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  1. All the conjecture of Blackfyre or Targaryen doesnt really matter. I think a dragon is a dragon at this point. Perception matters more than truth. It will come down to, can he get the throne and can he ride a dragon. If he gets the throne, but a dragon eats him. He isnt a dragon. If he rides a dragon, but doesn't get the throne. He is a throneless dragon. If he gets both he is the dynastic inheritor of Westeros, with Daenerys as queen and a new dragon age dawns. I've changed opinions on him several times now. But my wild guess, is that he is a Blackfyre and will ride a dragon. If he was a complete fake or a Targ, I dont think Illyrio would be so attached.
  2. 19th centrury Generals ? haha. Not sue of the relavance, but made me chuckle as I looked them up. Daenerys does have a real lack of this type of soldier i guess. Seems like the start of a joke though; A Haitian General, an American General and a South American General walk into a Meereen Bar...
  3. I dont disagree with anything youve said here. Yet, a pre-existing condition of a society, regardless if it is harmonious or not, is not what is asked. It is who the most dangerous character is ASOIAF, not the most dangerous city or culture. The conquering woman with 3 dragons is the most dangerous imo. Others are dangerous, but I'd call her the Meta Danger (What we really need is a tier list of dangerous people and categories) ie, most dangerous Warrior(Mountain?), Lord(Tywin?), Mage(Mel?), Spy/Influencer(Varys?), and then an overall danger(Daenerys) Everywhere she has gone, death and destruciton followed. She shows up in a Khalasar, Khal / husband dies, Khalasar splits apart. She arrives in Qarth, proceeds to burn/ kill a bunch of Warlocks, moves on to Slavers Bay and proceeds to destroy Astapor, gain an army march north and capture Meereen. Her city is at war with itself, and war breaks out. Even far away Volantis is rallying troops to go defeat her. The entire region thinks she is dangerous, her husband wants to kill her dragons. At no point has she left things better then before she arrived. She is a Dragon. Her words are Fire and Blood. Which she is living up to already in spectacular fashion, even while fighting her nature. We will see how she has changed once she comes back. I dont think she will be a kinder and softer person. She has accumulated a city, an army, several mercenary companies, a hoard of ex-slaves, a fleet(Vic?) and Dragons along the way, while leaving a trail of destruction behind her.
  4. He ranks well on this list. Similarly, Khal Drogo should be up there too.
  5. Agreed, but we are talking about a single dangerous character here. Not a people that have exisited for thousands of years. Daenerys got dragons, went to Slavers Bay, then the entire region went up in flames. All happened as soon as she showed up. Destruction of an entire region is singular imo. Conquest, War, Famine, Pestilence... Daenerys is the Four Horseman all rolled up into one.
  6. Mad King didnt have flying super weapons that eat children. Nothing is as dangerous as Dragons.
  7. The most dangerous person in ASOIAF, is the one who has the most death and destruction laid at their feet. By her choices, actions, and influence we have seen more deaths then by any other hand, with more to come. Astapor has been decimated,Slavers Bay is engulfed in war, and Volantis will be a bloodbath when she gets there. Daenerys Stormborn, Mother of Dragons. Honorable mention to Varys and Littlefinger . Roberts rebellion and Wot5K had a high death toll, So, they rank. Euron may get there if he levels up, but to this point - he is a no for me. Following Stannis is also dangerous I suppose. Not many of his followers will be left.
  8. If true, the Frey's are the first family that needs to be concerned about becoming sacrifices. #Sacrifreyces
  9. Everyone on here arguing if the UK or the US is worse. When in reality the whole western world is in bad shape. The UK, France, Germany all are just junior partners in the US hegemony. I say this as a canadian, it is no better here. We just are less relevent, so no one pays attention to us. We all do what Washington tell us and DC is a dumpster fire. We elect less and less competent people who are more and more greedy. All the while the BRICS are gaining momentum at our expense.
  10. The Old Gods and Greenseers very well may hold a grudge. Tough to say. But a third hand hate, strong enough to make you hate your brother, may be a bit of a strectch. Possible, yes. Likely, no. Mellisandre is consistantly misreading her own visions. She can not be relied on. Is there a relationship between The Great Other, Bloodraven and the WhiteWalkers ? Could be. Some think so. Personally, I have no idea. The Great Other and the White Walkers have a more direct link in my mind. I dont think The Old Gods(and Starks) fall on that side of the fence though. Simply due to Winterfell - winter-fell. Sounds like a victory over winter. Bran being young enough to be maipulated and impressionable can absolutely be true. But when reading Bran, do you get Evil path vibes? Is Bloodraven a monster and making Bran into one? Not sure, but my feeling is no. Seems we have seen a few examples of how far people will go for their families. There are people who do bad things in persuit of this goal, time will tell in Brans case. The next book should reslove some of this i think... I hope.
  11. The best prediciton of future behavior is past behavior. In Bran's case, his actions and behavior shows him as helping and protecting other people. Not sure what dark power will influence him. Do the trees have consciousness, and edit what he sees to manipulate him ? or do they simply replay the past events that he wants to see(like a PVR and he has the remote)? Does the 3EC / Bloodraven have control ? Or is Bran in the drivers seat, and is still just learning the basics? Does Bran have agency ? I think he does.
  12. Every ship has a captain. But a fleet needs organization and a plan. You wouldnt want to move your whole army across the world and leave it to chance. Euron is the unquestioned Pirate King of the Ironborn, Asha had her chance at the Kingsmoot, and lost. There will be no second chance. She doesnt even have a ship and is nowhere near water. Gotta think a big sea battle is coming. Iron born vs Redwyne ? Your Stark take is as unlikely as your Ironborn theory, more like your own fan fic then anything else. Btw, I think the Starks have already been diminished, not sure any family has been diminished more then them. Yet, the time for wolves will come.
  13. It doesnt make any sense whatsoever for Bran to be King of the 7K imo. Out of all characters, he seems the least likely for that role. No Targ ansestry and even if he married Daenerys, he cant have kids. George fed the show a half truth. A huge wrinkle for sure. So, King of what, if not the 7K. To me he seems on the path to Weirwoord Godhood more than anything else. King of the Trees !
  14. I dont really know much about him. Other then he was an early science fiction writer. I just gave a quick scan of his wiki page. Wow. is there a lot there. Quite the life and resume. Ill have to go through it when I have more time.
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