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  1. Byfort of Corfe

    Helgeland on his Successor Show

    Agreed, its basically "well, we're thinking of something". What I wonder is that with what, 5 projects going will each see the light of day as its own (perhaps 10 episode series, one this season and another the next?
  2. Byfort of Corfe

    Make Armor For Daenerys

    in the books she has occasionally worn Mail. I'm going with the "why don't any of the Vikings on Vikings wear helmets excuse", she looks sexier in her tight fitting leathers ala a biker Queen.
  3. Byfort of Corfe

    no kidnapping tyrion

    Both Robb and Ned know that Tyrion is worth more than Sansa and Arya combined. If Tyrion isn't kidnapped then there is no immediate reason for Jaime to attack Ned. Ned can proceed with his plan of getting Sansa and Arya out of harm's way before Littlefinger can cook up another reason for a war between the Lannisters and the Starks.
  4. Byfort of Corfe

    Do you want some chapters to be published like Path of Dragon?

    No, I just want WoW to be finished.
  5. Byfort of Corfe

    Is Dany going to sack more cities?

    I think Dany may be done sacking places (even KL, I think that the people will open the gates for her. Cersei might hole up in her Keep protected by her undead thing but even he (?) can be quick fried to a crackly crunch. I can see her sacking Castle Rock though. .
  6. Byfort of Corfe

    Why is GoT so popular yet...

    I think that something that is often overlooked is how much the other franchises you mentioned were groundbreaking. Star Trek broke TV ground by exploring racial and gender equality as well as other topics, right up to the nature of God. Star Wars was unlike any other Sci-Fi franchise we had ever seen. I think you had to have seen it at the time to truly understand what it was like. King Arthur examines the nature of sin and are we doomed by fate.In LoTR Tolkein attempted to create an entire Mythology. In contrast GoT and ASOIAF are really pretty run of the mill fantasy.
  7. Byfort of Corfe

    Of all the Targaryen names...

    Just curious and I'm not certain of the timeline but doesn't the birth of Lyanna's baby happen after Rhaegar's Death and after Aerys and Elia have been murdered? The baby may have been named Aegon by Lyanna with the knowledge that the other Prince Aegon is dead.
  8. Byfort of Corfe

    Ice and Blood: A Few Thoughts on the Others' Blood

    Truly fascinating to speculate on the nature of the others.I have often wondered about the "do they come with winter or do they bring the winter?" conundrum. Anyway, I am greatly enjoying this thread.
  9. Byfort of Corfe

    How good a swordsman is Jon actually?

    Well, if the Jon that I have seen is the best than the quality of swordsmanship has pretty much hit rock bottom. Jon had better hope that Daario doesn't show up to challenge him for Dany's hand. How about Brienne or maybe even Arya? Both are living in Westeros and both could probably slice and dice "the best swordsman who ever lived".
  10. Byfort of Corfe

    How good a swordsman is Jon actually?

    Just my opinion but based on what I have seen (and realizing that Jon is as good as the writers need him to be) he definitely could not have won against pre-amputee Jaime. He would have also lost to the Clegane Boys, Sylvio would have sliced and diced him. I don't think that he would have stood a chance against Sir Arthur Dane and probably would have lost to Barristan Selmy in his prime. He might not even have been as good as Eddard Stark. To take it outside of Westeros and ASOIAF I think that you would have had to go deep into the Round Table before you found someone he could actually beat. Of course any of Dumas' Four Musketeers would have easily taken Jon's Lunch Money, as would Rochfort. (I include Dumas because that is essentially the fencing that Silvio is teaching Arya). A Japanese samurai would also probably have won. Frankly I was surprised at what Ramsay said about Jon's skill as nothing that I have seen so far in the series has shown Jon to be particularly outstanding. He always seems to win by luck, he is always rescued at the last second.
  11. Byfort of Corfe

    Did Rhaegar taste Dornishman's wife?

    To be fair it isn't up to anyone to prove that it isn't, rather it is up to you to prove hat he is. Eye color and height, that alone will be pretty hard to get around.
  12. Byfort of Corfe

    Toughest/Strongest warrior?

    You left out people like Mance and Tormund, as well as Tyrion's Barbarians.
  13. Byfort of Corfe

    Cogman Developing 5th Prequel Series

    I have to say that this "prequel" whatever it is, will have to grab me on its own merits. I won't automatically watch it.
  14. Byfort of Corfe

    Will Sansa be Queen of the Seven Kingdoms at the end of the story?

    I used to be on "Team Sansa" but even when I was I never expected that she would be Queen. All of the Baratheon/Lannister line would have to die, as well as Dany and whatever Targs might be around, as well as the fact that she would have to take on and kill Jon. Even then she isn't a legitimate heir, she would just be the last one standing. I not only don't think it could happen I also don't want it to happen. The only way that I see it happening is if the Night King kills her, marries her, and then she plunges an obsidian dagger into him.
  15. Better edited than the books. Look at books 4+5, pretty much just a colossal waste of time, they could have easily been condensed, with good editing, down to one book. And lets see, the series has Dany done with the East which was always a side story and moving to the west, the series has the rise of the Others for what is supposed to be the great showdown, where are they in the books? You claim that the last two seasons were all about the rise and fall of Ramsay, here I'll use your words, "laughable". Did you even watch the last two seasons? Oh and what is going on in book 5+6? The rise and probably subsequent fall of Euron and company, evidently with a ton of child abuse of various forms thrown in as backstory. Oh and chapter after chapter based on Sansa, excuse me "ALAYNE" and some bravo sierra with "Harry the Heir". Gee, isn't that intriguing? Here's the reality, the series is pushing to the end, GRRM isn't even close, in fact he's moving in the opposite direction.. Which is something he no doubt realizes and which is why I doubt he will ever write book 7 and I'm not sure that he finishes book 6.