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  1. Phew. Glad to get through there. Out of 7 games of that series Calgary was outplayed once that being game six. Every other game we had an edge or dominated. But Oettinger was a beast and single handedly almost won that series for Dallas.
  2. After years of being the state that promotes hacking and data breaches it looks like Russia and it’s agencies are massively under attack.
  3. Yeah today was fun to cap off my heavy mesocycle with back squats and deadlifts plus some accessory lifts. I can feel it already in my core, flexors and obliques. Will ice up later.
  4. I’ve in the past been mostly fat (well not crazy so but 220-230ish at 6’2” with my worst in the 240s. Got lower at times but bounced back. Even when doing CrossFit which I did for a few years. But the last year or so I’ve focused on a program more on hypertrophy lifting. I guess powerlifting. Anyway I’m not really any lighter at around 230 but my body comp is much better. Turns out having a ton of muscle on you helps although I need to lose about ten pounds or so to get a more flat belly. I do plan to focus on that a bit for summer. I’m happy that at 44 I’m the strongest I’ve been in my life. I just did bench at 235x4 today and was pretty happy with that on top of my recent 300 back squat x 8. (Sunday I’ll try to do 315x? and see how that goes) Goal is to get up to 1k combined squat/deadlift/bench. If I look at what I’m doing for reps and project it I’m likely already there but I like doing it for reps since I don’t want to hurt myself and prefer pushing it at a 6-12 rep range. Also looking forward to warmer weather so I can get out with the family every weekend for hikes.
  5. Alfred was amazing agreed and it did lose a bit of lustre with his death. But there is enough other performances, sadly many have died. Uhtred is good. Leofric from season 1, Aethelwold and Aethelread as much as I hated them, Aethelfelad, Finn and Sihtric. Father Biocca and the nun turned warrior (forgot her name). Alfred was the best no doubt but many other standouts and very few imo that fell flat.
  6. Well I had gotten up to about 20 heat on bow and shield and a little behind on rail and spear and saw rewards stopped happening post 20. The only thing was to take a jump to heat 32 to finish off the statue. So did the cheese thing and went Zeus on Zeus. It worked first time (not by much as I was at 140 health on no defiances) as I got the necessary goods. (Flourish, double strike, static discharge, high voltage, splitting bolt, Zeus’s call, billowing strength with 3 poms on most of the important ones. Flourish/discharge/double strike/billowing) Got a good set of defence stuff with epic extra dashes, divine dash, dying lament, revenge chill. Even had a nourishing roots and that might have helped if the final battle had gone longer. Surprisingly it was first fight with Asterius that wrecked me as he killed me twice. I died quite a few times. Once in Asphodel on some bomb guys, twice to Asterius round one, once to him round two, once to miniboss in Styx who throws poison and twice to Hades. I ended up taking both of Athena’s extra defiances. But I did get the luck in the Zeus stuff. It’s possible I’d have done better with Rama and the same boons since it does similar damage but it’s easier to direct the damage. Also perhaps could have had better choices for heat, as this is what I did. Hard Labor 3, Lasting Consequences 2, Convenience Fee 2, Jury Summons 3, Extreme Measures 3, Calisthenics 2, Benefits Package 2, Middle Management, Underworld Customs, Forced Overtime 1, Damage Control 2. I just don’t want to do EM4 with shield or forced overtime 2 or heck even tight deadline or approval package 1. I figured getting the build I want and having the luxury to kite would make up for more enemies. By midway through Elysium it did as the mix of Zeus boons and his call/strength just wrecked all packs as I dashed all around the place. But yeah I think I’ll just finish off getting to 20 with the other weapons and get the last weapons unlocked and then will move on to something else. It’s kind of hit that replayability annoyance where I don’t want to play at high heat and I’m more playing to try out combos. And then getting annoyed when I don’t get the specific boon for said combo. I’m thinking heat 16 is a good spot for most runs with some good added difficulty but it won’t make me hate it.
  7. That’s an old tired narrative too as seen by acquisitions like Respawn. Sure there was good arguments against things when Richitello ran things but that stuff has all changed since Wilson took over.
  8. As someone who has been at EA for ten years yeah I’d say it’s a good place to work at. Definitely worlds different from what I’ve heard of other at Activision. We’ve talked about stuff like that happening given recent news but not sure how realistic it is. Stuff like this has been going around as rumors for years though.
