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  1. Ser Harly of Southwell

    Official Testing Thread

    ::spoilers:: test ::spoilers:: oops, embarassing
  2. Ser Harly of Southwell

    [Poll] How would you rate episode 608?

    Things I liked: The ships bombarding Meereen. Simply epic. The Hound scenes Jaime and Edmure, even if they changed Jaime back to a douche. The King's Landing stuff. Really interesting twist about not being able to have trial by combats. GET UN-HYPE Arya and the Waif doing parkour Things I was meh: Bronn and Pod Dany's arrival Things I hated: Tyrion scenes Jaime and Brienne The off screen death of the Blackfish 6/10
  3. Ser Harly of Southwell

    [Poll] How would you rate episode 607?

    I only took points off for the Arya scene. The Waif could have done a much better job. The North was well done, the Riverrun scenes were PERFECT. I got nostalgia back to seasons 2&3 from them that's for sure. And of course having Sandor back was great. GET HYPE
  4. Ser Harly of Southwell

    [TWoW Spoilers] Aeron I (Balticon)

    No way. He has just figured out what Martin has been hinting at all along: There are no gods. Euron even says hr believes in no gods in the chapter. They are all impaled on his throne. The only god he seems to worship, if any, is the god of death. Thinking about it, the FM, and the HoBaW, also have a similar worldview as Euron. But we don't think of them as "possessed."
  5. Ser Harly of Southwell

    [TWoW Spoilers] Aeron I (Balticon)

    These were my thoughts exactly, as soon as Euron said he needed Aeron's blood, I knew Aeron didn't have much time left. With all that blood sacrifice coming, the Redwynes are doomed.
  6. Ser Harly of Southwell

    [TWoW Spoilers] Aeron I (Balticon)

    My thoughts exactly. GRRM has said that he never likes to write black and white characters. However, we have a couple of characters that are completely evil. Joffery and Ramsey are cases in point. If they are completely evil it is only because they are psychpaths, thus, insane. So Euron may also be one of these psychopaths.
  7. Ser Harly of Southwell

    [TWoW Spoilers] Aeron I (Balticon)

    Dang, this looks dark. Not really what I signed up for when I got into ASOIAF lol. But it sure is interesting. I really like the idea that Euron was a failed apprentice of Bloodraven. It makes a lot of sense. "When I was a boy, I dreamt that I could fly," That's pretty solid evidence in my opinion. Euron's megalomania seems unparalleled by any other King so far. He is playing his own game, and in His game there are literally no rules. Looks like he is going to try and use the FM, Dany and perhaps even the Others, to accomplish the goal of ruling all of Westeros and the oceans. Will it blow up in his face? Perhaps... Do you think Euron will be the big bad? It's interesting that Martin introduced him so late in the narrative if that is so. Also, do you think after making us hate Euron Martin will try and give him a redemptive arc like he has done with Jamie and Theon, or is Euron to nasty?
  8. Ser Harly of Southwell

    [Poll] How would you rate episode 605?

    Things I hated - Littlefingers teleporter Summer's death The genital wart Things I was meh - Dany Kingsmoot Arya Tyrion Things I loved - Children of the forest/white walker reveal "Hold the door!"
  9. Ser Harly of Southwell

    [Spoilers] EP601

    That's what I concluded after watching the episode. The Aegon storyline is going to happen without Aegon. Woopty doo...
  10. Ser Harly of Southwell

    [Spoilers] EP601

    I think the direction they took Dorne in this episode was logical to where they have been leading the story there for a while. I was very disappointed to see there would be no Dornish master plan and to see Hotah taken out so easily. But, I can't figure out how those two Sand Snakes got on the ship to take out Tristane. Would have been much more logical if it was a hired assassin who killed him. And that Mel seen... Just... MY EYES
  11. Ser Harly of Southwell

    [Poll] How would you rate episode 509?

    That ending was so lame I was actually laughing. Legit laughing. I'm not exaggerating. And I am no longer a Stannis fan. Grrrrrrr... That made zero sense.
  12. Ser Harly of Southwell

    [Poll] How would you rate episode 508?

