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  1. Derfel Cadarn

    UK Politics: Time Marches On

    Farage's farce of a Leavers march (the Gammonball Run, as its been nicknames)from Sunderland to London is now on day2, and down to about 77 people according to twitter. Not sure if that's excluding the photographers :p He charged the marchers £50 and doesnt even have the decency to do the march with them.
  2. Derfel Cadarn

    UK Politics: Time Marches On

    That was Cameron. He's fucked off.
  3. Derfel Cadarn

    UK Politics: Time Marches On

    I'm relieved we can count on the Brexiteers to sabotage Brexit by any means necessary.
  4. Derfel Cadarn

    Official Blatant but Honest Self Promotion Thread

    Competition! The poorly drawn map linked below is of an area of Scotland where my novel Resurrection Men's sequel is largely set. Guess the name of the lake/loch in the centre of the picture, and be immortalised in Resurrection Men's sequel by having a minor character named after you. The only clue is it's in Scotland. PM me the answer, budding cartographers! All correct answers will be drawn from a hat to decide the winner. End date is 20th March. Correct answer will be revealed after then. https://postimg.cc/RqCmxKsw Reading Resurrection Men is not required, but won't hurt.
  5. Derfel Cadarn

    MCUniverse - Nick hath no Fury like an MRA troll

    The broflakes are now claiming CA is only doing well due to the big marketing campaign and targeting demographics. Because no film has tried marketing before...
  6. Derfel Cadarn

    UK Politics : Groundhog May

    Translation: he's shitting it that there might be another referendum
  7. Off-topic, Wert, but I've a paperback ARC of my novel, Resurrection Men, if you're interested. I couldn't find an email link on your site when I got my copies. If so, please PM me. On topic: Always found it odd that Shy regards Logen as her stepfather when she was almost an adult when he appeared. I'm guessing Joe was constrained by the timeline.
  8. You cN return to main game, just take coah back to paris
  9. Derfel Cadarn

    What do you think needs to be done to combat the obesity epidemic?

    Get food producers to stop putting so much crap (i'e sugar) in food. Or at least be honest. Look at the amount of sugar in so-called fat free healthy yoghurt, for example.
  10. Derfel Cadarn

    Popular shows you quit on

    Quit walking dead a few years ago. Quit boardwalk empire after s2
  11. Derfel Cadarn

    UK Politics : Groundhog May

    During a press conference in Slovenia, our Foreign Secretary, Hunt, referred to Slovenia as a 'former Soviet vassal state'...
  12. Derfel Cadarn

    Popular shows you quit on

    Quit Dexter, True Blood and Castle at thr end of the penultimate seasons. Quit Sons of Anarchy end of season 5. I only watched vikings s1. Didnt dislike it but wasnt enthused enough to continue. Glad I didnt.
  13. Derfel Cadarn

    Star Wars Thread: I KNOW WHAT THAT IS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Declaration: False. Die, meatbag!
  14. Derfel Cadarn

    UK Politics : Groundhog May

    We're truly in a race to the bottom
  15. Derfel Cadarn

    Mental Wellbeing Thread

    Unless Peppa Pig and and that purple dinosaur have now started teaching kids post-apocalyptic survival stuff, then i think we'll skip straight to Mad Max and The Road.