  9. Yeah I didn’t love that last episode either. Tbh the season felt disjointed and that they were both simultaneously rushing to close things off at a good point while at the same time trying to be open ended like with the Laconia stuff. Was just a weird mishmash I felt. Maybe the Inaros stuff ended up the same way in the book but that part felt way too rushed. I also didn’t love the Holden to Drummer part but maybe that was because I had just seen the same thing in The Last Kingdom season four. For me the high parts of the show were 1-3 and especially 1-2. I guess once Miller left it lost some diversity to the show and it mostly became the Rocinate and Avasarala show. Now I love Avasarala and what she went through but I started buying less and less that the Rocinate and crew could keep getting through all these challenges. Even my wife was during the last couple episodes having some doubt the main characters could keep getting through things unscathed. Still a good show but more like 7.5/10 while for me 1-2 were 9.5/10 with a number of perfect 10s.
  10. As long as they have someone who is just a bad guy. I mean the karate kid movies were about actually fighting some one dimensional over the top villains. But my guess is they will bring back Barnes and then they’ll redeem Silver. Then they’ll probably try to find some way to make Barnes look good. With Chozen and Kreese now they’re already 2/3 of the way there. On another matter I’m thinking they need to bring in some new students especially for Cobra Kai. For right now Kreese ain’t leading anything and I could see Tory going back to him when Stingray tells the truth. But right now Tory and Robby are both not going to stick with Silver. So Silver has Kenny and Kyler. Kenny has some potential but unless he grows a lot I just don’t see him as a threat to Robby, Hawk and Miguel. Kyler is just a clown villain and is just filler at this point. So right now Cobra Kai lacks any strong fighter since I think their two top ones are going to ditch Terry.
  11. Slowly moving up the heat ladder now. I’ve now unlocked/maxed Chiron, Chaos, Zag Sword, Arthur, Achilles, Eris, Demeter, Lucifer and Beowulf. I think bow is my highest heat at 13 with spear and rail right behind. Sword is going up slowly since I got Arthur and same with Beowulf and shield. They’re at like 5-7. Fist I just don’t play much. I’d say overall my favs are still Chiron as well as Arthur and Achilles. Beowulf and Eris are both quite good but I find them a bit one trick ponies in playstyle. Beowulf it’s just slam into them and nova over and over and Eris I am fine with but I just get disappointed every time I don’t get rocket or cluster bombs. Lucifer is cool but not as strong. Main thing is I just don’t like rails attack for bosses so it’s usually special or cast builds. Arthur I enjoy because you can actually just tank which is nice. Achilles I really enjoy for massive cast or attack builds. I had an absolute insane one today with like rank 4 frost attack, rank 5 trippy shot + ice wine, arctic blast, a 75% chaos attack boon, flurry jab and heroic Hermes attack speed buff. (Yes I mean heroic thanks Eurydice) I just stunlocked everything. Been playing around with different pacts and mostly been doing EM3, customs and some light other ones. I just tried EM4 with a Chiron run and although I did use two death defiances I killed hades first shot. Chiron at the end of the day is the build I feel safest on.
  12. Sure but that was a show invention. They don’t need to have every character be redeemable. Sometimes bad guys are fun just to be bad guys.
  13. Don’t love that since the guy til now has been pretty rotten. It’s nice having a bad guy be a bad guy and not just have everyone be nice in the end.
  14. Yeah dash strike gameplay I just don’t find all that fun. It’s a bit too hectic for me and I’m not that twitchy a gamer. But it’s by far the best tactic for both of those classes. I did annihilate Hades with a Zag build earlier so it does work. (I had double edge and double special) Both spear and shield are also like to use that but at least they offer boons that give you different play styles which is why I prefer them.
  15. Well sure I focus on specials. Cast is okay since any bit helps and on the last run I did get Artemis’ legendary for more casts. But still chaos shield doesn’t help casts so it’s underwhelming compared to Eris or Achilles. I just haven’t found a good way to turn the special into good single target dmg other than unsafe shotgun approach. Running around hades spamming single target special to put dooms on him was rather underwhelming. And it’s not like it is that safe for groups either unless you get charged rush or the faster bullrush.
  16. Yeah I won barely with a run with ares special but it was ugly. Didn’t help that I couldn’t manage to get merciful end which would have helped damage a lot. I just beat heat 2 with a more easy run that involved Poseidon special, Athena strike/dash and sea storm. Just felt better with the damage from the forced moves and it felt more safe too. Still not great for damage but it was better.
  17. Got further into Hades now. Getting up to like heat 4-6 with bow and rail. Spear is like at 3-4 and Shield 1. Haven’t tried with sword or fist. I just find I don’t like the dash-strike playstyle that both of those armaments are built on. I do have four weapons maxed out now. Chiron bow, Eris rail, Chaos shield and Achilles spear. Haven’t talked enough with people to unlock any hidden aspects. Surprisingly having a hard time with chaos shield. I finally barely beat heat one with it. Just find the single target damage to be poor unless you just go dash strike and such. I really liked the Achilles spear first time I tried it. Lots of damage with an ice wine build. Chiron and Eris are both a lot of fun to play and I can try various boons with it. Not sure who I’ll try next. Maybe Talos or something. I think I like fist more than sword. Sword hammer boons are just so boring for the most part. I guess I could try Zag sword for the cheese cursed blade build.
