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  1. Byfort of Corfe


    Or maybe it fell the way that Antioch fell to Bohemund, he found a traitor to open the gates.
  2. Byfort of Corfe

    GRRM video: one prequel pitch "set only 100 years" before Game of Thrones?

    I believe that GRRM on a number of occasions has specifically ruled out Dunc and Egg as a series.
  3. Byfort of Corfe

    Dragon eggs

    For Planetos it was a miracle, akin to Arthur pulling the sword from the stone. As pointed out they were petrified, nothing to do with greyscale.
  4. Byfort of Corfe

    Bran could have been used a better way.

    It is difficult to have an all-powerful or all-seeing character. After all look at Superman, during WW2 he could have wiped out the Nazis and been home for lunch. So Bran has to become "detached" or the plot is done in an hour. The overall explanation is that a God or Godlike creature has bigger and different fish to fry.
  5. Byfort of Corfe

    Do you think we will see a new Grand Maester?

    I don't think we will. Cersei killed Pycelle or rather had him killed. She has Qyburn who the Citadel doesn't recognize but Cersei doesn't care about that. Besides with the coming war, the old conventions are breaking down.
  6. Complicite in the blood magic murder of his brother and in the burning of his innocent daughter. Stannis is a horrible human being.
  7. Byfort of Corfe

    Season 8: News, Spoilers And Leaks

    In the books the wolves are an important part of the plot, in the show they are essentially nothing.
  8. Byfort of Corfe

    Why didn't Jon Snow legitimize himself? [Season 7 Spoilers?]

    During WW2 every American Armored Division had a nickname, Old Ironsides, Hell on Wheels, Spearhead etc. All but one, 4th Armored was simply that. When the Division Commander was asked about it he simply said that "4th Armored" was enough. For Jon Snow just being Jon Snow was enough. Dany may need a dozen titles, Jon doesn't.
  9. Byfort of Corfe

    Do you think....

    That you will be disappointed by the ending. I think that fans are really expecting this epic end, the kind where you say "Man, that was GREAT!" and I think that expectations have placed it so high that it almost has to disappoint.
  10. If Stannis=Tiberius then there are a few things to consider. One is that would indeed make Stannis an incredible General, after all as Germanicus says about Tiberias in Robert Graves's "I Claudius", "his drills are bloodless battles, his battles are bloody drills". But of course, Tiberias is a horrible tyrant as well as a deep sexual pervert. One wonders about how much of Tiberias's dark side GRRM would put into Stannis. Tiberias is far from a "man of honor". According to both Suetonius and Tacitus Tiberias at the very least had knowledge of, if he didn't actively participate in, the crimes, including murder, of those who stood between him and being the successor to Caesar Augustus.
  11. Byfort of Corfe

    Cleganebowl question

    Clegane bowl, really? How often has GRRM given the fans the truly epic fight they want. Single combat is few and far between. Grudge matches? Very rare. Grudge matches the fans want going the way the fans want? Even rarer.
  12. I really don't think that the last two are up to snuff, characters appear for little or no reason, their stories barely move anything along. From what we have seen of his released chapters from WOW he is still moving main characters away from the conclusion and he is still developing new story arcs. All in all my feeling remains that GRRM is sick and tired of this and would rather be writing about Knights Errant and simple, one volume "histories".
  13. Byfort of Corfe

    Why burn the supplies?

    Screenwriters that don't understand logistics?
  14. Byfort of Corfe

    [SPOILERS thru S7] Where did the show go wrong?

    This. My personal opinion is that GRRM is heartedly sick and tired of GoT and ASOIAF. He has lived with the Targs and the Lannisters and the Starks et al for so long that he longs for something else, the simplicity of Duncan and Egg, the fun of Knight-Errantry. It's why he won't let anyone else mess with that story. He'll let them wander where they will. As for the show, it could never be an exact mirror of the books because if it was, we would have to wait another 20 years or so for the final season. I don't envy D&D, they had to move this thing to a conclusion, consequently, they had to wrap up some of GRRM's plot lines. Maybe they were somewhat heavy-handed in some but the need was there.
  15. Byfort of Corfe

    True Heir to the Throne

    Toss in that destroying the Sept would be akin to blowing up the Vatican, as well as killing the High Septon (she called him the sparrow) as well as all the High Church Officials and she killed Queen Maergery and probably a fair amount of the nobility. She has absolutely no right to the throne. There must be a Baratheon cousin somewhere with a claim. After all, if you look at HenryVIth of England, despite his being deposed Margaret of Anjou never became, or was seriously considered a ruler in her own right. Failing a Baratheon heir then undoubtedly it would pass to Dany, or to Jon since, once his story is told, he is the true heir. I always felt that his story would wind up being Arthurian in nature.