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  1. I do wonder why Jaime was allowed to remain on the KG, obviously it was up to Robert but I don't know how he'd be comfortable with Jaime in his KG
  2. Jaime would have to die defending Aerys though, even if Aerys was knocked unconscious
  3. Why would you assume they would know of this supposed Aegon prophecy let alone be able to stop the Others. Their dragons are lone dead
  4. How do y'all think the Unsullied and Dothraki will perform in Westeros? Her Forces Before the Battle of Fire, Barristan is in command of around 8,600 trained Unsullied, 5,000 not-fully-trained Unsullied, 2,000 Windblown (mix of horse and foot), 500 Stormcrows (horse), 500 Second Sons (mostly foot?)[turncloak], hundreds of pit fighters, thousands of freemen split into multiple companies, a few dozen squires, and the Brazen Beasts. So maybe 20,000+ foot of varying type and a couple thousand horse. Victarion also joins the fighting with his 62 ships and a few thousand reavers. Now, assuming a good chuck of this force survives, be it from some Dothraki horde led by Daenerys, or her riding Drogon, or some excellent strategy, or a combination of them all. Daenerys will have a large army with no clear means of getting them to Westeros. Victarion's longships will have little room to carry her army. His captured merchant ships and any Ghiscari, Meereenese, or Qartheen ships may allow Daenerys to transport some of her forces but certainly not tens of thousands of horses and men. So short of all the cities around Slaver's Bay paying Daenerys a tribute of ships, she is not sailing with the majority of her force. Westerosi Allies The places where you'd assume Daenerys would land her armies are still fairly strong. Pre (f)Aegon's landing, Dorne and the Reach were untouched by war, and the Stormlands were near unspent. For Daenerys to have any hope of winning against a large Westerosi army, she would need Westerosi allies. Obviously a large number of nobles would side with a Targaryen pretender but there already is one. (f)Aegon leads an army of Westerosi and has a stronger claim. Daenerys leads an army of foreigners and has a weaker claim. The only thing going for her is her dragon/s. So, she'll have little Westerosi support. Logistics and Force Comparison I think the greatest hurdle for Daenerys is feeding and equipping this army. By the time she lands in Westeros, winter would be even worse. The Unsullied and Dothraki she would have with her would be completely outmatched by a large united Westerosi army. If she does win, it won't be because she has Unsullied and Dothraki. Side Note: Her Dragons People act as if she can control all three dragons, she cannot. Her mount looks to be Drogon and the three dragons are in no way comparable to those of Aegon I and his sisters. But without a doubt, Drogon seems to be her best asset.
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