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  1. Has the copier guy been behaving himself, realised you’re not his intern?
  2. I’m curious how much of it is a bargaining position. If Russia agrees to withdraw from Donbas region and recognise Ukraine as independent, no more war - in exchange for Crimea and water access, I suspext Ukraine would be tempted. At the least, refusal to accwpt that offer might cool international support for Ukraine.
  3. Bit of a strange request here, but I'm looking for LGBTQIA sensitivity readers for my recently finished epic fantasy novel, The Blood Hour. The first round of edits have been done with my agent, and once finalised it will be submitted to the various UK/US fantasy publishers (Orbit, Tor, Gollancz etc). A number of the characters fall under the LGBTQIA umbrella, in particular one character introduced halfway through is what we might consider agender (but not asexual). Other characters in the group are pan, bi, and one likely gay though this is not confirmed in this book. As a hetero CIS male, this is all well outside my lived experience, hence the request for people in the LGBTQIA community (particularly those with an interest in fantasy) to read the book and point out anything that might cause offense through ignorance, or could be improved. The agender character will take on a more prominent role in the next book, which I'll be planning soon, and so while any feedback will help improve The Blood Hour, I'm also looking ahead. I'm not particularly after (though happy to receive) general feedback; I'm posting in this thread because I'm specifically looking for feedback relating to the LGBTQIA elements/characters. If anyone is interested in reading over this book (the Word file can be sent to kindle), please let me know either in this thread or by DM. As mentioned, the book has undergone one round of edits, so it's pretty polished and mostly error-free. If anyone's interested, I've outlined a brief description of the setting/characters, and am happy to answer any questions.
  4. Heat was an overrated turd.
  5. That narrative is long gone. The kids of people I worked with, on leaving school, tend to go for apprenticeships.
  6. To paraphrase a quote from an author I know, “Ezra Miller is living life like I play Grand Theft Auto.” Arrested over burglary. Don’t know how their career will survive. Guessing WB will either have to recast and reshoot Flash scenes, or bin the movie. https://amp.theguardian.com/film/2022/aug/09/ezra-miller-charged-with-felony-burglary-in-vermont
  7. Han’s back and is the star of the Agents of Chaos duology which are books 4 and 5 of NJO. They are set 6 minths after Vector Prime
  8. The ‘source’ is apparently an Australian tabloid. I wouldn’t be worrying just yet
  9. I think China would veto this. Also, hiw woukd NKorea/Russia get them there? And N Korea sure as shit won’t be sending them with food/medical supplies etc, or any weapons worth a damn. So what’s Russia going to equip them with? And when these N Korean solders find themselves outside N Korea, will they decide ‘fuck this’ and run? edit: Also, N Korea hasn’t fought in a war in over half a century. No experience and probably little training.
  10. On chapter thirteen of Lucifer & Son. Seems to be going well. Using Inkarnate to try and create a map for The Blood Hour, hopefully before its ready for my sgent to submit.
  11. @BigFatCoward Jesus. East Sussex police pava-sprayed, batoned and tasered a 93 year old man in a care home with dementia, who died. They’re being investigated for gross misconduct and manslaughter. He apparently had a knife, but talk about overkill. https://news.sky.com/story/police-pepper-sprayed-then-tasered-one-legged-93-year-old-man-who-later-died-prompting-investigation-12665534
  12. True, but Russian morale will be lower, they’re not defending their home, and they’ll have to deal with a hostile population
  13. Less than five now. I think we’re still late 2024 in MCU (unless Strange 2 takes us into 2025 which is likely). Spiderman 2 was mid-2024 but a lot of subsequent tv/films was set prior. Plus covid delays
  14. Honestly, saw a picture of the both on the cover of The Sun (in a supermarket, I don’t buy it!), and they both look identical to me.
  15. And the IT guy who set up the whatsapp account or whatever “forgot” the password
  16. Apparently Johnson plans to pack the Lords with cronies, who will be contractually obliged to vote as told by the government
  17. Slow/poor battlefield first aid, especially away from the lines, probably meant a lot of Russian soldiers died who might otherwise have survived
  18. William cheating on Kate (with her former best friend) is not new, tho the English press are apparently not allowed to print it. So instead they doubled down on Harry and Meghan.
  19. #princeofpegging trending on twitter - runours that Prince William is into it but Kate isn’t hence the cheating. RyanAir’s response: (NOT a parody!)
  20. The Snap seemed to not be mentioned in Moon Knight or Ms Marvel. Can only assume Kamala’s family either all got snapped or none did.
  21. He coukd get away with it with a few policies that excite people. Blair rode the post-Dunblane anti-gun movement (which Johnson opposed). Also proposed referendums on Scottish and Welsh parliaments.
  22. Starmer seems determined to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory. Tory voters don’t need another Tory party - they’ve got the Tories, and Lib-Dems if they want a pro-EU ‘nicer’ one.
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