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  1. I love Sansa as Queen in the North. Not in love with how it was all decided (well, we didn't see it decided but she is now the eldest child of Ned Stark who can be and she's been ruling the North in Jon's absence so I'd wager even the lords of the North don't mind) but the seasons have been too rushed. Also loved her hair for her coronation. Did anyone else notice it? It was completely down. No more looking like Cersei, Margaery, or even Catelyn. Just down, completely her own.
  2. Aniel

    What's For Dinner, Take 7

    Japanese curry. Just across the street from my house I remembered that I forgot the rice. Because I was trying to remember all of the other ingredients. Good thing the store's only a ten minute walk away.
  3. Aniel

    Cats: Threading their way into our lives.

    I haven't been here on the board for a long time. The cat in my profile pic, Sessan, was put down last February. She was three months from turning 14. She had been having trouble with arthritis for maybe a year or two, and even participated in a study on arthritis in cats. Anyway, she developed a thyroid issue, I don't remember exactly what. She was a fat cat since she was spayed - being overweight probably caused her arthritis - but with her issue she was rapidly losing weight and got really skinny instead. She was medicated but not getting any better. When my mom said that they would take her to be put down I requested to go with because when the time had come for our old dog, Katie, in August the previous year I had not been there and I regret that. Our other cat Pytte, Sessan's sister, is still going strong. She's coming downstairs way more nowadays, but she sleeps most of the day and doesn't like jumping over the gates we have to keep the dogs out of the kitchen/the upstairs. Also in February last year, I got my first cat - that is, the first cat that is mine, I'm written as the owner. I was hesitant to look for a kitten so soon (we figured a kitten would be best, and the shelters did not adopt cats to households where the other cat was over 5), but I was convinced to by my fiancé. I wanted to get a cat I knew came from someplace serious but it quickly became apparent that a purebred was out of the question due to the price. Somehow we managed to find a litter of five whose mother, a Neva Masquerade (colourpoint Siberian basically) from a breeder, had been very naughty and managed to slip out of the house when she was in heat. Two days later we were driving like two hours away (which is far in Europe) to look at kittens. I was initially looking at the black tortoiseshell of the litter since I've always wanted one, but the other kittens put up a good fight. Well, one of them hated me from the get-go. Ironically it kind of looked like our Pytte. Then there was an orange one that my fiancé liked, and a silver and cream calico that was really playful. But the kitten that gave me the most trouble deciding was the silver-spotted tortoiseshell. Now, Sessan was also a tortie, though a brown one, and I was a bit doubtful since Snö, as she was called then, has a white face like Sessan and I didn't want to be just replacing her like that. But at the end I knew that since she stole my attention from the black tortie, it had to be her. She has been the opposite of both Pytte and Sessan. First of all, her name is way less childish. I named her Katinka, because she's part Siberian, it's a punny name (cat = kat), and just like Katie it's a nickname for Katherine/Katharine. Which is also coincidentally the name of my favourite author. And the name ultimately (maybe) derives from Hecate, and I'm all about that Greek pantheon. I'll probably end up naming a black cat Nyx in the future... Katinka is a cuddly cat. She comes up to me when I'm sitting in front of the computer and tries to crawl inside my shirt still, at one years old. She's social, vocal, she responds to her name (and Pytte's name, she starts looking for her if you say her name) and "come", and we've even taught her to sit, give paw, and to (sort of) sit pretty. She is really adept at using her paws, but somehow she can't figure out how to open doors. She eats everything. She sleeps in our bed at night until like 3 or 4 when she will start swatting my fiancé in the face (I don't wake up as easily) and we let her out of the room. Then when she hears that we're awake in the morning she'll start crying outside the door to be let in. She follows us around when she's awake and not playing - and sometimes when she is. If you make a sound she's never heard before she'll stare at you and run up to sniff your mouth. She's good when you trim her claws and lets you touch her paws all you like (I made sure to play lots with them when she was little). She has a funny way of laying down I haven't seen any other cat do. If you get a glass of water you can expect to share it with her. And for some reason she likes grooming my fiancé's armpit hair? And it affects her like it's catnip? She's a weird cat, but she is just so much cat. She also sometimes tries to play with the dog's tails, and is completely unafraid of them. She also has a few similarities to Sessan. She lies down with her front paws crossed all regal-like, she bullies Pytte (well, she plays with her but Pytte is an unwilling participant). And of course, her pattern. Particularly her face. If reincarnation was real and could happen despite overlap I would say she was Sessan reincarnate, but Sessan with Siberian heritage and proper socialization from kittenhood. And despite her bullying of Pytte, they seem to have a solid relationship of grizzled old veteran and that annoying pest youngling, complete with occasionally sleeping near-ish each other, grooming the other, and they even shared a plate of tuna! Sessan would have never shared. Anyway. I'm meant to be working on my NaNo project but I ended up writing about my cat. Have some pics!
  4. Aniel

