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  1. GPs and their staff being subjected to abuse since the government chucked them under the bus. In better news, the UN decided to withdraw a job offer to Matt Hancock where he would have been helping Africa with covid. Because he did such a bang-up job here… https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-politics-58940128
  2. So got a few DS9 season 3 eps to watch, and finished Voyager season 1. Albeit I only watched 3 eps (counting pilot as 1 ep). Voyager suffered imho by integrating the Maquis so quickly. What would naybe have been interesting would be to have had the survivors of a Starfleet ship merge with survivors of a Klingon, Cardassian and Romulan ship, all having to travel on Voyager. Maybe make the ship itself the size of Galaxy Class. But they clearly wanted back to TNG aesthetic to try and recapture those ratings, which DS9 never did. Unfortunately Voyager jist played it safe and never really engaged
  3. At this point it’s all speculation. It could have been done by someone pushed over the edge by too many unfixed pot holes or lack of action against people letting their dogs shit on the pavement.
  4. Beendoing a chronological Trek Watch (Enterprise, Discovery 1+2, TOS etc) albeit skipping a lot of episodes. Currently nearing end of DS9 season 3.
  5. To be fair, if one of my best friends turned out to be the reincarnation of a guy who went mad, killed his family and kicked kff the destruction of the world, and was fated to possibly do it again, I’d be fucking ghosting him too
  6. To be fair, I’d fucking balk at getting a prostate exam from a friend. A doctor, surely, would be better?
  7. At the start, then I think she removes the ‘platform’
  8. As long as Chunky Kitkats are still considered a biscuit rather than confectionery, I don’t care.
  9. Never driven out of the UK, but as a pedestrian… Rome was a nightmare, cars just ignored signals. Marrakesh was the worst. Due to a festival where sheepnare slaughtered, and cooked on the street, people were driving about with sheep tied to their car roofs. Whole familiea would cling to a single tony scooter and drive about
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