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  1. It’s next, doing it chronologically, and 3 starts before 2
  2. Finished playthroughs of Resident Evil 0, RE Remake (thanks to guides), and now playing through the new Resident Evil 3
  3. Asia Kate Dillon (Taylor Mason from Billions) would be one of my choices.
  4. Wert tagged this on Twitter. A compilation (accompanied by Queen) of public safety information films put out by the government, shown on TV and in schools to warn of various perils. They’d never be able to show this stuff now! No wonder parents in the 90’s were generally ok with their kids sitting in playing video games. https://mobile.twitter.com/scarredforlife2/status/1419954481236688910?s=21 As a kid (aged 3) I did the medicine one ie downed a bottle of Calpol (paracetamol).
  5. https://metro.co.uk/2021/07/23/uk-facing-worst-food-shortages-since-the-war-due-to-covid-and-brexit-14976469/amp/?__twitter_impression=true Fears over food shortages, due to Brexit and Covid isolation
  6. If Johnson had been the marine Lt in Aliens, his solution to the marines’ motion sensors going wild as the aliens swarmed out would be to tell them to turn the sensors off.
  7. I thought they said it was ‘fantastic’ for Britain; now it’s shit? I’m confused. Almost as if Johnson lied to us...
  8. Hence why I said ‘Just’. I’ll need to rewatch it on my uktraHD tv sometime and see if its any more coherent
  9. Problem wasnt just that it was one episode, it’s the lighting, or lack thereof.
  10. Thanks. At nights I aim to keep the temp around 17deg. 18 tends to make her sweat what with her duvet. In winter when heating turned on at night, I set thermostat for between 15.5 - 16; the radiator in her room is really hot when it gets going
  11. Us Scots aren’t used to it. More to the point, its warm enough to make it harder to get toddler to sleep. :p
  12. 26 Deg celsius here (Scotland). Not fun trying to keep house cool for toddler and rabbits. Got 1 portable air con unit arriving today and another tomorrow. Windows on the sunny sides shut, blinds down, and bowl of ice set in front of a portable fan. But not great, and tomorrow meant to be hotter
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