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  1. Had the Noldor not gone to Middle-Earth, the Valar would likely have intervened sooner. Instead they stayed their hand to punish the Noldor, per Mandos’ curse
  2. He’s still under investigation re a separate historical matter by Police Scotland according to BBC
  3. The Russian pilot who defected to Ukraine last yesr was shot and killed in Spain https://news.sky.com/story/russian-helicopter-pilot-who-defected-to-ukraine-shot-dead-in-spain-13075929
  4. Another imminent by-election? Scott Benton lost his appeal https://news.sky.com/story/politics-live-lord-david-cameron-vows-to-help-protect-falklands-during-visit-to-islands-12593360?postid=7258517#liveblog-body edit: name correction
  5. I don’t have a link (Twitter no longer embeds for me) but apparently Denmark is sending all of its artillery to Ukraine. edit: https://euromaidanpress.com/2024/02/18/prime-minister-denmark-to-supply-all-its-artillery-to-ukraine/
  6. Previous postmaster claiming he was tood by a senior official tonslow payouts to save money until after the election https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-68330465
  7. She was not perfect! And thee’s a whole age between RoP Galadriel and LotR Galadriel.
  8. We’ve already pointed out Galadriel’s queationabke 1st age wisdom. And you said the behaviur wasn’t elf-like, which it is based on the Silmarillion
  9. By full-on I meant over much of the book. Feanor pulling a sword on his half-brother Fingolfin even before Morgoth stole the Silmaril. Numerous acts of elf-on-elf slaughter. Eol trying to kill his son but instead killing his (reluctant) wife. Not to mention the bulk of the story os about elven wrath and vengeance, pursuing Morgoth to Middle-Earth.
  10. You’re seriously claiming that the Tolkein elves are not wrathful and vengeful?? Have you even read The Silmarillion? It’s pretty much full-on vengeance and wrath by elves.
  11. Toth, considered getting a dog? They’re excellent for socialising - since getting Penny I’ve found myself talking to neighbours I’d barely said hello to, not to mention fellow dog walkers in the park. And it’s mostly just talking about the dogs, so little need to think of topics
  12. (Not mine, saw it on twitter) LotR after Disney has bought the rights: “Somehow, Sauron has another ring…”
  13. “We’d have won, except for the minor technicality that people didnt vote for us!”
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