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  1. Thanks Tucu. Even on my umpteenth reread, I miss or forget details
  2. In Jon's first chapter in ADWD, Stannis is upset (shocking) with the northern lords. He receives a letter from Bear Island from young Lyanna Mormont, stating they only know one king who's name is Stark. Jon has this thought while listening to Stannis grind his teeth and complain: "Maege Mormont had ridden south with Robb, Jon knew. Her eldest daughter had joined the Young Wolf’s host as well. Even if both of them had died, however, Lady Maege had other daughters, some with children of their own. Had they gone with Robb as well? Surely Lady Maege would have left at least one of the older girls behind as castellan. He did not understand why Lyanna should be writing Stannis, and could not help but wonder if the girl’s answer might have been different if the letter had been sealed with a direwolf instead of a crowned stag, and signed by Jon Stark, Lord of Winterfell." I checked the wiki, and Maege does have several daughters, with Lyanna being the youngest. I can't seem to find a reason why it's Lyanna, and not one of her older sisters (or their kids) who is the "Lady of Bear Island". Can someone help me out here?
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    Every time I click a link I'm also getting annoying pop-ups and cannot go back to the page. Android user here. Started yesterday
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