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  1. “Incoherent shit” is how a senior cop describes Truss’ “plan” to cut crime
  2. The Estate can’t sell the rights to Lotr/Hobbit - they don’t own them. From a legal standpoint Insuspect their lawyers are very protective lver Silmarillion righta”s, and would sue any unauthorised useage. And would win. They can argue the unauthorised useage compromises any future deal.
  3. A writer and editor at the Torygraph obviously frightened Johnson might take their job, so they’re kindly trying to get him another
  4. Sunak and Truss - doing the Opposition’s job of pointing out how shit the Tory government is
  5. Brent Spinet trying to sell a TNG dvd set to Denise Crosby
  6. And of course an interview from 2006 has emerged of Dorries saying she owned a pair of £6k earings https://news.sky.com/story/tory-leadership-live-updates-tv-debate-sunak-truss-12593360?postid=4209491#liveblog-body
  7. Not to mention the 500k she spent on a private jet to fly her to Australia and back was hardly a display of thrift.
  8. According to the Port of Dover boss, the current chaos absolutely is because of Brexit
  9. £120 mill for 200 people?? That’s £600k per person.
  10. New Zealand TV news bemused as to why Truss made a deal that would make NZ farmers richer and UK farmers poorer. Also Britons didn’t realise ending freedom of movement worked both ways. Chaos and massive delays in Dover.
  11. Problem is a lot of vulnerable people can’t get vaxxed, and so are relying on the people around then to be vaxxed. So of someone can’t take a polio vbaccine, it doesn’t really matter if almost everyone else is vaxxed because no one’s catching it to spread it, ie herd immunity. With covid, admittedly, the vaccines arent really stopping the spread, but by lessening severity it at least reduces hospital admissiona, freeing up resources for serious cases, and reducing the exposure of healthcare staff (and vulnerable patients) to the virus
  12. I think that’s where GRRM accompanied a bunch of us to after the Glasgow Borders (RIP) AFfC signing in 2005
  13. I like the uktimate edition of Batman V supernan, with the 30 mins of plot stuff cut out for the theatrical cut
  14. God yes! In the UK, a lot of people use the kettle to boil water for rice/pasta as its a lot quicker than waiting for the hob to bring cold water to the boil. Our paid sick days would really disillusion you (I’m public sector, get 6 months full pay, 6 minths halfoay). I had to take today off as daughter got sent home from nursery, boss didnt put it through as anything.
  15. Having seen clips of Truss as an anti-monarchist Lib-Dem Remainer, and more recently as a dead-eyed Tory Leaver, I can only assume that at some point she fell into the hands of Thatcherite necromancers and Possessed with the spirit of their dark mistress. Edit: Fuck, that’s the plot for my next book sorted. The Witch-Queen of Finchley.
  16. Apparently Americans generally don’t have kettles because their power rating is less than ours, and so it would take forever to boil. Hence boing water on the hob or microwaving tea
  17. Your wine’s likely better than ours (never tasted any UK wine) but it’s still pretty shit. My BiL swears by some Californian piss. Australian wines on the other hand are excellent, and good value for money. (speaking of reds)
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