    Arya Losin' It

    I ship it. But oh my god that was not how I wanted it to happen. I just wanted a nice implication in the last episode. Or an announcement of the House Baratheon living on coupled with a betrothal/wedding. But I never expected we'd see Arya of all people getting it on on-screen. And I find the whole "last night" thing cringy even though it's truth in fiction but why did they have to use it twice in one episode even if the other time nothing happens.
  5. My first thought was that it was some sort of projectile, but then I realized it's a bit too high-tech for Gendry to pull off in such a short amount of time. A staff with two pointy ends though... She trained with staves with the Waif, it gives her a better reach than Needle and Arya does need a longer reach. Depending on the material of the rest of it I assume she would also have more defensive capabilities. But basically she's making a weapon with two pointy ends. And she can turn it into two weapons with one pointy end! Remember, stick them with the yada yada.
  6. Aniel

    [Spoilers] E801 Discussion

    Whew, I haven't posted here since 2017, but everything seems to be the way I left it Anyway, quite a slow episode. I did think most of the reunions were disappointing (mostly wanting more happiness from Arya), but Jaime's face when he saw Bran... Hoo boy. I was a little less disappointed in the Arya/Gendry scene when I watched one of those episodes of Game Revealed that they put on YouTube and Maisie literally said "the man she loved" - past tense. That was... revealing... One of the D's also brings up the dragon riding scene and outright states that only Targs can ride dragons so... I guess Dany isn't aware. It makes sense since she didn't have the greatest teacher and probably assumes her children won't roast someone she cares about, but that sure was a gamble on her part. As for Sansa being the smartest, well, I'm not going to go and say that she's been pulling very many feats of genius on us, but she did successfully navigate King's Landing (successfully here meaning that she didn't get herself killed) with about zero allies and zero experience. And it seems that she's the stand-in for the viewer too, her "bitching" literally just being her pointing out all of the obvious flaws and issues in their situation. She gives Jon a hard time for bending the knee because she sees how it's affecting the political situation, and she realizes that it's not just for the good of the realm that he did it. The first part of solving a problem is understanding it, and that takes smarts. They sure can stop mentioning it though. Gonna cross my fingers and hope she's the one that finally brokers the marriage between Jon and Dany Speaking of those two... Argh, that romance. It's just so... ugh. No chemistry. And I also don't believe Dany half the time she smiles. It's like she's trying to be this benevolent-looking queen but she doesn't know how to. That said, I'm convinced Emilia is playing her as if Dany believes showing any emotion like grief or regret would mean she's weak, and as others have already pointed out, she really hates that. I was a bit put off at first by the fact that Sam's lips started quivering when he found out about his father, but I can see how he'd have some complicated feelings about that - he does have a bleeding heart after all. The news about Dickon - completely understandable. Very relieved at seeing Theon coming for Yara; as soon as I saw the arrows I knew Euron and Cersei... Maybe it's just getting a bit too chilly in King's Landing. I started a rewatch a bit late and didn't even finish season 2, but from all the details I didn't remember going into the episode (Beric is still alive? Cersei is supposedly pregnant?) I think I'll have to rewatch season 7 at least.
  7. Aniel

    Boarders Writing a Novel Part 15

    Guys! I finished my first draft! It took SIX YEARS. 2141 days (+ unknown number of days from before my hard drive died and I had to start over). I attribute the insane curve in my productiveness (if I could make a fancy chart I would) to the fact I kept track of how much I wrote in a day. Well, first I started with "in a week", but then when that didn't work so I decided to keep track in an excel file, and simultaneously keep track of how much was left and what I averaged - making my average my daily goal instead of having a static number. I did the math when I finished, and during these three different approaches to writing this is how it ended up: Period one = 74.78% of those 2141 days. I wrote 35.66% of the draft. Period two = 17.75% of those 2141 days. I wrote 23.71% of the draft. Period three = 7.61% of those 2141 days. I wrote 40.49% of the draft. HOWEVER! 7.6% of 2141 is 163 days. I did not write for 163 days straight. I only wrote 58 of those days. That means I actually wrote 40.49% of the book in 2.71% of the total time I've been working on it. I have no idea how many days I actually worked on the WIP during the other periods, since I wasn't keeping track then, so I can't really say how much time I spent not writing. I know that I did not touch the manuscript for 6 months at one point though. Anyway, I'm definitely going to keep track of my progress on any future novel-sized projects I take on, at least once I know what I want to accomplish in them. Right now I'm taking a step back as I've seen so many other writers recommend that before editing. I know I have a lot of work ahead of me still, but this is the first first draft I've ever completed, so yay! I the meantime I'm going to try to work on other, much smaller, projects that have popped up during the creation of this one, as well as try to make myself more uh... visible? online as a writer.
  8. Aniel

