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  1. Agreed Slay the Spire is a much better game but Monster Train is fun. It’s just a bit too heavy into the degenerate combos and a bit light in fair decks squeaking through. Slay the Spire even on ascension 20 you have a chance with good play and bad luck but Monster Train I felt was just too much riding on whether I got disgusting combos over the crap cards.
  2. I think having seen this that Hsu should have won instead of Curtis but the other two wins were for sure well deserved. (Yeoh and Quan)
  3. Yeah I have to agree with Maithanet here. Even if Jokic has the best regular season numbers he’s going to lose for 1) voter fatigue similar to when Rose beat LeBron 2) his lack of playoff success. So as long as he’s not blowing the completion out of the water I don’t see him winning MVP this year.
  4. Williams has already requested to be traded so I guess they have some work to do repairing the relationship if they want him to move spots.
  5. Bob Jovi summer 89 in Calgary for New Jersey tour. Skid Row opened. I think they also opened the next year when I saw Queensryche for Empire.
  6. Still dealing with my own health issues driven by my stress reaction to my wife’s cancer. Trying to be healthier and get my anxiety under control (without use of alcohol) but it’s slow. I don’t like these symptoms (chills, hands/feet feeling odd, etc) but it’s a slow process to heal them. Wish body was better at listening to my mind.
  7. I did get Wrath of the Righteous for my steam deck and have been enjoying it. Changed a couple settings to prolong battery life. Text reading has been fine.
  8. Interesting Bieniemy did get hired but just to be the Commanders main OC. I guess in KC he wasn’t calling the plays.
  9. Zion had a setback so put a fork in NO. Will be surprised if they even make the play in. Lakers will climb up into the play in for sure but not sure if there is enough time left for them to make the top 6.
  10. I’ll echo the the point that this is a classless title and post here. I think LeBron has done enough in his career to not say he’s chasing stats. Interesting trade though to get rid of Russ and only cost one first rounder. Likely only gets them into top six out in the west but there is no dominant team so if AD can stay healthy they could win a round or two.
  11. It’s debatable whether missing Towns actually hurts them. Certainly not this year. He’s the unenviable superstar that doesn’t seem to swing the teams record when he plays. I want to root for the guy considering his personal story but he doesn’t really do much to move the needle for that team.
  12. Yeah 2e is a good mix of really the last 3 D&D editions. It’s got some each of 3 e(feats and character customization) 4e (character bounding) and 5e (rules simplification from earlier more complex systems). I’ve GM’d it so can answer questions on it. However it is more rules heavy than 5e (but nowhere near 3e or PF1). It really depends what your son likes about role playing games. If he just wants to RP I’d just do 5e but if character building and development is important to him that’s where I’d suggest PF2 really shines in comparison to the options 5e have.
  13. Don’t buy 5e since WotC and Hasbro are shitty companies? But in seriousness you just need the players handbook for how to make characters. Either buy that or use any number of resources online that present that info. Rolling btw is an alternate rule. Stat arrays plus racial mods is the main stats for dnd these days. Also 2e and 5e don’t really mix. Quite different systems. You can home brew but that’s a lot of work. There might be people out in the players marketplace that have already done it that you can support. Then you’re supporting regular people which is a good thing.
  14. God of War Ragnarok also seems to be a buggy game on top of its annoying puzzle heaviness. We just got to a point on PS5 where we got stuck during the Surtr shrine part where we just can’t go under an arch to rejoin Thor. This game seems to be missing some polish at least for consoles. On other games I picked up Wildermyth for my steam deck and am enjoying that. Nice mix of FFT and slay the spire.
  15. The thing is Gobert locks down the paint fine but he’s never had the mobility for switching on to wings that Mobley has. He certainly doesn’t have it anymore if he did have it earlier in his career.
  16. Once again you’re just using counting stats. Obviously some of this is on potential and such but considering Mobley is already a top defender in the game and a top passer as a big it’s easy to see why he has such high value. I’d easily rate him over Mitchell. Ja is pretty comparable though.
  17. Dang didn’t have the complete edition so had to buy it. Was expecting better faces from the update. Not sure what the differences are so far.
  18. Question for Witcher 3 on PS5. Do I just use my physical ps4 disk on ps5 and it will do the update or so I have to do some purchase?
  19. Kinda sad he was the last star player older than me.
  20. So an update here. Wife had a pet scan last week and things came back clear. Blood levels are back to normal and doc feels confident we caught it. Fingers crossed but now just have to go through a bunch more chemo. Insurance policy the doctor says.
  21. Mobley is a top tier defender (perhaps best big defender in the league with Bam) that transforms how Cleveland can play defence. He also plays on a team where he’s not required to be the top scoring option. They have players like Mitchell and Garland for that. Once again you fall back to counting stats. Are you sure you’re not one of those baseball hall of fame writers we all gripe about?
  22. No one would ever trade Banchero for Towns. Just ridiculous statement. Now maybe I was being edgy by including Barnes and Maxey but no one is trading Jackson or Mobley or Halliburton for him. They don’t care that he’s third team nba as a position that doesn’t matter like it used to.
  23. Well that’s your issue then. Towns is nice for counting stats but what it is is empty calories. Players on bad teams get stats someone has to. But translating that into winning games is something different. And so far it’s been shown pretty well for all his stats he doesn’t actually impact the wolves winning games.
  24. Yeah I don’t think anyone would trade Halliburton, Mobley, Jackson Jr. Sabonis, Maxey or Barnes for him either and I can think of another handful other than the two you just mentioned in the list. It’s just very rare for players with as much time in the league as Towns to actually go through the process of addressing the holes in their games. He is what he is and that would be a great number two on teams but having a perimeter 3 guy no matter how good he is at shooting threes that can’t guard anyone is an issue. You want 3 and D or someone who can impact the paint and he’s neither.
  25. And there is another 10-20 that no one would trade him for because of upside and such. Because teams believe those players will be more valuable long term. So true talent maybe 20s, trade value 30s or lower.
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