  18. Well football is like the only sports team league with byes so I think the question is why should the top team still get them. Hockey and basketball and baseball doesn’t have byes and I think it’s more exciting that way. If they want more teams I think the way to go is play in games for the last spots like ncaa has done and how basketball has added recently and baseball does for wild card ties.
  19. Got a win in with spear now thanks to extending jab, Aphrodite epic attack, Hermes epic attack and 2 chaos attack specials. Pretty safe single target damage and has smouldering air plus Zeus aid along with chain special and Poseidon special and sea storm for crowds. Was quite safe and my easiest clear against Hades so far in the melee end. Now I have 22 blood and this I can max Chiron and max out someone else too. Thinking Eris or Chaos or Poseidon.
  20. I lost on spear at hades since I don’t love the weapon and didn’t have a very good build. I’ll have to try again when it comes up again but I think it’s my least favorite so far. I did finally beat it with a fun fist build with rolling knuckle, kinetic launcher, divine dash, dionysus attack, Aphrodite special and all three of low tolerance, heart rend and splitting headache. Had a bunch of support damage boons with bad influence, sweet surrender and blinding flash. With Athena’s aid and true shot to top it off. I did die too much on hades since I’ve not learned how to read his melee attacks yet. I just face ranked him pretty much. Also really don’t love Styx as melee. I think my least favorite enemies in the game are the Styx witches with the poison dagger and the bow elites in elysium. I also tried a heat run of 1 with Chiron and I thought I was going to lose but ended up winning since that was the fight Hades let you through to complete the game. Quite amusing since I had one defiance left and a build that didn’t come together. I am up to 11 blood so I’m thinking of a second spot to put points in. (Chiron is one shy of max but that’s okay for now) I think just like ranged or cast builds more. I am leaning towards Eris rail or Chaos shield. Poseidon sword and some of the rare ones seem interesting too. If I can finish off spear that will give me enough blood to finish off Chiron and max another. None of the base ones really appeal to me other than spear or fist.
  21. Won with a sword run but I didn’t enjoy it that much. It was a pretty good run with Poseidon special and dash, Zeus stuff and sea storm. Also had epic greater reflex and special range boon. So it was pretty strong I think but I didn’t just enjoy the constant dash-strike, special play style.
  22. Won with a mediocre shield I feel like. It was mainly special with level 3 ares and run. I did pick up an act 4 Aphrodite call and used it three times on Zeus and I had hunting call again which I kept dropping in the boss fight. Pretty slow damage and I died three times but I had all three defiances so it worked. Act three was pretty easy as I just kited and ran. Pretty boring though and I won’t play shield much I think til I get Beowulf or Chaos.
  23. Thanks! I’m going to have a hard time not forcing bomb builds with rail. Won again although I didn’t have enough money for titans blood. (Even if I had sold several boons) Then again with how easy Hades was I likely should have. Would have had to sell hunting blades and a couple others and it still would have been close for buying it. But after seeing Hades melt I don’t think I needed hunting blades. Had rocket/cluster with Artemis special again. That plus hunting call meant every floor in Styx got shotgunned. Hades died the fastest I’ve seen. I also had some weird lightning thing going with lightning rod, double strike and splitting bolt although my only thing that could actually make lightning was Zeus’s call and the crystals from rod. I need to figure out the moves with sword or shield. Not sure I’ll ever be a big fan of fist or spear.
  24. Yay beat another weapon (on I think second try with it). That being adamant rail. Went in with Zeus keepsake for attack synergy but that didn’t end up mattering. (I sold my Zeus boons eventually) This run turned out to be around hammers and Artemis/Poseidon. I initially got the Poseidon special but I replaced it with Artemis special at improved rarity since I had flood shot and wanted mirage shot. This went well with rocket bomb and triple bomb. Between that and mirage shot and flurry shot I had huge ranged aoe damage. I could either crit groups for massive aoe or push them back to the other side of the map. Probably the easiest Styx I’ve had since I just shotgunned everyone. When I picked up triple bomb in act three I stopped using attack. I also got an early act two epic strong drink that got me 20% bonus damage. This was pretty much my main defence since I had no dash boons. I took a lot of damage at times just because I am not good yet at dodging around with rail. Also having 354 max health helped. It kind of played like Chiron since I would just poke my head out to launch my flood shots or rockets and then go hide again.
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