    What's For Dinner, Take 7

    Kålpudding. Literally "cabbage pudding". The first time my mom made it I was skeptical, to say the least, but with a little extra salt I found it super tasty. To the point where I've officially designated it as the favourite food of a fictional character I'm writing. Somehow though, the English wikipedia doesn't have an article on it, or even a mention in the list articles for cabbage or pudding dishes! It's not even in the Swedish cuisine article! There's an article about a similar finnish dish, but it's a casserole... I hope it turns out well, because I had to make rice pudding too which is also something I've never done before. It tasted fine aside from the fact that it's unsweetened as you mix the rice pudding with some ground meat, eggs, and spices as a sort of filling for the cabbage pudding. It sounds like such a weird dish when you talk about it... And then you serve it with boring potatoes. Which I very nearly forgot to put on the stove...
  9. Aniel

    Small Questions v. 10105

    Could be she just couldn't find any Targaryen-coloured clothes. Black gets rather warm too. Alternatively, she gave him a green cloak to bring out the lilac in his eyes. If you look at makeup tips green eyes usually get assigned red or purple eyeshadow to make them pop. Why not the opposite? Though I doubt GRRM knows much about makeup... I don't think the nobles always wear their house colours. Cersei wears a lot of green, and she's so proud of being a Lannister you'd think she'd take one of their banners and make a dress out of it...
  10. Aniel

    Small Questions v. 10105

    Regarding Luwin moving to Winterfell with Catelyn, I had the thought that there were two maesters at the time: Maester Kym who was the senior maester, and then Luwin as a "younger" replacement/assistant, like with Cressen and Pylos. And then perhaps Walys died in Winterfell and everyone figured that Luwin could take over that post, and sent him on his way with Catelyn. Then he would be a familiar face to her, Winterfell would have a new maester, and the Citadel could send someone else to aid Maester Kym - probably Maester Vyman who is there now and unfamiliar to Catelyn.
  11. Aniel

    Small Questions v. 10105

    Well, I quoted this in my first post here: The mousy little skinchanger closed his eyes and said, "I see them. They're coming along the streams and game trails . . ." Yeah, I thought so too, on the anomalous part. I didn't say anything about skinchanging multiple animals, but there seems to be something going on with his shadowcat when the eagle is set on fire. I don't think he's skinchanging both the eagle and the cat at the time though. To me it feels like it goes against the logic of it all. Might be the cat screams because they have such a strong bond or something to that effect. I don't think I'm the right person to start such a topic however, I've only read all the books once and then I'm not one for speculating too much, so I might end up saying things like "interesting, but no" when others offer their insights.
  12. Aniel

    Small Questions v. 10105

    Different stages of skinchanging? It would make sense if we already have two steps, using only one of the senses and then using the entire body. Perhaps he can subjugate the bear enough to ride it and fight at the same time. Hmm... Arya is blind, so she loses nothing skinchanging into the cat. Varamyr closes his eyes to use the eagle's eyes. I don't think Bran ever sees two different places at once while warging Summer, so maybe you have to lose your own sense/ability in order to use the animals? But then what says you have to use an animals eyes while warging it? Perhaps he's only putting part of his soul into the bear to make it move but he isn't using the eyes. Forcing it to obey the commands he gives it when he's riding it (continuing the horse thing, he'd need control over his own legs and thus wouldn't be able to use the bear's legs if the skinchanger's abilities vs. the animal's abilities thing is true), freeing himself to fight people. It might be best to devote a thread on this subject. But it seems partial skinchanging isn't completely out of the question given what we've seen/heard. Only GRRM knows.
  13. Aniel

    Small Questions v. 10105

    Perhaps it's because he's 1) Paralyzed from the waist down and thus lacks full mobility. 2) Fully warging Hodor, a human, while Arya seems to only be borrowing the cat's eyes in a partial skinchange. Bran has been training more than Arya, it wouldn't surprise me if Arya only slipped into the cat halfway due to inexperience (or instinct?) and thus retains control over her own body. It seems Varamyr can use Orell's eagle and still speak: From ASOS, Jon X. What I'm getting at is that it seems likely that a skinchanger is able to enter another being only partially, to make use of its eyes for example, while simultaneously relaying information or reacting to events around themselves. And it might be easier to do so with trickier animals than to fully "enter" them immediately. Varamyr says "Once a horse is broken to the saddle, any man can mount him," and well, in order to break a horse into the saddle you start off small, only putting the saddle on for a little bit before getting on top of it yourself.
  14. Aniel

    Board Issues 4

  15. Aniel

    Board Issues 4

    I found it! Well, sort of. If you press the New Content button, to the left of all the threads that show up you can tick a box that says "Only items I've posted in" and a couple of more boxes under the headline "Filters". I got an error telling me to try to use search again in 6 seconds, but it worked afterwards. Not as smooth as on the old board though.