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  1. He doesn't quite live up to Rand "the Dragon Reborn" al'Thor. Love the Garion reference though ( first book series that I read )
  2. Quentyn going for a dragon seemed to have been bad choice.
  3. No, she killed him because she was told to. In order to get into the Assassins' club.
  4. Arya is not insane, PTSD absolutely. Lots of trauma in her short life. If anything she has become desensitized to the violence. I think she will respond to her enemies the same way they dealt with her and her family. So she is in a rather dark place I think, with murder and vengeance in her soul. But I can't see how anyone would be any different in the same situation. She is very stable, considering what she has been through. So, Insane... I think not.
  5. I hope when we meet them they are fiercely loyal to Rickon because he sought refuge with them.
  6. Definitely agree. Sansa has the potential to make a claim on The Vale, The Riverlands or the West. If the circumstances change, maybe all three. I have long thought that Sansa will learn her craft by playing the game with Littlefinger's tutelage, but that wont last. Once that break happens, there will be multiple paths to power for her. The Rock is one of those paths.
  7. I personally don't think there is an abundance of hope for the Frey's. They will be whittled down at every turn. BWB, Stoneheart, Starks and the Northern Lords, Tully's and the Riverland Lords, they all want to see the down fall of this house. Piece by piece they will be eliminated. One branch may survive, but they will be greatly reduced in power. The only "friend" they have in the Lannister's will not stick their neck out for them(they have their own problems). No Lords of the Vale will give them the time of day either. They are done, they just don't know it yet.
  8. I'd say create a new vassal to the Starks. A fishing fleet would help the north during winter with food security. Makes sense to invest in a port there, even with the Ironborn. I definitely wouldn't give it to the Dustins. The other river between the Stoney Shore and the Rills could be a good place for one as well.
  9. Makes sense if it goes to a Wilding. I'd give it to Tormund Giants Bane. If not him, someone else that has come to the Starks defense when needed. Failing that, maybe a left over Stark that survives.
  10. Not only did Janos not follow a direct order, He publicly challenged the Lord Commander. As Lord Commander, Jon is tasked with keeping everyone in line. Punishment was certain. It could of been in a few forms, but execution in a military order for not following orders has been common throughout the ages. He wasn't out of line at all. He had Command, the decision was his.
  11. Bingo, and when you got the backing of a Queen, being a bastard won't be much of an obstacle.
  12. Is what you were say about the Stark Titles KitN and such actually written somewhere ? I've read everything there is to read of ASOIAF, and i don't recall that level of detail anywhere? I always felt it was a blurry line as to what defined a King of Winter / Lord of Winterfell. When I was using it I was envisioning a warleader type of position. A leader to unite all the factions for a specific purpose, similar to The Mance. For the Record "So if Jon is King of Winter, he won't be taking up some new position, he'd simply become (under an archaic name) the King in the North." That completely sums up my thought. But by saying King of Winter, I think there is a finite end date for him. Whether that leads to death \ Heir to Winterfell or Heir to the Iron Throne is still up for debate in my own head. It like a "lets survive winter, then we will worry about everything later type of thing. And yes, he wont usurp Rickon in my mind, but Rickon is in NO position what so ever to lead the fight at his age, so it will NOT be him. We also agree on Bran not being in the equation. So by making Jon King of Winter ( finite position ) and Rickon, Lord of Winterfell, with a potential to be King in the North once winter is over and he is older is my take. Separating the titles takes care of that. Although giving Jon the Regency would have the same effect, just not as cool as a title as King of Winter. I know what GRRM said... I just don't like it.... or the shows ending... you could be right... or it could be misdirection lol You say prayer, I say Kill list. same same. Now I fully agree Arya has been actually trying to get back home or to her family since... what, Ned's Execution. Her path has always been on that track. So I think this will continue. But when you think of who she wants to get back to, it has NEVER been Sansa. The equal opportunist killer is accurate too. To this point. But with her newly acquired skills, there is no telling how it could change. Her identity is more wrapped up in Needle then her list imo. But the kill list has never gone away. The North Remembers. So, I don't disagree with your take on that. To this point she hasn't gone out of her way to get people on the list. But who is to say once she gets back she doesn't go to the Twins to admire the architecture and if there are Frey's there... so be it... Full disagreement concerning Lady Stoneheart. Arya is more likely to kill her(as mercy) than join her imo. I like this, (it's pursuit of justice, not vengeance that has always been Arya's strongest motivation) and I totally agree, her path took her the way it did because she could not find justice anywhere, so she became her own justice. The vengeance may play itself out once her list is gone, I think in her mind there is now a blurred line between Justice and Vengeance. At heart I don't think she is evil, but her survival instinct has made her into what she is now. I eagerly wait to see what happens with her. Sansa's character with out a doubt was pointed south as early as the first few chapters of the first book, and really didn't change too much. While in KL she betrayed Ol' Dead Ned to Cersei in order to stay. Yes. She has grown and matured significantly since, in no way am I ignoring that development. But her everyday thoughts now are about playing the game. She absolutely is nostalgic about Winterfell while building the snow castle. But I didn't get an immediacy to those thoughts, as she "has to get back" it more of a "oh it would be nice to see Jon" . At least that is how I read it. Sansa will be a player, I feel this is the inevitable journey for her and she is close right now. She has been groomed for it and is now finally in a position to act(or will be shortly) Whether her path to power comes in the Vale, Harrenhal and the Riverlands, or even The Rock(admittedly that last one has a lot of dominos that would have to fall first) To say Sansa truly wishes to go home is not accurate, at least how I read it, so agree to disagree. If she does go home She would have to overcome a Kings Will, and her brothers claims. She has been disinherited of Winterfell. The lady of Lannister will not rule the north. Of this, I am certain. The issue of her identity Stark / Natural daughter of the Lord Protector of the Vale and ruler of Harrenhal and the Riverlands is one of the things I am most interested in reading about...hopefully soon. Sansa has been dull as a character in my mind up to very recently in the story. Now that she is in this vortex of power and intrigue. I don't see her leaving. Her path to power is within her grasp right where she is.
  13. Could be @chrisdaw, but forget "forced" for a minute. Any / Every story has to come together at some point. Endless division and fracturing leads no where. It has to come together eventually.
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