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  1. Iron Ore has to be extracted from rock or stone.
  2. Jon will rule the North for the winter. Rickon will be his heir in Winterfell. Bran isn't making it back, so he wont be a visible factor. Arya will have no political ambitions, but Needle will drink deeply from Stark enemies and I mean DEEP. Sansa isn't going north. She is where she needs to be, the Vale and Riverland's, wouldn't be surprised if Harrenhal is in her future. Her wolf is dead, but there is a dog around that will look out for her. Brienne will find and protect her as well. I see both of them being around when Littlefinger starts trying to pull some shit. It wont go well for him. I see Sansa as the more political southern presence for the Starks. She is still married to Tyrion. Something tells me they end up together. I know it sounds crazy, but she has changed so much(for the better, and for better reading). The gallant, shining, heroic knights are not all they are cracked up to be. Who knows though, for a while I thought her and Sandor were going to end up together for the same reason. All of that is my best guess, I just don't see her going north.
  3. This is along my thinking as well. Slynt isn't the smartest of people and he sure didn't read the room very well. He directly challenged a brand new boss publicly. Plain and simple, he disobeyed a direct order. This isn't in our bubble wrapped, soft society where he is going to get a timeout. This is a medieval military order in a warzone. Plus, it's not like he stabbed him in the back with a spear or anything...
  4. I agree. She will stay in the south. Her developing skill set will do more for her in the Vale and Riverlands.
  5. Love the thread @three-eyed monkey. I agree with a lot of your thought process on this. Davos as a POV in Skagos would be awesome. I do personally think the Great Northern Conspiracy is a thing. Yet, never considered a parallel to Storms End. It is at the very least, plausible. Definitely think Stannis wins the Battle of Ice, getting into Winterfell seems like a harder trick to pull. Still, sign me up. I'm still pulling for a Jon resurrection, but I like a lot of the elements you bring together. Cant wait to see Wyman's vengeance on the Frey's and Bolton's. Bravo.
  6. I don't think Arya is Evil, nor Insane. She is a survivor. Her entire family has been killed, in some cases right in front of her. I think she is a product of how she was raised, and the environment in which she has had to survive. At this point I believe she thinks she is handing out her own brand of justice. Northern justice. She starts off as the daughter of an honorable and truthful authority figure. She is taught to respect that authority But almost every step once she leaves Winterfell is a lesson that Authority does not tell the truth or do the honorable thing. In fact, they do the exact opposite. Immediately she sees the queen want to kill Lady, even though everyone knows that wolf didn't do anything. She sees a Knight kill her friend based on a lie. She sees her honorable Dad get executed by a Joffrey. Her mother and brother killed at a wedding. + + + She is traumatized. Her world becomes a blurring of right and wrong. She distrusts authority and becomes her own. Rightly or wrongly...mainly rightly in my mind. This leads her to believe she is doing the right thing in handing out justice, who is going to tell her she is not. Any authoritative figure is not to be trusted at this point. SHE knows right from wrong, SHE will bring justice. Even if it is misguided in some cases. She is on a dark path though. many more bodies will follow her. So, if she determines you are guilty....your dead. Once she gets back to Westeros, Stark enemies will start to fall. I think, she thinks, that she is killing people who deserve it. Which, they mainly do. But revenge on Stark enemies is coming. While it isn't the same thing as Justice....its good enough.
  7. Or just a bunch of peasant farmers....lol. Granted the construction of food storage and a southern destination would require a little more work. In a world where we have the Wall, I don't think it is too outrageous of a plan. Considering the less lives lost to winter every season would over time allow for more lords and a larger tax base and a larger army. I'm sure Brandon the builder could figure it out
  8. This is similar to my thinking as well. Such long winters would lead to massive amounts of farming during summers. Who would then store crops in large granaries and food storage for winter. They would be located strategically in the southern half of the north. The idea of migration similar to Wintertown but on a larger scale, say at White Harbor and another near the West coast(Saltspear). For the Starks, food security would be top priority, along with trade. White Harbor is what 25k-30k but built to handle 250k or something like that during winter.
  9. A, 3 - someone else B, 1 - Ramsay C, 1 - Yes D, 3 - Other. Lots of people looking out for Jon. Melissandre (Fire), Val (Ice), Bran (Old Gods) and Ghost will all have a hand in it. E, 2 - No F, 2 - No G, 1 - Survives H, 2 - fAegon I, 1 - R + L = JS J, 1 -Yes K, 2 - Stannis Wins/Dies L, 3 - Reznak M, 1- Yes N, 2 - False, He might pledge him self to the Dragon Queen to spite his brother though
  10. The horn wont work as expected for Vic. But I think he becomes a loyal follower of the Dragon Queen anyway, just to spite Euron.
  11. The op was about who was the biggest idiot. I didn’t take that to be specific to the rebellion. I was thinking along the lines of post rebellion and his lack of political instincts in the south once Robert died.
  12. I like it. I want to see Jon with Val. Yet, she could be super important as a healer/priestess/representative of the wildlings. I could see a scenario, where the Mel AND Val are involved with the resurrection. They both recognize who he is. Throw in a dire wolf and bran lurking in the background. A lot of varying interests lead to Jon. The Starks, Stannis, Val, Mel, the wildings, the North, Dany, Robb’s will, and the NW all lead to Jon. A resurrected Jon with the power of the old gods, ice and fire.
  13. Love the idea and agree with a lot of your ideas. I've thought about this as well. Ned and Robert were so close. Yet, Winterfell didn't get much in the way of benefits post war. How to make the north stronger and more resilient. Roads. This makes so much sense to connect Winterfell to White Harbor and Barrowton with roads. A road heading east/south-east off the Kings Road, from south of Cerwyn Castle to Barrowton. Fork the road to Torrhen's Square. Could even make a new farming town at that fork. Then a White Harbor road. Connect White Harbor to the Kings Road. Could also go east all the way to Barrowton. You could even get crazy and punch a road north from White Harbor to connect to Winterfell and the Hornwood and that interior area. Farming. Knowing how dicey food can be during winter. Increasing food supply by expanding farming villages in the southern areas of the north would be a priority. The development of roads would help with this. Fishing. Would help with food security during winter. Makes so much sense. Both coasts. Trade. It never gets mentioned, but White harbor is so well positioned to trade with Pentos and Bravos. Does this happen much now? Expand it. I'm sure in an area as big as the north, there would be commodities that have value and could be traded(fur, wood, etc..). Winterfell. Increased food supply and transportation would help the development of an expanded Winter town(I have always wanted this). If you had Winter Town at a decent size, you could then develop Winterfell as a place with a school or academy or something unique that fills a need or is valuable enough to trade. Military. The expansion of food supply for Winterfell and Winter Town would make a northern standing army feasible. It wouldn't and couldn't be big. Even 500 infantry, 300 bows and 200 horse, or something like that to carry out the Warden of the Norths orders(fuck ya) would be enough. Winterfell is huge, build a new large barracks, stables and food storage. I like the academy idea. A school that lords and chieftain's heirs could go to for a short time and be taught weapons, tactics and strategy. Love the Guards of Winterfell idea too. Increasing food supply and storage would be my main focus to start. That would lead to increases in population and military strength.
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