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  1. An interesting theory, that the definition of the word was politically influenced.
  2. I last played BG in 2013. Lacking time, I used the mod to play it on BG2 engine, specialised Khalid in duel-wielding/bastard swords - and imported gear from Throne of Bhaal (including speed boots for everyone). I started as lvl 1 but the lack of lvl cap for gear made my party utterly badass. Khalid and my main both duel-wielded uber bastard swords (with extra critical hit) that turned everything into gore. Khalid would whimper his way through battle - while being a fucking Terminator.
  3. Judaism (I assume by the name) refers to the tribe of Judah who had a schism from the rest of Israel when Solomon’s son and successor was a dick, becoming the Samaritans (I believe? Been years since I read the Old Testament out of curiosity). So don’t the descendents of the Samaritans have ancient claim to northern Israel? Found a map via google of the land in biblical times - can’t speak to its veracity. https://biblesnet.com/maps3/Kingdoms of Judahs -Israel.jpg
  4. 3000 years is an odd metric, since the Romans (European) were involved, and Islam wasn’t around for most of that. Do Persians, Assyrians and Babylonians qualify as Arab? And if you go back just a bit further, it was the 12 tribes of Israel taking the land by force from the Caananites.
  5. Glasgow’s fucked. Won’t affect me immediately as I’m in East Renfrewshire, but will likely spread. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-scotland-glasgow-west-57127094
  6. Got the Planescape Torment/Icewind Dale and Baldurs Gate 1+2 for PS4, since my PC is 6.5 years old and probably not got much life left. Will see how they handle with controller; if there’s a way to use a mouse/keyboard, that’d be great
  7. That we’re still getting variants coming into this country over a year since the pandemic started is unforgivable. There should be enforced isolation for anyone entering the country, and India should have been added to the red list when the variant there became known. Hopefully the vaccines will still work, but I’m reading of concerns they’re less effective against the Indian variant. If it spreads and the vaccines don’t stop it, we’re facing full lockdown again. With no respite in sight, until modified vaccines are made, approved and rolled out.
  8. Matt Hancock has sent a tweet from the future, standing in front of “one of the 40 new hospitals that we are going to build.”
  9. In scotland, Glasgow and Moray will remain on lvl3 an extra week. Not convinced we’re out of this, if cases are spiking when we’re not even out of lockdown. Obviously lockdown ended unofficially a few weeks ago
  10. Thanks and will do I’m sure the ones on this board got a group mention in the acknowledgements of Lord of the Hunt at the back of the book
  11. Currently rewatching Space: Above and Beyond, a TV military sci-fi show from thr mid-90’s. Effects are dated but interesting to watch again. Shame it got cancelled after one season.
  12. Coming so soon after the Scottish election, there’s suspicion it was an attempt by Westminster to flex their muscles in Scotland. If so, it backfired
  13. Golda Meir worth reading about. One of my wife’s grandfathers was a bodyguard of hers at one point. My mil has a photo of him (and other soldiers) with her.
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