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  1. Byfort of Corfe


    Or maybe it fell the way that Antioch fell to Bohemund, he found a traitor to open the gates.
  2. Byfort of Corfe

    GRRM video: one prequel pitch "set only 100 years" before Game of Thrones?

    I believe that GRRM on a number of occasions has specifically ruled out Dunc and Egg as a series.
  3. Byfort of Corfe

    Dragon eggs

    For Planetos it was a miracle, akin to Arthur pulling the sword from the stone. As pointed out they were petrified, nothing to do with greyscale.
  4. Byfort of Corfe

    Bran could have been used a better way.

    It is difficult to have an all-powerful or all-seeing character. After all look at Superman, during WW2 he could have wiped out the Nazis and been home for lunch. So Bran has to become "detached" or the plot is done in an hour. The overall explanation is that a God or Godlike creature has bigger and different fish to fry.
  5. Byfort of Corfe

    Do you think we will see a new Grand Maester?

    I don't think we will. Cersei killed Pycelle or rather had him killed. She has Qyburn who the Citadel doesn't recognize but Cersei doesn't care about that. Besides with the coming war, the old conventions are breaking down.
  6. I think that Lena Heady does a great job. Although if you want a good idea of what GRRM had in mind for Cersei go look at these, https://www.darkswordminiatures.com/shop/index.php/miniatures/george-r-r-martin-masterworks/cersei-lannister.html https://www.darkswordminiatures.com/shop/index.php/miniatures/george-r-r-martin-masterworks/cersei-lannister-on-lion-fainting-couch.html This line of miniatures is made with GRRM's explicit approval. Actually, I converted Jon Snow into Prince Valiant and use Cersei as Queen Aleta. My painting isn't good enough to show them here. I am more of an Arthurian fan though.
  7. Byfort of Corfe

    If Jaime stayed in Kings Landing

    I don't think it would have helped her in any way. It's the captivity and the journey that Jaime makes that starts him on a path of righteousness.
  8. Complicite in the blood magic murder of his brother and in the burning of his innocent daughter. Stannis is a horrible human being.
  9. Byfort of Corfe

    Lollys Stokeworth appreciation post

    I've always wondered why they didn't dose her liberally with moon tea after the rape.
  10. Byfort of Corfe

    Johnnie Walker Readies Game of Thrones Whisky

    Glenfiddich for me, none of this Bravo Sierra "drink what Tyrion drinks junk for me". I gave that sort of thing up when I was a kid and I tried Tang, a truly horrible drink even if the astronauts drank it.
  11. Byfort of Corfe

    So littlefinger says he imagines every possibility?

    Littlefinger's downfall is that he thinks he sees everything.
  12. Byfort of Corfe

    So Rhaegar annulled his marriage to Elia Martell...

    AfterHenry VIIIth divorced Katherine of Aragon and executed Anne Boylen he had both Mary and Elizabeth declared bastards. So there is precedent under English Law. Of course, it would all be up to GRRM if he or if the show, has decided to follow that precedent.
  13. Byfort of Corfe

    HBO’s New Direction and Prequel News

    And you care why? Toss in that I've made I think 3 posts, and only one in this thread? My but that's a lot!
  14. Byfort of Corfe

    HBO’s New Direction and Prequel News

    It seems that HBO hopes to strike while the iron is hot. I'm not sure that bodes well although in the interest of full disclosure I really don't think I'll be watching no matter what.
  15. Byfort of Corfe

    Season 8: News, Spoilers And Leaks

    In the books the wolves are an important part of the plot, in the show they are essentially nothing.