    My fist was pumping so hard! I can't stop shaking. How am I going to function now...
  13. Just re-red the red wedding. Hurts every time.

  14. Pardon me, I'm new here :)

  15. Ser Harly of Southwell

    Create your Westerosi house

    House: Southwell Sigil: Three Red Flowers Motto: Live by Strategem Unnoficial Mott: 'How about a game of cyvasse?' Seat: Southwells Relgion: The Seven Blood: Andal Location: Southernmost point of the Arbour House Weapon: Valyrian Greatsword 'Secret Strategem' Sworn to: Redwyne House Southwell Our family seat is on the southern most point of the isle called The Arbour. Our modest but strong castle is called Southwells. This name comes from the three freshwater wells on our lands. We are the southernmost house in all the Seven Kingdoms. Our liege is House Redwyne, who control all of the Arbour. Our sigil is three red flowers. They represent our springs, and the blood that has been shed many times by our family defending them from enemies. The flowers represent the fact that our strength and growth are tied to our wells. Our words are 'Live by Strategem' The reason for this is closely tied to our ancestral blade 'Secret Strategem' We are a relatively young house. Lord Redwyne granted what is now our lands to one of his most courageous and cunning sea captains when he retired, Ser Alan Southwake, who changed his name to Southwell after the wells were dug and our first hall built. Ever since we have grown stronger, but always ever loyal to our liege (bar one incident described below). Many of the Lord Redwynes best captains in their fleets have been Southwells and we boast a strong maritime heritage. The story of our ancestral bade is thus. It was one of the last to come out of Valyria before the Doom. Ser Robert Southwell, eager to bring prestige to our young house sailed from the Arbour raiding Hellholt, the Salt Shore and amongst the Stepstones to amass enough loot to purchase us our sword. Arriving in Valaryia he found the Master Blacksmith Layriem Steeleyes, a master in the arts of forging Valyrian steel. Unfortunately, Ser Robert found he had only half enough gold for Steeleyes services. However, Ser Robert observed that the Blacksmith, whilst being burly and hard as all are, considered himself a thinker and was mad for a new diversion that had just arrived from Volantis, a game called cyvasse. Ser Robert wagered all his gold on an all or nothing game for a sword against his gold. Ser Robert had never played cyvasse before and after Steeleyes explained the rules the game began. Steeleyes was a formidable player, but he underestimated a Southwell (as many of our foes have been wont to do). Young Ser Robert set his pieces in a classic 'inexperienced player' set up, but it was all a ruse to get Steeleyes to commit his dragon too quickly. The dragon fell into the trap and Ser Robert ended it soon after. Thus our family sword is named Secret Stratagem, for that is how our sword was bought. Not with gold, not with iron, but with stratagem. To inherit Secret Strategem, the heir must beat his father in a game of cyvasse to prove he is worthy of it. The one dark blot on our history is the tale of another Ser Robert Southwell. The youngest son of Ser Lyle Southwell, Ser Robert was lost at sea fighting Ironborn reavers. Many days later he washed up on the shores of Saltcliffe. He had been carried thousands of leagues from the Arbour and against the ocean currents, but was still somehow alive. A drowned priest found him and hearing his tale proclaimed him blessed by the drowned god. Over the course of a year he was indoctrinated into that false religion and became obsessed with what he saw as his divine mission: to bring the religion of the drowned god to The Arbour, and destroy the worship of The Seven here. Coming back to the Arbour he hid his new faith from his family, whilst secretly plotting with the Greyjoys and Harlaws for the eradication of the Redwynes and establishment of a new House Southwell, sworn to Pyke. He plotted to eliminate the Redwynes by using magical fire powder from Yi Ti, and planted it in barrels under the sept where a wedding between his elder brother Ser Emery Southwell, Lord of Southwells (Ser Lyle his father, and Ser Murry his eldest brother had not shared as lucky a fate as he during that sea battle and had been fully lost) and Joella Redwyne. However, his plot was discovered by the Lady Joella and so Ser Robert Southwell, priest of the Drowned God, was hung, drawn and quartered, his ambitions never coming into fruition.