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  1. Daughter’s nursery shut on the Monday - luckily grandparents can watch her as wife and I have Spa appointment in the late morning. Incredobly, supermarkets are going to shut that would normally open every day except Christmas Day.
  2. To be fair, when you consider the British people voted for Brexit, for a ship to be named Boaty Mc Boatface, and for successive Tory governments, there’s maybe a reason why there’s no great push to replace the system relying on blind luck and genetics
  3. It’s the UK. It’s always raining/not raining, so lots of rainbows. Unless Liz Truss leads the Tory party on an endless adventure to find some pots of gold at the bottom of one of these rainbows, there are no good portents for the UK.
  4. At least he recognises the problem, though dowsnt stop him using private jets to go to llaces t tell everyone else to save the environment. Also he owns a LOT of rural property he apparently refuses to let go wild
  5. Earlier in this thread I posted a clip from 1994 of her as a teenager calling the idea of a monarchy ‘a disgrace’. Her ‘views’ are whatever she thinks will get her the top job
  6. My work is collectively shitting itself. I suspect my interview may be cancelled tomorrow.
  7. Wow. She’s only 4 years older than me. The anti-monarchy former lib-dem has really gone full Palpatine, channeling all the dark energy
  8. Something was definitely up with Jack. He never shaved or cut his hair, yet it jever seemed to grow over the 3months or so he was on the island
  9. The extended cut of TTT fleshes lut Faramir’s motivations, whereby its not wholly (possibly even not mostly) the ring that’s tempting him, its finally winning Denethor’s love by giving him the ring, which Boromir failed to do. The ring was likely playing on thst ambition. It also makes it more noble when he sacrifices that goal and lets Frodo go.
  10. Just wait until a winged balrog appears in the show, and then shit will get ugly
  11. The UK only relied on Russia for about 5% of ita gas, however the rising price for gas is where we’re feeling it
  12. Boris Johnson’s last fart is still lingering in Downing Street, and already the first hint of dissent. The wife of MP Johnny Mercer has taken to Twitter in fury over her husband being removed as Minister for Veterans Affairs (the position done away with), which she says Truss said he’d keep in exchange for his vote. People replying saying she shoukd atop posting, which she seems disinclined to do. edit: i see Williamjm has already posted about another tweet of hers. Plenty of other posts. Here she refers to Truss as “that total muppet”.
  13. @liztruss keeps getting tagged on Twitter, problem is it’s not Liz Truss.
  14. Itbwas a “holy shit terrorism suicide bomber!!!!” Thread. If people remember the rolling hills of Turkey and OsRavan getting punked over Wheel of Time (Lying liars who lie!), then it might linger
  15. It was mentioned prominently on this forum pretty much as it happened, with a lot of rumour and wrong information. Started off as a middle-eastern suicide bomber shot on the underground fleeing police; turned out to be an innocent Brazilian electrician.
  16. Patel jumping before she’s pushed. Though apparently she’ll be replaced by Braverman. https://news.sky.com/story/priti-patel-resigns-as-home-secretary-12690816
  17. Former Tory MP’s Edwina Currie’s solution to the energy crisis…
  18. To be fair, book Strider was rocking about Middle-Earth with a broken sword. Was he even armed?
  19. How fucked up is Trump in this video?? You lot actually gave this prick nuclear launch codes (possibly among the secrets he’s paid forward to other countries)
  20. Rubbish. In the UK, at least, authors do benefit from library use. The more people pirate, the more traffic pirate sites get and the more the pirates benefit, and the more it happens, and the more the author suffers. And authors, barring thr big names, generally don’t make much money, not enough to live on. I speak from experience.
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