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  1. I have got 3 questions as well. Hope you can help me out.


    1. Cersei was married to Robby B. so why is and was she called Cercei Lannister all the time? Shouldn´t it be Cercei Baratheon?


    2. Everyone says that the R+ L theory is so important because if it is true then their son would have a claim to the throne, even more so than Dany. But I think neither would have a claim since Robert won his rebellion

    fair and square right? So not the past kings but  Robert´s descendants should be the heir, right? But he has no trueborn kids so Gendry is the one true king? I´m so confused  :stillsick:


    3. When I think about everything that happend after Robert became King, I see that f*cking Littlefinger is reason for every tragedy that happend (especially to the Starks). He needed Ned out of the way so he could marry Cat, so he

    killed Jon Arryn because he knew Robert would make Ned the Hand. Once Ned was in Kings Landing.... well you know how it went on. But I can´t see the big picture. What is his plan? He can´t be the king. If he wanted to be Warden of the North,

    he would´ve married Sansa himself, but then Cersei would kill him. What the f does he want man  :drunk: I know he once said to Varys that Chaos is like a ladder for him. But how far does he think he can climb this ladder?

    1. You can't marry into royal family. You can only be born into royal family. which is why she kept her surname. You can't get a royal surname with marriage.


    2. Robert is an usurper. Yes, his rebellion was legit (if you ask me, some posters believe it was not), but it was still a rebellion and he is still a usurper. A question of Dany's claim is very complicated. Robert became king, because his grand mother was a Targaryen (like Dany). His claim comes from the same family as Dany's claim. Before the rebellion Robert was 5th in line for the throne. His legitimacy is build on the fact that he was a cousin of king Aerys II. So if Stannis and Shireen dies, the crown goes to his closest family-Aegon Targaryen (in show it is Dany(and Jon)). They 'forgot' to mention in the show that they are related :)


    If you ask Targaryen loyalist, Robert is an usurper and just like John Locke said: 'We might regard conquest as a kind of foreign usurpation of power and usurpation as a kind of domestic political conquest. However there is a major difference between the two in that some conquests may be just and lawful, usurpers can never have right on their side.' So Robert was never a lawful king.
    Some say that Targaryens lost their claim entirely and that if Stannis and Shireen  die claim to the throne possibly goes to Edric Storm (or some other Targaryen relatives). Edric Storm is the only recognised bastard son of Robert. Gendry is not recognised, so he can't be in line for a throne. Edric Storm also can't be line for the throne, because he is still a bastard. And you have to legitimize a bastard (a bastard can't sit the Iron Throne without royal legitimization).
    3. Littlefinger is a mystery. 
  2. Except it is all but confirmed that Rickon will be the first Stark to return to Winterfell (at least physically :)).

    He will be Stannis' public figure to bind the North to his cause. George promised us that Stannis is one of the lies Dany is supposed to slay; so, he should empower Stannis enough so that he could be a challenge to Dany when she comes. The only way to do that is to give him the North and that Manderly Fleet in the making.

    Do you have a link or SSM? I can't remember reading this

  3. I fear you are right, but I do believe that viewers and critics can influence the show. Not this season obviously, but some good old mud slinging and rotten tomatoes throwing may force HBO CEOs if not the Mad King/Euron Greyjoy duo, to rethink their strategy for the next season - like hiring real writers for a change. I do pity the actors. They are excellent. They are trying hard (most of them anyway), but it is obvious that they gave up on script as well. Iain Glenn was the best in this episode when he had zero words to say. That speaks volumes. Also, actors are more and more engaged on other projects. The whole thing is slowly falling apart. Just compare Tywin skinning a deer in season 1 with "can you find fat Valda's fanny" dialogue this season. Pathetic.

    Exactly, in first season they had GRRM and Jane Espenson, (and Bryan Cogman), now they have Dave Hill-Sons of the harpy was his first screenplay. He started as assistant, and he got a job as a writer because he suggested Olly should kill Ygritte.

  4. The stupidity of the show writers is impossible to defend. First of all, they bought TV rights for a fantasy genre masterpiece and turned it into a mixture of soap opera and torture porn. That is like buying a painting by Leonardo and giving it to an art student instead of blanc canvas so that he can paint his first painting ever.

    I blame huge egos and not enough talent paired with an enormous amount of greed and lots of focus group research by the HBO relevant department.

    So, in order to explain my position, I will stick to the show and forget about the books for now.

    - Tyrion told us the story of Tysha, his first wife, twice in the show. And that was a classic Chekov's gun. We had a story filed in our brains and writers just had to use it in an appropriate moment. When that moment came (Jaime releases Tyrion from prison), the story is never told. So, Tyrion has no motive to seek Tywin out. He has no motive to kill him. Or, to be more precise, he has the same motive ha had in season 1 episode 1. There was nothing to tip Tyrion over the edge. So, why was Tysha story introduced in the first place?

