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  1. http://history-behind-game-of-thrones.com/real-events/redwedding This site gives an admirable history of the Scottish Black Wedding. It also goes into the many "Princes in the Tower" theme that shows up throughout the series. I didn't read all 78 pages, so sorry if this has been brought up already, but I see a lot of similarities between Cersei and the Lancastrian queen Margaret of Anjou. This is how wikipedia describes her on her wedding day, according to a courtier who witnessed it: "She was described as beautiful, and furthermore "already a woman: passionate and proud and strong-willed".[3] Those that anticipated the future return of English claims to French territory believed that she already understood her duty to protect the interests of the Crown fervently.[4] She seems to have inherited this indomitability from her mother, who fought to establish her husband's claim to the Kingdom of Naples..." her mother even sounds a lot like Joanna supporting Tywin as he fought to restore the honor and prestige of House Lannister after the mess Tytos made of things. The wedding scene also reminds me of Cersei recalling coming out of Baelor's Sept with Robert, and her faint hope turning to cynicism as she sees Jaime's face: "The day she wed Robert Baratheon, thousands had turned out to cheer for them. All the women wore their best, and half the men had children on their shoulders. When she had emerged from inside the sept, hand in hand with the young king, the crowd sent up a roar so loud it could be heard in Lannisport. “They like you well, my lady,” Robert whispered in her ear. “See, every face is smiling.” For that one short moment she had been happy in her marriage... until she chanced to glance at Jaime. No, she remembered thinking, not every face, my lord."
  2. Hey Hedge Knight, just wanted to confirm that I definitely saw that parallel, too! Rhaenyra being Empress Matilda is what first clued me in - their personalities were similar, too.
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