight savings time sucks spring 2017!!!

    My DST Rocks! thread from a year or two ago has suspiciously disappeared.
  6. We doing a tourney bracket challenge this year?
  7. I did read it, and enjoyed it. I wasn't really saying that it wasn't explained in the text... just that to me it still doesn't feel quite like a natural direction the Norns would go after centuries of being quite different. Not to say these things don't happen though...
  8. Ded As Ned

    The Drunk Thread: Kraken Open a Bottle O' Rum

    I haven't had a drink since Valentine's Day last year, but wanted to drop in on you guys to say hello! Drink one (or 4) for me this season
  9. Well, which was it? Personally I like to piss off the grey-hairs whenever I am blessed enough to sit, er... stand, in the lower arena (it's been some time).
  10. Dropping in for an appearance. Cats are playing for 10 wins! Rhom, of note is that it's a week before Christmas and our football team has more wins than the basketball team! Now if Stoops can only get that elusive bowl win. Not holding my breath as I feel it's a bad matchup for us... but still happy to be playing on New Year's Day.
  11. Just finished my read of TWC... a bit late I know (I did a complete re-read of the series) but overall I enjoyed it. A slow burn like others have said, but I expected that from Tad. I was a little disappointed with the ret-conning of the Norns (for lack of a better term), and how quickly they seemed to have changed with the Queen in hibernation after thousands of years of completely different cultural traditions. Reasonably explained in the book I suppose... but overall still felt it was done in order to tell this story and didn't feel quite natural. Overall, I'll give it a B+ or A-. I'm a fan of WIlliams' (less Shadowmarch), so I'm looking forward to the next 2 books, especially now that stuff is moving along. Are we discussing spoilers here? I'll err on the side of caution.
  12. Ded As Ned

    College Football 2018: Countdown to Kickoff

    I'm taking the boys too! We'll have to meet up. It's their first game, so I had to make sure it was someone UK was going to thump
  13. Ded As Ned

    College Football 2018: Countdown to Kickoff

    Anyone interested in doing a pick'em this year as in years past?
  14. Ded As Ned

    College Football 2018: Countdown to Kickoff

    Go back to your cave! EVIL FIEND BEGONE!
  15. Ded As Ned

    College Football 2018: Countdown to Kickoff

    Now THAT would be something great!