    - Barristan Selmy crossed half of Essos to find Daenerys. His show value since he found her was to tell her a couple of tales about her father and brother that might have been told by anyone else. Then the character, whom Jaime described as "the painter who paints in red" and the best knight he has ever known, strolls down a city on a verge of mutiny without armour and gets killed like a novice. That is a waste of screen time, character, money and plot.

    - Gendry was left rowing at some point in the show. No followup for a long time. Is he still rowing?

    - Locke was sent to the Wall by the Boltons only to get killed by Bran inside Hodor. What was the purpose of that arc? What did the show achieve with it? Would anything have changed if that arc had not been there? Yes, there would be more screen time for things that actually matter.

    - Brothel scenes are mostly totally unjustified by plots and exist solely to achieve some pre-set nudity quota per episode.

    - Rape scenes in Crasters keep were so casual as if they were portraying some sport.

    - The latest rape scene makes no dramaturgical sense. Boltons are keen to take control over the North. They are about to face Stannis's army and they are facing a silent mutiny and disapproval of all other northern lords. Sansa is their card to legalisation of their position. And Ramsey rapes her on their wedding night forcing Theon to watch. He has just thrown all his father's diplomatic work down the drain. So, what is the purpose of that scene? To show Ramsey is mad? We know he is mad. That has been established. To show he is stupid? Maybe. But, that has also been established. To shock the audience? After the RW, it would not be an easy task. On the other hand, the show established Sansa as a character who has grown and took her destiny into her own hands. How did they establish it? By showing us that she can lie effectively and with a plan. And by having Sansa change her appearance. The latter is a stupid method abandoned even in amateurish theatres, let alone expensive productions. However, they could not find any other method to demonstrate the change. Then they go back on their own arc and regress the same character to its season 2 part of the arc. The only conclusion therefore is that the rape scene in WF had been done for a sole purpose of shocking the audience in hope of pushing the ratings even higher. since the producers already experienced backlash last season with the sept rape scene, it takes a lot of stupidity to repeat the exercise and push the stakes even higher. So, we had to watch through Theon another pointless tourture porn. There is no justification for this.

    I can go on and give many more examples, but I have to conclude that the show has proven to be sexist, anti-gay and bursting with stereotypes. It has become offensive. And what is more offensive is the fact that the producers are not even aware how offensive they are. The whole invented Missandei/Greyworm romance is, apart from being pointless from the perspective of the plot, totally racist and patronising. Plus, it has zero plot value. Gay stereotype Loras is a caricature, not a character. From the tourney scene in season 1 to the latest episode we had no character development.

    Jaime Lannister had a lovely development arc until they returned him to KG. Now, we have no idea who that man is, what is he up to and what drives him. And so on.

    GRRM has created a beautifully interwoven Persian carpet of arcs and plots that create a complex pattern with deep universal messages and emotions. He has written complex characters and consistently developed them. The show at this point resembles an industrial two coloured synthetic carpet full of cigarette burns and food stains after a whole night of an intensive poker game that ended in a fight. I wish that carpet is as exciting as the poker game I have just described.

    And why did all this happen? Because HBO gave a free reign to rookies who felt their first success, it got into their heads, inflated their egos and greed and reduced the size of their brains accordingly. So, at this point, D&D resemble Mad King and Euron Greyjoy respectively. Only a good slap in the face from the critics and the audience can save this show from becoming an unredeemable rape of GRRM's masterpiece.

    :bowdown: Couldn't agree more

  5. There was a lot of ‘Dany will go mad’ exposition in this episode. Tyrion said that Targs are known to be insane, he said Aerys burned people for fun which is a parallel to what Dany did in last episode. D&D are trying very hard to make us like Stannis and hate Dany. And Cersei is not 'mad' in show, so 'mad queen' would be something new. I don’t want to believe this will happen, but it seems they are going in this direction.

    As to Sansa...A lot of unsullied love GoT because of shock. We don’t have all those things that made us like ASOIAF in show. So D&D have to do shock >substance to keep ratings up. Most of my unsullied friends were looking forward to each new season, because they always hoped that Dany will came to Westeros or that Others will invade. They think that’s the main point of the show. And since Dany is still in Meereen and Others are still gods know where, they need shock-well, at least that is what I think D&D are thinking.

    They made shock >substance into show trademark. And it’s sick. What they did to Sansa…that was our fifth rape so far?

  6. Thanks everyone!

    Hey!! welcome to the boards :D where are you from? who are your favorite characters?

    oh and don't worry about grammar lol I'm american and my first language is English and I give fuck all about punctuation more than I should :blush:

    I’m from Slovenia and I haven't written in English since high school, so it might take me a while to get used to it again :)

    And my favorite POVs are Jon and Eddard, but otherwise i'm fascinated with Targaryens :)
  7. Um.. you forgot a period at the end of your sentence. That could be considered a death sentence here. Just joking! Welcome to the board.

    Tnx! :)

    And as long as it’s not death by burning, I’m fine :)

  8. Hello everyone!

    i started reading ASOIAF around 2005, but i was just a casual reader. But I just started rereading books and now I’m all in :)

    I struggle a bit with writing in english, so I hope you are not too strict with grammar here :blushing:

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