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    History repeats itself?

    Might be seeing things that aren't there (or missing things that are), but am noticing parallels between the current situation in King's Landing and the end of Robert's Rebellion. RR: Huge, critical battle fought at the Trident. GOT: Huge, critical battle fought at Winterfell RR: Mad King locked up in King's Landing with Wildfire stashed everywhere. GOT: Quite unhinged Cersei locked up in King's Landing presumably with said wildfire still stashed everywhere. RR: Tywin's army camped outside the walls, uncertain as to whether they've come to save the city or sack it. GOT: Dany's army camped outside, uncertain as to whether she plans to save the city or burn it. RR: Ned Stark and the northern army racing down the King's Road. GOT: Jon and the northern army marching down the King's Road. Think it will play out in similar fashion? Will someone (Jaime?) take out Cersei before she can give the order to "Burn them all"? Will Dany and Grey Worm take vengeance by destroying the city? Will Jon arrive after the damage has already been done to find someone sitting on the throne? Will he make him/her step down, or will he be a little less stubborn/narrow-minded than his foster-father was? I feel like with the theme of "breaking the wheel" the final message is going to be something about how we need to stop making the same mistakes as our forebears if we ever want the world to change. All speculation, but GRRM certainly likes the theme of history repeating itself. Who knows about D&D though.
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    the honeyed locusts...

    Hello friends, Wrapping up another re-read, and something has been bothering me. Apologies if this has already been discussed. So, Belwas eats all of the locusts. Becomes deathly ill, but survives, reportedly, due to his great size. Dany puts Belwas' weight at 20 stone, or about 280 lbs, and estimates that he is roughly three times her size. So, theoretically, even if Dany ate 1/3 of the bowl of locusts (unlikely), she could have survived. Why would an assassin use such a weak poison? Perhaps the intent was never to kill her, but just to make her sick and indisposed for a time, a la Tyrion giving Cersei the shits for a few days so he could wheel and deal unopposed. Perhaps Belwas simply has a rare honey allergy? Can cause nausea and vomiting. Thoughts?