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  1. I wonder of he genuinely believes he xan resurrect his political career and return as SNP leader? The idea there was a conspiracy to bring him down is pretty laughable. He lost the referendum, quit as leader, lost an election (to a Tory!), and then worked for Russia Today! That’s before we get to sexual impropriety allegations. He was acquitted in court but after, his lawyer was recorded in a train saying he was a sex pest and a bully.
  2. There’s a report linked in the BBC page to a non-BBC article which goes into more detail. Apparently Irish names/accents with Irish addresses were fine, but if UK postcodes were given, especially from industrial or Travellet sites, then the callers were told there was no availability.
  3. Realised I bought Almost Human tv series on Amazon Instant Video years ago so finally watching it. Its a sci-fi cop shoe starring Karl Urban, cancelled after 1 season. Typical Fox; they showed it out of order. Pretty good. Also doing a Gotham rewatch (will be first watch of seasons 4 and 5). Planning on rewatching Sunshine (film) soon, looking forward to seeing it on blu-ray on my new 4K tv
  4. Yeah, enjoy being single. Do stuff, go places. Ignore the stigma where single people sre supposed to not go out or go on holidays. You’ll miss the freedom if/when you settle down. I didn’t enter a serious relationship until my thirties. Almost 42 now, married with a kid. I spent a couple months doing conservation work in South Africa in my mid-20’s and regret not doing more stuff while single. Tywin- problem’s not just the piss, it’s when you go to the shops forgetting to take a change bag, and the baby’s arse explodes like a claymore anti-personnel mine. You’re in the middle of a shop with a baby covered in shit from heels to neck...
  5. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-56246848 Pontins, the British holiday camp brand, has been majntaining a ‘black list’ of Irish names as part of a policy to exclude Travellers.
  6. Sorry yes. I was first referring to the poor Millennijm special Back and Forth. The grand admiral Blackadder scene was in A Christmas Carol, an 80’s special which is excellent (a reverse Christmas Carol). The ghost of Christmas future shows Black adder what happens to his descendents if he’s good or bad.
  7. I assume you’re referring to the end of Blackadder season 4 and disregarding the millennium special? Chronologically, of course, the show ends in the very distant future with Grand Admiral Blackadder killing Queen Asphyxia’s triple-husbandoid, marrying her and assuming control of the galactic empire. Amusing, but less of an emotional impact than the season 4 finale.
  8. In the DVD commentary for the season 6 opener, M Trachtenberg’s increasing age is referenced in that they mention they decided it was no longer appropriate for her to be hanging around Spike/Marsden so closely, wearing short skirts. I had the commentary on subtitles but I think it was Whedon commenting. In the Once more with Feeling commentary, he mentions he finds being rejected/told to go away a big turn on, hence Spike constantly telling Buffy to beat it in his songs, really trying to grt her back.
  9. Watched first two seasons, never bothered with the third. Currently watching Bloodlands, starring James Nesbitt, also set in Northern Ireland. Seen first of four episodes so far and seems good. Seen first two eps of ZeroZeroZero which is pretty good.
  10. I was given the AZ vaccine (I’m 41 though in classed as vulnerable due to having been on immune-suppressants) so glad to see the vaccine has been effective. It’s been two weeks since I got the first dose so should kick in next week.
  11. Yeah. Once you’ve had a young kid in extreme discomfort due to constipation, there’s no more wonderful sight than a nappy full of shit. My daughter (aged 2.5 now) was screaming every second night for a while last summer, leaving me no choice but to take her out in her pushchair in the early hours which helped settle her. The gp prescribed laxido which helped, thankfully, because going out for a walk at 3 in thr morning in winter wasn’t happening!
  12. Between working from home and lookinng after toddler (when not at nursery), I’ve been writing when I can. I’ve one novel (97k words) at the polishing stage, and another’s first draft almost finished. And I really want to start on the threequel to my first and third published books. My wife’s at work a lot (nurse) so during the week I’m usually alone except for our two rabbits, until time to collect daughter. All in all can’t really complain as we’re very fortunate to both be key workers.
  13. A Game of Shadows is interesting in that it’s essentially a remake of The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen film. Hell, both films have the same antagonist with the same goal (triggering WW1 early). I prefer the first one though.
  14. Lol if you ever have a kid, you’re in for an awakening. And not just the kid pissing and shitting (btw baby boys are known to piss in people’s faces while having a nappy change). Bathroom privacy in the house is a distant memory for me now. Expect to share a toilet with partner and child, all three in at the same time when young kid getting a bath. When my toddler was newly crawling and my wife was out, I would put daughter in the (empty) bath while attending to my business because she was too young and too mobile for me to leave alone at that point).
  15. Ultima Online is still running (turns 24 in September!). I started playing in 2000, and as it’s now free to play (with restrictions), I occasionally log in with 20-year old characters for nostalgia to wander about.
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