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    What makes someone truly legitimate?

    While it is true that lords have the power to name their heir or desinherit. We are ignoring birthright. The eldest son has birthright to his father's lands, titles and holdings. And the first time a king tried to ignore birthright a civil war sparked. The concept of birthright is respected in Westeros, i could get some quotes but through my phone is hard.
  2. Valyrian Blade

    why does everyone blame Renly for Stannis's mistake

    @Lord Varys You need to read the books again if you think that Florent did not deserve to be execute for treason. His terms were "That Lord Stannis give up his claim to the Iron Throne and retract all he said of Joffrey's bastardy, on the condition that he be accepted back into the king's peace and confirmed as Lord of Dragonstone and Storm's End" Stannis does not want to yield. Davos knows that, Florent knows that. HIS OWN Brother imprisoned him for treason because he knows Stannis won't yield. Negotiating peace in the name of your king when YOUR king does not want peace? Nonsense.
  3. Valyrian Blade

    Who would you bed?

    I have raging hard on for Margaery.