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  1. Not Kwasi Kwarteng’s week. To add insukt to injury, the Mirror prints the picture of a different black man they claim is him. And at the topnof the licture there are banners for Black history and culture. Oops!
  2. Over 200k signatures on petition for general election
  3. So the back channel chat between Russia and Nato is, “We can’t lose against Ukraine, so if you could just bomb us a few times, we’ll withdraw and say NATO drove us out.”?
  4. I read somewhere earlier there’s debate among the Tories that if Truss goes, whether to do a ‘coronation’ or another contest. Meanwhile:
  5. Sky News site reporting more and more Tory discontent and calls for Truss and Kwarteng to go.
  6. Not content with blaming past Labour governments for the past 12 years of Tory shitshow, they’re now blaming future Labour governments.
  7. Anti-monarchist Lib Dem Liz Truss’s deep cover mission to bring down the monarchy and the Tories is going well! One monarch taken out, replaced by an environmentalist one who’ll struggle to stay quiet over fracking, and already she’s about to spark another leadership contest which will make the party even more of a joke.
  8. Jonathan Pie’s latest video. it’s about the tories, so naturally some swearing
  9. “Journalist” Darren Grimes has been sacked by right-wing shitshow GB News, and found out via Twitter.
  10. Mass shooting in Russian school. Shooter apparently had a swastika on his shirt. Guessing we’ll soon ‘learn’ he’s “Ukrainian” or a “Ukrainian sympathiser”. False flag to get sympathy for the war? https://news.sky.com/story/six-dead-and-20-wounded-as-gunman-opens-fire-in-school-in-russia-12705612
  11. My first mortgage was 2000, just before house prices started rising. Not looking forward to next year when my current mortgage deal ends (was a 5 year fix)
  12. So the one realised Brexit “benefit”, that we had fewer immigrants coming and some leaving, (many doing essential jobs) is actually bad and needs reversed? lol!
  13. Recommend it. Do you good to visit a developed country and see what they’re like Before the government completely trashes it anyway
  14. Russian army footage of Sean Bean training the new recruits in their ‘slightly vintage’ weaponry https://youtu.be/Z9RAh1J4NE0
  15. People were having to use AL days when petrol peaked because they couldnt afford to drive to work. Some people cant afford to work because of childcare; council nursery places can be hadd to get, and privste nursery is expensive. Not everyone has the luxury of family who can look after kids, and then there’s summer holidays when kids are off. Carers: My sister had to quit a £30-grand job, her rented house, and move into a council flat adjusted for disability, because my youngest nephew needs full-time care. She’d love to get back to work, but its not on the cards any time soon.
  16. Well doje and good luck! From what you’ve said, your mother is an emotionally abusive person who is wrecking your mental health. Why woukd you save up for a house for both of you? So she can eventually die and you’ll be left alone in middle-age? Get out of there.
  17. Saudi Arabia apparently negotiated the release. Perhaps the crown prince aiming for some rehabilitation? Interestingly Putin was the only G20 leader who didnt shun him 4 years ago https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-62988234
  18. 4 (x2 AZ, 1 Phizer (sp), 1 moderna). I was on immune-suppressants until covid hit, so I got extra shot and was in shielding group. Its likely I’ll be back on them in the coming weeks, dependingon what my consultant says. Should be due an autumn booster. Also asthmatic and had to take a couple inhaler puffs, but generally its mild and I run
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