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  1. Yes, probably. But it was completly lame to make Sam come up with this enlightened idea (intended by D&D as a cool wink at the 21th century viewer) and the acting was so predictable and off.
  2. I thought the meeting between the great houses of Westeros was completely horrible and cringeworthy, especially Sam's proposal and the reactions to that. Worst scene of the entire show. Also Tyrion's meeting with the cabinet of fan favorites felt completly off. I thought the beginning and the end were more or less decent.
  3. I thought this was a great episode. 9/10. The atmosphere was a dark and depressing. Some unexpected twists, but nothing too unrealistic. The foundation for the mad queeen arc was strong enough in my opinion, it would have worked better for me is she didn't go all in. Killing those soldiers with some colleteral damage (some women, children and ancient buildings) would have been sufficient for Jon to start doubting her. I thought the Clegane bowl thing was very lame. But my most serious point of criticism was the absence of Lady Stoneheart. I was really expecting the introduction of this character this week. Will be extremely pissed is she's not included next week.
  4. This episode had the highest rating on imdb ever!!!! More so than even the Rains of Castemere. Personally, I find that very undeserved. First, the majority of the episode was mediocre (for GoT standards of course, it was way better than most shows). Just okay. The hardhame scene was brilliantly excecuted, yes, but still, it was a cliche zombie / running skeletons scene. The best one ever, but nevertheless. Lame. Boring (the concept, not the excecution). It never ceases to amaze me how people look at the same show and get different things out of it. I see GoT as an intelligent drama for adults, about psychology, politics, military strategy and also a little bit of mystery / fantasty light. But then there are also the people who think that lady stoneheart is more important than everything else and cannot wait for more white walkers to appear. Really? Are we fans of the same show?
  5. And two of the biggest cliche-concepts in the history of film: 1. the concept of the decisive vote. 2. the concept of antidote.
  6. Why wouldn't it be entertaining? Why are battles entertaining? Why are flayed women entertaining? Why is imprisoning innocent men entertaining? What makes rape so special that people ca'n't stop whining about it?
  7. I also find it unconceivable that people whine about Sansa not being empowered or getting stronger. Why should she be getting stronger? What's the problem with her continuing to be a victim? You here this "argument" over and over and over again. "Now, she's a victim again!!!!" But why is that bad writing? It's much more bad writing, when she develops into a completely different personality within two or three years, starts taking revenge and kicking ass all the time....
  8. Why is everyone so against Shireen people being killed? There are even people who will stop watching the show??? This attitude (longing for happy ends) is responsible for so much bad, cliche writing in the world of tv/movies.... As Tyrion would say: if you're longing for happiness and justice, you're watching the wrong show. I wouldn't mind Shireen being burned alive. (Precisely because she is very lovable, it would be memorable. I don't think it would be inconsistent with Stannis character either. He seems to love his daughter, but not like modern fathers love their daughters. He speaks to her once a month. And he loves his victory also. It wouldn't be bad writing imho if he decides to go along with Melisandres plan).
  9. What? Didnt you read my excellent comments on the previous page? You cannot still endorse this post after reading my reply, can you?
  10. What? Didnt you read my excellent comments on the previous page? You cannot still endorse this post after reading my reply, can you?
  11. What? Didnt you read my excellent comments on the previous page?
  12. @David: agreed. But that's a weakness i.m.h.o. I wouldn't criticize D&D for doing it right once. It doesn't make sense.
  13. "The rape will make Sansa's revenge a hollow victory"...... So what? Why should it be a sweet victory? Sweet victories are a bit cliche. I think it is much more GoT-like to have bitter revenge than sweet revenge. "D & D could have prevented the rape in several ways"..... Yes of course, but why should they? That's the kind of cliche writing that makes viewers believe (even if the knife is one centimeter from the hero's throat; even if an army is 100 times outnumbered, etc.) that a happy end is still possible. Such an unlikely escape can be used once or twice in a seven year show, but the default should be that if a hero is in trouble, s/he should be killed, raped, tortured, etc. Otherwise, it kills the suspense and the realism. It becomes a fairytale for children. "They cut all sort of material, yet they include this rape scene"..... Yes, because D&D like this rape-scene. And why not? "But it is just for shock value!!!!" Yes, why not? Television is about eliciting emotions, that is the only reason for people to watch a show. "We care more about Sansa than about Jeyne Poole"...... Yes, that's why it is more interesting/shocking/rewarding to have Sansa raped than to have Jeyne raped. That's precisely the reason. Just like it was more interesting/shocking/rewarding to have Ned beheaded than to have Lord Umber beheaded. These kind of decisions make GoT stick out and be memorable.
  14. So what? Then it's a hollow victory, it will not be a happy end for the Starks or for Sansa in particular. Why is that a problem? And yeah, they skipped a lot of stuff, but managed to include this rape-scene. So what? Maybe the scene was not necessary. So what? Apparantly, they liked such a scene. I liked it too. Not because I endorse rape or killing or flaying in real life, but I can like it in a tv-show. Just for shock value? Yes! Because people don't want to hear a story perse, they want a story that amuses, shocks, intrigues, moves, etc.
  15. Yes, with me also! Apart from wantig more shock value and nudity, I thought it was very well handled, acted, directed, etc. (Of course, the fact the she agreed to go to Winterfell in the first place was very poorly handled. It was an insult to viewers intelligence).
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