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  1. Derfel Cadarn

    November 2018 Reading - remember, remember the blade of Ember

    Thanks! Another review has been added to amazon.com, albeit for some reason its only registering the first. There are 3 reviews on amazon.co.uk. The Amazon.com review is also on Goodreads, and was posted by a reviewer/blogger. Thanks to whoever on this site posted the new review! Due to the printer's US partner going out of business, until a new one is found, US readers would need to order the paperback from the UK. The Amazon.co.uk marketplace often gives wildly unrealistic timescales; my brother-in-law was told there would be a 1-3 month wait! But really the books are dispatched within a few days by the publisher. On topic, I'm re-reading Robin Hobb's Fitz novels. Up to Fool's Errand. I always end up skipping the Liveship Trader trilogy for some reason, when re-reading the series. Never bothered with the Dragon keeper books.
  2. Derfel Cadarn

    Mental Wellbeing Thread

    I'm really sorry to hear that. My wife and I went through the same thing last year. Not much I can really say, except that it's more common that a lot of people realise, and there was nothing you could have done differently. Between 1 in 5 and 1 in 3 pregnancies end in miscarriage, mostly very early on. It's sadly just one of these things. When my wife fell pregnant again this year, we told no one until after the 12 week scan, and it was a very nervous time, though it all ended well. If the worst has happened and you try again later, try and assure your partner there's no reason to think it would happen again. The doctor should be able to give you advice.
  3. Derfel Cadarn

    November 2018 Reading - remember, remember the blade of Ember

    Yes, by David Craig. Thanks for the recomendation, Helena and Rorshach. For those curious, the book is sort-of Sherlock Holmes meets Vampire The Masquerade. Except the two main protagonists are body snatchers rather than private detectives.
  4. Derfel Cadarn

    Official Blatant but Honest Self Promotion Thread

    I managed to convince the two Glasgow Waterstones to each stock a copy of my novel, Resurrection Men.
  5. Derfel Cadarn

    ‘Outlaw King’: Robert The Bruce Scottish Epic

    The ones who didn't want to die, at least
  6. Derfel Cadarn

    Official Blatant but Honest Self Promotion Thread

    My novel Resurrection Men (by David Craig, Book 1 of the Sooty Feathers series) is available now as paperback as well as digital. The below link to the publisher has a list of where/how to order it if interested. It was officially launched at Fantasycon, and I did my first reading, which was a bit scary. https://elsewhen.press/index.php/catalogue/title/resurrection-men/
  7. And why have they not just kicked him to the kerb?
  8. Not had a chance to read your article yet, but I'd say it's more anti-Belgariad.
  9. Derfel Cadarn

    Official Blatant but Honest Self Promotion Thread

    Attending Fantasycon in Chester tomorrow for the paperback launch of Resurrection Men Reviewer Jill-Elizabeth gave it 5 stars on her blog, Goodreads and Amazon.com https://www.goodreads.com/review/show/2535453268
  10. Derfel Cadarn

    Bernard Cornwell - warlord chronicles and beyond

    His other books dont live up to the warlord chronicles imho.
  11. Derfel Cadarn

    Rothfuss XIV: The Slow Regard of Luna Lovegood

    I thought there were meant to be 6 books? 3 dealing with Kvothe's past and 3 trying to fix the consequences?
  12. Derfel Cadarn

    More Things Star Wars

  13. Derfel Cadarn

    WHEEL OF TIME tv show: Go on,tug my braid!

    maybe longer. The props dept will need a long time to create all the dresses described in the book, not to mention ensuring Mat's coats have that special 'slept in' look.
  14. Derfel Cadarn

    The Witcher on Netflix.

    Brian Sanderson is apparently considering giving CDPR the Mistborb game rights for free
  15. Derfel Cadarn

    The Witcher on Netflix.

    CDP might be able to argue that the games' success are mostly why the books got translated into English and sold well.