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  1. AerionBrightflameII

    Do You Like The Audio Books By Roy Dotrice?

    Oh man just heard about Roy Dotrice's Death
  2. AerionBrightflameII

    What is Jon Snow's real name?

    His name is Jon, that's indisputable. Ned named him that but i don't think it would be wild ass speculation for his parents or at least his mother to name him.
  3. AerionBrightflameII

    [TWoW Spoilers] Aeron I (Balticon)

    I don't think The Hightowers would side with Euron. I could see Euron smashing the Redwyne Fleet at sea, it's possible that they might be able to raid OldTown but they just don't have the man power to hold it or defend it if they did. The reason The Ironmen are so difficult to beat is because of their tactics, surprise raids and melt away with their plunder. Full scale Land battles they'd be shattered. Euron doesn't even seem interested in conquest, he's raided the Reach and been highly successful but that's only why The Tyrells were distracted, he seems aware that the Shields will be retaken at anytime.
  4. AerionBrightflameII

    What is Jon Snow's real name?

    This sounds good to me!! Rhaegar named his son with Elia Martell Aegon so i would say Aemon is what he called Jon. I think Rhaegar named Jon, Aemon because he conversed with Maester Aemon through Ravens about 'The Prince That Was Promised' I could easily picture them trading insights and sharing confidences. Rhaegar was known to be intelligent and scholarly im sure he could recognize the same traits in Aemon and that played a part in his decision. Currently in the show there's no mummers Dragon in Westeros so i also think they will change it to Aegon. XD
  5. AerionBrightflameII

    Who has the most right to the Iron Throne

    I loved Renly thought he was ok and a funny guy and he wanted to punish the Lannisters, avenge Robbert and heal the realm but really though he was a flamboyant fool. Olenna and Stannis pretty much nailed him on that count.
  6. AerionBrightflameII

    Who has the most right to the Iron Throne

    Stannis. The Targaryens won their Throne through conquest. Then lost it to the Baratheons by conquest. (F)Aegon is fake. Dany is a woman. Tommen is a bastard. Moonboys a fool. Stanis wouldn't be the best king but he is the rightful king..
  7. AerionBrightflameII

    Board Issues 4

    I think the site looks good....it's just the months of content that have vanished..
  8. AerionBrightflameII


    She is definitely not my favorite POV character and i usually grit my teeth tbh when it's her POV but i wouldn't say she accomplishes nothing.... We find out she is possibly descended from Ser Duncan the Tall. She slays three members from The Bloody Mummers(Shagwell The Fool, Pyg and Timeon.) Introduced us to Meribold, Elder Brother the healer and shows that the Hound is alive. We catch up to what happened with Gendry. Kills Rorge who has been terrorizing the Riverlands. Reintroduces us to the BWB and Lady Stoneheart.   It was almost painful too see how she is treated by everybody.....She isn't my favorite character but i do have a lot of respect for her.
  9. AerionBrightflameII

    Manderly Wrote the Pink Letter

    I think i would rather stick with Ramsey.....but a close second would be Mance. Stannis is too respectable to troll Jon like that after Jon helped advise him to win some of the North..
  10. AerionBrightflameII

    Manderly Wrote the Pink Letter

    Manderly is fat not a troll. I agree there are some interesting song choices but why would he send the Pink Letter to Jon? He believes he already has Rickon Stark to rally the North why would he need the NW or Jon?
  11. AerionBrightflameII

    Do You Like The Audio Books By Roy Dotrice?

    I hated it...... but now i really like it.     I dont do Half Measures...     :agree:
  12. AerionBrightflameII

    Who has the most right to the Iron Throne

    I would say either Dany or Stannis.. I like them both and their claims are both good.