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  1. Couldn't finish it. Kovacs and the Envoy are unrecognizable and if you ignore them completely and just try to take it as just another sci-fi show then its just a hodgepodge of formulaic stories we have all seen before. Further uncharitable negatives include: The music sucks. The casting of Mariam Bancroft really sucks. Worst of all though the action sucks. This one is really inexcusable as they tried to dumb it down and let the visuals carry the show. Its been 3 years since Daredevil season 1; we know TV shows can do top tier action sequences, even on a much smaller budget, so why was this so plodding ? I really don't know who they were aiming at with this show. edit - just read spoilers, and they are stupider than anything I can imagine. Thank god I bailed out!
  2. Thanks Ran for the overview, my expectations were already low but you helped me to manage them further. I will watch only for the visuals and if there is anything else to pique my interest i'll treat it as a bonus.
  3. Done. Fantastic season, even better than the last. Even the weakest episode - IMO Black Museum - was still pretty good. But Brooker is really relying on the cookies now. I have it as: Archangel USS Callister Hang the DJ Crocodile Metalhead Black Museum The first 4 are basically all as good as eachother and might change based on how im feeling that day. Also I thought the first story in Black Museum was as good as anything this show has ever done but was watered down by the other two stories which didn't really work for me.
  4. Unfortunately there doesnt seem to be a kindle edition of these books yet but i'll add them to the list.
  5. Well i've come full circle. The first time i left this boards was due to the annoying, never-ending gender threads and now i seem to have started another one. Ofcourse, its a spectrum, but at the same time its what i grew up reading, why i got into fantasy in the first place and what i consider ordinary. This is my issue though. On all the fantasy forums i have come across this stuff seems to be all thats being talked about. Where do I find good traditional stuff ? You don't see Mens Rights activists swarming romance publishers for more accurate portrayals of men do you ? With regards to Lawerence i don't know i haven't read the book but i was dealing with the accusation that he had pandered. Maybe its still good old fashion blood and guts and black humour, probably its not. With regards to Abercrombie I don't know what to tell you man, if you can't see it already then nothing i say will be able to convince you. But basically yes featuring women in central action roles of a heroic fantasy IS pandering. So in another wise gritty semi-realistic fantasy im just meant to quietly accept that an other wise normal woman is a champion deulist and reknowned killer ? Why ? He started out with fairly consistent and acceptable reasons like demon blood for Ferro and is now pretty much at because "Girl Powah!" Not the Fifth Season which i thought was great but The Obelisk Gate which has, for me, massively gone off the rails. Nice strawman though. Also while it might be a niche market overall its certainly the fashionable topic in fantasy circles to the point where it has completely drowned out anything else.
  6. Ah okay, so now we have two different things. On one had we have my original assertion that Lawerence is one of a dying breed of fantasy authors who writes "boys fiction". Some people may find that this type of fantasy excludes them but i like it and those are the types of books i listed and would like to read more of if you know any good ones. Then there is everything else. To my mind any book that is inclusive without me really noticing it is a great success and more power to them so books like Senlin Ascends by Josiah Bancroft or Uprooted by Noami Novik. Any book that can tell a good yarn without beating me over the head with a message. What i really dislike are books that scream "Girl Powah, fuck yeah!" or "Isn't being progressive and liberal awesome!" from the rooftops like The Obelisk Gate by N.K Jemisin, Sorcerer to the Crown by Zen Cho or The Liberation by Ian Trelligis. I get it! At some point, and for me its probably much less than for most, the politics take over the story and I lose interest.
  7. Er....thanks ? Well not many anymore thats my point. Abercrombie was for a while and Lawerence as well but nowadays its hard to find a writer who seems to avoid gender politics and social justice altogether. If you're really asking then two good examples I have read recently are The Warlord Chronicles and The Vagrant by Peter Newman.
  8. Couldn't think of a better word. First i thought Traditional, but its grimdark which isn't so traditional so lets say fantasy that isn't obsessed with Inclusivity ? Fantasy that isn't inclusivity-porn ? Non-cis-white-male bashing fantasy ? Im not sure if my terminology is up to date but you get the idea.
  9. And whats wrong with that ? Mark was one of the very few current generation fantasy authors writing good, unapologetic male-aimed fantasy. Now, if what you are saying is correct, it seems like he's pandering to the feminists. Which is a smart business decision i guess but as someone who doesnt like this new crop of politically perfect fantasy i can't help but feel its a huge shame.
  10. No, i'm with Kal the severity of the punishment was clearly proportional to the crime. The cake delievery guy was watching some sort of weird porn clearly - we see a shot of his family arguing and his mum calling him a pervert. The other two did what ? Spend money she already had on a car, and the other a get away driver in a robbery ? The paedophiles fought to the death! You really can't say it wasn't proportional. I also don't think the hackers were particularly bad; they only targeted the guilty and they certainly didn't push some of the others as far they could have done; i'm sure they see themselves as vigilantes. If they had just made them do shit and then kept quiet THAT would have been pure sadism but the fact they exposed them afterwards and gave up their power over them meant that it was all about the punishment for them.
  11. See that's why I loved it; for me a work of fiction is better the more it can move me emotionally. And for that to happen i have to really buy into the story, and i can't do that when i can feel the author in the background preaching from his pulpit. HItN didn't feel organic at all, I had to constantly suspend my disbelief, whereas SUaD was so plausible to me (just like Men on Fire was) that i wasn't at all surprised when I read this BBC article this morning: Skype sex scam
  12. Finished. For me it's Playtest Shut up and Dance Men Against Fire San Junipero Nosedive Hated in the Nation in order of awesomeness. Su&D was probably "better" but Playtest just effected me on a personal level. I would say Hated, despite its incredible production quality, was actually quite bad. There has to be a better way to show the consequences of social media hate storms then this ai bees's bullshit, and the government invasion of privacy angle was just so hamfisted.
  13. Excellent. I tend to like eastern fantasies like The Witcher and The Nights Watch series for the exoticness of their settings. If its well done, and more importantly, if there is a compelling story under all that world building then i'm sure it will be right up my street.
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